Pac Hydro Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm Victim – Melissa Ware – Attacks Infrasound Ignorance


None so deaf as those who flatly refuse to hear.


Melissa Ware is one of the long-suffering victims of Pac Hydro’s Cape Bridgewater disaster.

No sooner had Melissa given Labor-in-Liberal clothing Federal MP, Disappointing Dan Tehan a solid whack – for his wind industry backed plea to salvage the completely unsustainable Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target – (see our post here), than she was back lining up another, ignoramus with this cracking letter to the Ballarat Courier.

Ill-informed opinions build on wind farm ignorance
The Courier
By Melissa Ware
5 May 2015

SENATORS and public servants, please listen to the doctors and [not] Ms Hawkins’ ill informed knowledge on wind farm health issues, and publicly remedy the ignorance without delay.

For those failing to understand simple physics and dynamics of wind turbines and resulting impacts of noise, vibration and sensation to human and animal health then you can surely understand IWEF ‘noise’ is not always ‘heard’ by the ear but by the brain. Vibrations from turbines that ripple through the ground and air, through our homes and bodies, [are] not always consciously ‘felt’, [but] are detected.

These turbine emitted noise and vibrations and sensations are torturous to many, not only in south west Victoria but around the world.

Educate yourself with some facts and figures about impacts, read Mr Cooper’s recent findings and summary of the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm, read the submissions into the senate inquiry into wind farms: or if you can’t manage to recognise what you allow to occur in your backyard, try some empathy. Adapt.

Recognise wind farm health issues being cruelly scorned or dismissed has only one purpose, and it is not to promote good public health or well-being.

Science is purely based on a theory which is founded on fact. When new information or facts are provided then the theory is supposed to adapt accordingly.

Harmed rural people like myself tell scientists, acousticians and the medicos we are getting sick and sicker near turbines and many adversely impacted residents are prepared to assist in learning why and how we are getting sick. We are willing to open our homes and share our experiences, what we don’t need from Ms Hawkins is an accusation there is a dubious sounding, completely unbelievable ‘health scare’ campaign being undertaken by Senator Madigan.

Wind energy [is] an illusion, is illustrated and promoted as clean and safe as expected from a huge business raking in huge sums of taxpayer funding through the RECs. It is gullible believing the surface story investigate, read up on some facts or live 900m from a wind farm for six years and experience first hand the oil leaks, the chemicals, the cement, the cost, the never ending maintenance, the bombardment and the cruelty, and the utter uselessness of wind energy.

Rural people [are] forced through the inaction of the AMA and the NHMRC, and inadequate planning laws, to endure impacting emissions of wind turbines and are being prescribed the only recommendation available by GPs, and that is to ‘move away’.

Imagine, if you are able, what your response would be to the imposition of a wind farm built next door, which damages your health, which the company and the government refuse to acknowledge and you are told for your health to move away.

You can’t sell because no-one will live by choice in close proximity to these monstrosities. Senator Madigan is not the only one doing a great job in having our voices heard in parliament and seeing that this marginalisation of rural people, including my family, being adversely impacted is recognised.
Melissa Ware
Cape Bridgewater

Melissa is on very solid scientific ground, when she talks about the known, and well-established, relationship between incessant, turbine generated low-frequency and infrasound and adverse health consequences, for those constantly exposed to it.

The wind industry have known about it for over 30 years; and, in all of that time, have done precisely what you’d expect from people without a shred of empathy or human decency – they lied through their back teeth and covered it up:

Three Decades of Wind Industry Deception: A Chronology of a Global Conspiracy of Silence and Subterfuge


Melissa Ware: skewers another infrasound ignoramus.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Bulldog says:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”.
    Margaret Mead

  2. Suggestion – if Wind Power is so effective, yet at the same time making people so bloody ill from the from the infrasound – let’s start placing towers in the Cities on tall buildings and make those in Business rely solely on wind power to run everything within that building on wind alone.

    Then let’s see how long each business could continue running.
    Also seeing the Greens are so sure it is so good, disconnect them from grid power and see who screams the loudest from noise and lack of power to keep their homes warm and cool.

    INTERESTED to see Parliament House run only by Wind Power; we know there is a lot of hot air in there.

    On a very cold winter’s day, no heating for the Greenies to keep warm indoors.

  3. Why is it that anything to do with Climate Change or Global Warming is a big “Fraud”

    • It’s called Scare Tactics. Over Educated Twits have to do something to brain wash everyone to their own Benefit. I am not well educated. Doesn’t mean I am easily persuaded to follow. But them again these people probably get nice kick backs for being heavies.

  4. Reblogged this on pappasven and commented:

  5. E Griffiths says:

    Force the greentard turbine hugging zealots to live in close proximity to wind powered subsidy “farms” for at least 1 year and see if they still sing the same tune.

  6. Crispin Trist says:

    Wonderful letter Mel.

    Some property For Sale signs at Cape Bridgewater have been up since the Wind Farm began operations in 2008! The signs have faded they have been up for so long.

    See Mr. Cooper’s CV here.

    Click to access CV-2013-TAG.pdf

  7. One of the best things that the National Parliament should do is provide the funds to take these windweasel grubs to court; as they would be using our money to finance themselves in court through the REC.

