David Cameron: the Shropshire Wind Farm Slasher


The Shropshire Wind Farm Slasher gets to work.


Plans to build wind farms in Shropshire and Mid Wales ‘dead in the water’
Shropshire Star
8 June 2015

Plans to build wind farms and pylons across Shropshire and Mid Wales are “dead in the water” after Prime Minister David Cameron ruled out future subsidies.

Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies said today he was confident the five wind farms subject to a public inquiry and more that are in the pipeline would not be able to go ahead following the announcement.

Mr Cameron said the Government would no longer support developments with public money.

Mr Davies said he now believed there was “no way” the planned wind farms not already given approval could be given the go ahead in Mid Wales.

And he said because of that, there would be no need for the National Grid’s controversial Mid Wales Connection Project, which would see the energy generated by the wind farms connected to the national supply.

Mr Davies was given the assurances by Mr Cameron in Prime Minister’s Questions last week.

And now Mr Davies says he believes victory for campaigners was within touching distance.

It is believed the results of a public inquiry into the five wind farms which ended last summer, would be revealed this week.

Mr Davies said: “It is very positive what the Prime Minister had to say and it is something he has been clear about.

“He said before the election that subsidies for onshore wind farms which have not been given the go ahead will not receive subsidies.

“Without that money, surely those in the pipeline have no future. Without those wind farms, there will be no need for the connection project.

“It is dead in the water now and I am now just awaiting further announcements.

“I am trying not to get excited, but it is a very positive move.”

When questioned by Mr Davies, Mr Cameron said: “In our manifesto we were very, very clear that there will be no more subsidies for onshore wind farms.

“It is time to give local people the decisive say. That is what will happen in England, in Wales – obviously the subsidy regime will be changed because it is a reserved issue, so I think that his desire has now been met.”

Jonathan Wilkinson, leader of Montgomeryshire Against Pylons, said he believed an announcement on the public inquiry was due this week.

He said: “You cannot ask for it any clearer than from the mouth of the Prime Minister and I believe an announcement on the public inquiry is imminent.

“We have been waiting for this news for years and we feel like we are almost ready to celebrate.

“It will be interesting to hear the announcement, but even if the wind farm applications are given the go ahead, without the subsidies they can’t possibly go ahead.”
Shropshire Star

glyn davies

Glyn Davies: justifiably delighted that fan plans canned.


Star comment: Cameron’s promise on windfarms is being kept
Shropshire Star
4 June 2015

There is a wind of change facing windfarms which goes to the heart of a fundamental question. Can they pay for themselves?

Promises made before elections are sometimes quietly forgotten once the votes are in the bag, but at Prime Minister’s Questions David Cameron made it clear to Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies that the new administration is sticking to the pledge to end future subsidies for onshore windfarms.

So we now have a proverbial level playing field in which windfarms are not given special favours.

The issue is potent in Mid Wales. There are plans for five windfarms in Powys. There are plans for pylons across Mid Wales and North Shropshire to carry the power from windfarms.

“It is time to give local people the decisive say,” declared Mr Cameron.

Judging by the scale of the protests and opposition in Mid Wales, giving the locals the right of veto – if that is what Mr Cameron is saying in effect – means that the windfarm honeymoon is well and truly over. Getting permission for any new windfarm is going to be difficult, but maybe not impossible if those behind the schemes work with the local population, listen to them, and try to get them onside.

The cheers from the Welsh hills will be heard all the way to Westminster.

A shift is under way in which the emphasis is increasingly on solar power, a renewable energy source which does not appear to generate quite so much heat – in debating terms – as wind power. And maybe in future there will be yet another source of renewable energy which becomes fashionable and is talked up.

We are feeling our way in new territories, at the edge of technological frontiers in which there are going to be winners and losers as we explore new sources of energy and balance their pros and cons.

The current generation is not going to run out of energy. The oil is not going to run out tomorrow. The gas can still be tapped.

The knowledge that these resources are finite puts a responsibility on all our shoulders to search for alternatives which will supplement, replace, or at least help eke out the fossil fuels on which we still overwhelmingly depend.

There is unlikely to be a single answer. There will be a range of potential answers and the challenge is to choose those which best suit.
Shropshire Star

STT notes the rather optimistic tone in the observation that: “Getting permission for any new windfarm is going to be difficult, but maybe not impossible if those behind the schemes work with the local population, listen to them, and try to get them onside”.

As the American says in response to the overly ambitious, setting off on some hubristic venture: “well, good luck with that!”

The wind industry hasn’t got a hope in Hell of convincing anyone of the ‘merits’ of its wares anymore; either in respect of its nonsense claims to be a meaningful power source; or its equally ridiculous claims to be the neighbour that country folks just can’t wait to welcome with tea and crumpets:

Hard Pressed Wind Farm Victims Pull the Trigger: Turbines Shot-Up in Montana USA and Victoria, Australia

The wind industry, its parasites and spruikers have had the best part of 20 years to polish their pitch. But, as they say: “you can’t fool all the people, all the time”.

In rural Britain – as elsewhere – people have fast cottoned on to the scale and scope of the fraud; and, therefore, have absolutely no interest in being treated as “road-kill” or “collateral damage” anymore.

In our travels we’ve met plenty of people that started out in favour of wind power and turned against it. But we’ve yet to meet anyone who started out opposed to wind power, who later became a supporter. Funny about that.

turbine burns-Netherlands

Wind industry’s community PR program goes up in smoke …

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    For Australia,

    Step One – Federal Government call a 5 year Moratorium on any new installation of IWT’s even if they have approval.

    Step Two – secure a permanent way in which REC’s cannot be provided/applied to the IWT industry to prevent future Governments from reasserting REC’s to the IWT industry.

