Farmer’s Fiery Suicide Attempt Follows Land Theft by Wind Power Outfit


Despair and desperation combine in a fiery, fatal outcome.


Having reported repeatedly on the thuggery, bullying and general readiness of the wind industry to literally sink the boots in to get its way, nothing much surprises STT now.

Taipei Times

Taiwanese recount their bruising encounter with the wind industry.


In Taiwan, wind power outfits routinely let their muscle loose on anyone with the slightest (and clearly reasonable) objection to their plans to wallow in the wind power subsidy trough (see our posts here and here).

Spanish wind power outfit, Unión Fenosa was responsible for the persecution and assassination of community leaders in Guatemala and Colombia – that little ‘community consultation’ effort required 8 body bags:

The Wind Industry’s Latest “Killing Fields”: Africans Just “Dying” to “Save the Planet”

In the post above we covered a massive community backlash against a wind farm by Kenyan farmers.

In that case, the wind industry’s ready-resort to thuggery resulted in the murder of a teenage farmer, who had the temerity to join hundreds of other protesters over a wind power outfit’s mistreatment of locals. Apart from the usual lies, treachery and deceit, the skulduggery included the blatant theft of land owned by one farming family – the wind power outfit concerned felt quite comfortable in simply spearing one of its turbines into their property without asking; or even offering any compensation at all. No wonder the locals were more than just a little upset.

india wind farm

For farmers in Africa and India, it’s the deal of the century. But just don’t expect to get paid, or to get your land back when the deal’s, supposedly, done.


That Kenyan kerfuffle – over the minor issue of ignoring pre-existing property rights – might sound like a case of ‘administrative oversight’. You know, where – due a little communication break-down, here and there – the directives from head-office fail to reach the local boys on the ground? Except that the very same ‘business model’ is being used by the wind industry across the developing world. Here’s just the latest example from India.

Farmer attempts suicide due to illegal possession of his land
Business Standard
24 April 2015

Alleging illegal possession of his land by a wind energy company, a farmer tried to commit suicide by setting himself ablaze outside the District Collector’s office here today, police said.

He has been identified as Govind Varagiya, a resident of Sadodar village in Jamjodhpur taluka of this district in Gujarat.

According to police sources, Varagiya had threatened to end his life after writing a purported letter to the local police and to the District Collector.

In his letter dated April 10, Varagiya stated that he gave his Sadodar-based land on lease to a private wind energy company from 2004 to 2007.

However, when he demanded his land back after the three-year agreement ended, Varagiya claimed that the company illegally installed two windmill towers and eight electricity poles on his land.

“When the matter reached court, where the verdict was in my favour, I asked the company to vacate the land. However, instead of doing that, I have been harassed by the company’s agents who filed many police and court complaints against me,” Varagiya’s letter to the Collector stated.

Varagiya had written that since he is unable to bear the company’s “torture”, he would set himself on fire if the matter is not resolved by the authorities.

After Varagiya reached the Collector’s office today, he was detained by the police.

“After reaching outside the office, he opened a bottle of kerosene and poured it on himself. However, before he could immolate himself, we detained him,” Jamnagar ‘A’ division police sub-inspector R D Rathod said.
Business Standard


When you write the rules, you own the game and everyone in it.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. There are far better ways than solar panels or wind farms
    I would say very expensive and outdated – there is far better technology around and far less intrusive as solar panels and wind farms are.

    And also far cheaper new technologies.

  2. stop the abuse says:

    The Wind industry has corrupted and bullied for too long, with devastating consequences around the world.

    It is time the senators in Australia stood up to this systematic abuse of citizens and called for a Royal Commission to hold this appalling corporate lie to account.

  3. All of these scum bag windweasels would do the same thing here in Australia if they were allowed to. In a way they are doing the same by not listing to the health problems etc that people are having with the so called wind farms.

    It is criminal what politicians are letting these scum bags get away with. Windweasels have to be brought to account, sooner rather then later.

  4. Paul Daniel says:

    Not wishing it upon anyone, of course, but maybe in the future it will be the actual criminals who get a dose of kero and a match!

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