    I challenge the big electricity Bill Shorten and Christine Milne to put a joint motion to parliament to that affect. I bet they would not have the GUTS to do this in any way, shape or form. They would be like dingoes and run for their lives.

  8. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    Melissa you have been ‘let off the lead’, by the inaction of Pacific Hydro and little did they realise the force they were unleashing.

    The RET and REC parasites from the IWT industry and its slimy suckered adherents are having to squirm as your voice rebounds around the world and causes them to feel it vibrating under their feet, through their body and into their brains (if they have any).

    Keep speaking out Melissa you are doing a great job.

  9. Martin Hayles, Curramulka says:

    Interesting to note wind industry stooge and sycophant Simon Chapman raising his ugly noggin again – just when I wondered if he had slimed his way beneath a rock, with other like-minded scum, never to be heard from again.

    The learned professor believes that wind industry victims and their cases need to be studied, examined and judged by a …. judge.

    Never mind members of the medical profession, sciences et al. No we need a member of legal profession to make a judgement on the basis of proof beyond reasonable doubt.

    What a sad state our bastions of higher learning have become.
    Time to privatise the lot.

    • pee h dee says:

      Thanks Mr Hayles for pointing this out.

      It highlights that Simon Chapman is not a medical practitioner.

      He is in fact anti-medicine and anti-science when it comes to investigating the relationship between wind turbine acoustic pollution and impacts on human health.

      He is sociologist with an expertise in propaganda and intellectual dishonesty, ie advertising.

      And he is a bully.

      Which means he is among friends in the Climate and Health (sic) Alliance.

      • Crispin Trist says:

        Simon Chapman was also incorrect when he attempted to ‘defame’ the participants of the Cape Bridgewater acoustic testing by Mr. Steven Cooper. He falsely stated that the residents could see the Wind Turbines turning and duly made notes in their diaries.

        Well unfortunately for him he was WRONG!

        As I have stated on STT previously, YOU CANNOT SEE THE TURBINES AT NIGHT! There are NO STREETLIGHTS around the site at Cape Bridgewater.

        The only times when you might be able to see the turbines are under moonlight. And even then in certain weather conditions, it can be virtually impossible to tell. But then this was precisely what the testing showed. The turbines can trigger ‘sensations’. (The CB Turbines can also breach noise compliance standards. For more on this please see my Submission into the Senate Inquiry on Wind Farms currently underway).

        As a participant in the study, I can also state that on certain occasions I did not know if the turbines we’re going or not. I certainly knew if my ears were in excruciating pain or I was awoken from sleep at 3am in the morning with heart palpitations! These accounts were entered into my diary which was handed to Mr Cooper for analysis.

        If Simon Chapman can get something so basic, so wrong! What else is he wrong about?

        The ‘nocebo’ perhaps?

        The doctors, vets and hearing specialists that I have spoken with have explained to me the power and influence Simon Chapman can yield. And yet in the same breath they simply cannot understand why Chapman has chosen to go down this path with the ‘nocebo’ effect?

        It’s a slippery slope!

      • E Griffiths says:

        Chapman and the turbine (oops, $$$) worshipping windtards are probably following standard procedure for the hole they’ve dug for themselves – CTOA … Cover thine own a$$. No surprises there, I’m afraid.

        They can’t come out and admit they’re wrong – just like the politicians who’ve backed the wrong horse (Big Wind). It’s a classic case of, “If you’re in a hole, keep digging!”

        They’ll continue to tell as many lies as necessary to try and save their skins and their professional “integrity”. Their actions are just prolonging the inevitable. They already have enough rope to hang themselves many times over – it’s just a matter of providing irrefutable scientific evidence to have scumbags swinging from the gallows using their own rope … that time can’t come soon enough!

    • Crispin, it is a text-book case of ego trumping integrity.

  10. Medically says:

    The inaction of the AMA and NHMRC are not based on ignorance. Rather, they are willingly choosing to ignore the evidence of adverse health impacts from the ILFN acoustic pollution from Industrial Wind factories.

    One can only ask why bodies that are supposed to promote and protect human health are acting like the tobacco and asbestos corporates of recent history?

    Could it be the inescapable fact that the jolly band of public health heroes who have bound their careers, and egos to the war against climate change are so blinded by ideology and zealotry that they cannot for a moment consider that the Industrial Wind Turbine can have truly adverse side effects?

    Their egos and self inflated importance appear wedded to their environmental saviour, the eco-crucifix, and they cannot for a moment consider that the industrial wind idol, might be a false messiah?

    Like the medical profession promoting Thalidomide to ease symptoms of morning sickness in pursuit of enormous profits, they will be denying the side effects of IWT (taken as required ostensibly to ease the pain of climate change) until their day in court (or better still, a Royal Commission).

    Bring it on, and expose this ‘green’ medico-industrial complex for the lie it is, the harm it is promoting and the money it is rorting from Governments and citizens around the world.

  11. Well written Melissa. The desperation is there for all to see, if they would only look! May this current senate inquiry actually achieve something & have this farce for ‘green’ energy shut down once & for all!!

  12. Yes Walk in my shoes as well I am living in Hell up here in Maitland NSW from Industrial and a Coal Mine

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