    Step Three – prevent REC’s being handed out if existing projects cannot meet an actual 95%+ production of their plated capacity each month.

    Step Four – Stand back and watch the industry wither into insignificance.

  2. Terry Conn says:

    Well done David Cameron, a man with brains, integrity and guts. Meanwhile, in Australia the ‘windies’ are busy working out how to share the spoils; wouldn’t want any of the comrades to miss out would we!

    Certainly has the local greedy little host landholders all a ‘twitter’, salivating about all that loot at the expense of their neighbours and countrymen. So that they can help ‘foreign developers’ siphon off a few $billion at the same time, as really making those anti wind farm ‘wing nuts’ so sick that they bugger off – a big win all round really!

  3. Crispin Trist says:

    Thank goodness for common sense.

    I hope that this will also mean that the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains are also safe from ‘propeller developers’. Is Hay-on-Wye to be spared?

    These developers with their ‘giant propellers’ have been terrorising the planet on a massive scale all for the sake of a profit. These turbines remind me of the propellers on WWII bombers as they roared across the sky in squadrons dropping bombs. The irony of this does not escape me!

    They are corporatising the countryside and destroying any character it once had. One wind factory looks much the same as any other.

    And on top of this there are the problems with health.

    It is irrelevant if one person loudly states that they do not get sick whilst another does. It only goes to show the arrogance and complete lack of compassion from the person who does not.

    If one turbine host does not get sick, it doesn’t follow that other hosts will not be effected. Just ask ‘ex’ turbine hosts David and Alida Mortimer in South Australia!

    • E Griffiths says:

      The Brecon Beacons, Black Mountains and Hay-on-Wye are inside Brecon Beacons National Park – they should be spared from obscene industrial wind developments, but it doesn’t mean that people living inside the National Park will escape being tortured by the acoustic pollution emitted by giant fans planted outside the park 😦

      Some of the infrasonic acoustic pollution my wife hears – has to to travel over the western edge of the national park in order to annoy her – a distance of 40km (25 miles).

      But who knows with the current Welsh govt? The leader of the current Welsh Assembly, Carwyn Jones, is the author of TAN 8 (more appropiately known as Scam 8) – the Welsh Govt’s renewable energy plan which was approved by the Welsh Assy in 2005.

      All the areas chosen for large scale industrial wind farm development coincidentally included large areas of publicy owned forest, “owned” by the Welsh Assy, and formerly managed by Forestry Commission Wales (FCW). At the time Scam 8 was approved, it was no secret that FCW was in dire financial straits.

      It must also be a coincidence that the Welsh Assy will benefit financially from all wind farms planted in publicly owned forests occurring in the areas designated for industrial wind “farm” development in Scam 8.

      Oh, and what happened to FCW? … It was later merged with the Environment Agency and Countryside Council for Wales (CCW). The latter organisations were responsible for policing breaches in environmental legislation and protecting the environment respectively.

      So now there is one amalgamated body which is responsible for managing the public forests and having wind “farms” planted on publicly owned forestry land, and, at the same time, being responsible for improving the environment and policing any breaches in environmental legislation.

      It’s now a case where the asylum is being managed and policed by the lunatics. What hope is there for sensible political policies 😦

  4. I have known what David Cameron was doing for quite some time now. He is at long last listening to the people.

    Just let’s hope Mr Abbott will do the same.

    Here on the Isle of Lewis they are dead set against them. They worry about the tourists who come to the Island, as tourist have said if they build wind turbines they will not visit the Island.

    Listen your people Mr Abbott, it’s about time you did.

    • Crispin Trist says:

      Being a Scot myself, I have been keeping an eye on the Isle of Lewis situation since the wind farm proposal was aired on BBC COAST (Series 2 Eps. 7). The program was produced back in 2006! My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw what was being proposed.

      My heart goes out to you all and I truly hope that this monster of a development NEVER gets through!

      I have managed to track down a link to the full program. The wind farm story is near the end at about the 48 minute mark. I would urge others to take a look at what was being proposed way back in 2006!

      Hats off to the BBC COAST researchers and program makers as this I feel was a pretty good example of balanced reporting on this subject nearly 10 years ago!

      Take note Mark Scott. This is how you make a documentary.

  5. PM Tony Abbott, have you heard what PM David Cameron is doing with the corrupt fans in Britain? It is time Tony you did the same here in Australia. Get rid of the existing fans that are destroying peoples’ lives that live around them. These things are sending this great nation broke big time.

    • I so wish the uninformed would read this stuff.

      I put everything I can on FACEBOOK so people can read and be educated as to what is happening regarding the effects on health of Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise.

      I don’t have those ugly monsters, but I am affected the same way by Industry. The AMA, the Prime Minister, anyone who has any sense of care for the people that are being harmed should stop this now.

  6. As James Lovelock, Greens founder and GAIA mastermind has proclaimed loud and clear, he would support wind farms, if they worked!

    The simple facts are now confronting the wind spruikers’ fiction.

    Wind does not have the energy density, reliability and economic sustainability for the world’s base load power needs. And it has adverse health impacts, but like asbestos and big tobacco before it. The wind industry has not, since the Nasa/Kelly research of the 1980’s, cooperated with any integrity in independent health & acoustic studies.

    Solar is more viable long term option, with storage technologies on a domestic scale steadily improving, and fewer adverse impacts. The future is clear. Renewable energy is a noble goal. Wind energy is an ignoble fail.

    • The fact that people have sat on their brains so long and caused so much sickness.
      Waste a fortune in dollars that could be helping Medical Research or the homeless.
      Instead of giving it happily to these useless things.

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