Well, bugger me, another piece of industry “spin” unravels

STT has enough material under the heading “wind industry lies” to fill a 12 Volume encyclopedia we plan to call “A Million-and-One Things Wind Farm Developers & Their Goons said.”  Entries include howlers like: “turbines make the same noise as a fridge at 500m“. The gullible can test that whopper by dropping an old Kelvinator out in the back paddock, running an extension lead out half-a-click, cranking up the fridge and testing their own hearing.  Good luck hearing it, unless you’re Batman. Then compare it with this.

We have 10 Volumes in draft of the myths and drivel peddled by the industry’s apologists and the hack pseudo-scientists employed to keep the big fans spinning.  Among their classics is the chestnut that complaints about turbine noise only arise in English speaking countries where – apparently – people are genetically programmed to whinge and moan about the most minor inconveniences in life.  In order to explain the hostility to wind farms here, the industry’s local boys go further and allege that Australians are “super-whingers” who need to learn how to suck it up.

So, the argument goes, you won’t hear so much as a titter out of those “lucky” souls with a turbine in their backyard, provided they speak a language other than English.  Well bugger me, if the Chinese haven’t just thrown a spanner in the works.


Let’s see the goons spin their way out of this one.

Lawmaker leads charge against turbines

By Katherine Wei, The China Post, May 3, 2013 http://www.chinapost.com.tw ~~

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Lin Shu-fen (林淑芬) led protesters from Yuanli Village (苑裡鎮), Miaoli with a petition against the InfraVest Wind Power Group (英華威公司) during a press conference yesterday, calling for the Group’s wind turbine projects to be relocated due to safety concerns.

The German wind power company is responsible for half of the wind turbines located on the island’s West Coast, having built approximately 170 turbines from Miaoli to Chunghua. In an environmental review released in 2005, the company promised local residents that it would keep the distance between windmills and village houses at three to five times the length of each turbine’s blades.

Contrary to its promise, nine out of the 14 wind turbines built on the coast of Yuanli were located too near the village, and complaints from the villagers have included insomnia and severe headaches from the turbines’ noise. The complaints went unnoticed by InfraVest, said Lin, though they had allegedly accused the residents of opposing wind power plants and supporting nuclear power with higher risks.

Many residents of Yuanli began a hunger strike on April 7 that lasted over 10 days, said Lin. They had formed an anti-windmill group that called on InfraVest to stop any further construction and to relocate the current wind turbines to a safer distance.

“It is not that we don’t care about the environment. We just think the wind turbines can be both eco-friendly and safe,” said protester Chen Ching-mei.

Another reason for the turbines’ relocation is due to possible turbine collapses, said a green energy engineer Wang Wei-min (王偉民), adding that the turbines are less than 250 meters away from Yuanli when they should be at least 800 meters away. “What if there is an explosion? One blade is large enough to crush a lot of lives,” Wang said.

Discovery Chanel footage of wind turbines collapsing in Denmark was shown at the press conference, reminding viewers of similar accidents that have occurred in Taiwan, Japan and Scotland. “Despite all post-construction inspections, accidents may happen. This reinforces the need for an appropriate distance between the turbines and local housing,” said Lin. The debris from the Denmark wind turbine had been found in areas over 800 meters from its original site, which meant the safety distance should be at least 800 meters, Lin pointed out.

“If InfraVest continues to neglect the danger its wind turbines pose to the local residents, they should get out of Taiwan,” said Lin, stating that the promotion of green energy should be a common priority of the government and all societies, with an actual plan that is safe yet eco-friendly.

Source: By Katherine Wei, The China Post | May 3, 2013 | http://www.chinapost.com.tw

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. We have just had local elections across England and the great shift has been to UKIP away from Cameron and his Conservative Chumocracy (he appoints mainly similarly privileged Old Etonion School Chums/Mates as his close advisers).

    UKIP is a right wing party that opposes UK membership of the EU and amongst other things – wind turbines. Where turbines are the worst in terms of nuisance, noise and number in our once green and pleasant land, UKIP have done best.

    So at last we have a Party in the UK which wants to protect us from turbine blight. Next year we expect UKIP to do even better in the EU elections and in 2015 we have a national UK General Election……………Interesting times.

  2. The Chinese should get AGL to go over to China and tell them there is no noise from wind turbines, as AGL can really tell lies, BUT, the problem is that we have found them out.
    Sorry AGL – we love living were we live and you will have to shift all the turbines and sell them for scrap steel and copper in the not to distant future. The Chinese may believe you for a while until they find you out AGL.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Of course Chapman would refute the concerns of these people, or probably accuse the translator of being English speaking and hired by those with concerns about IWT’s in western English speaking countries.
    He will never admit he is wrong.
    What comes out of this article is further proof the companies lie, and use the same ‘terror’ tactics as they do here – it’s IWT’s or nuclear. It’s a standard part of their spiel to gullible people they are trying to suck into ‘hosting’ them.
    It doesn’t matter where the companies are located they all sing from the same ‘hype’ sheet. There must be a central training school for staff employed in the industry.
    I look forward to seeing a copy of the encyclopaedia – all volumes. It am sure it will be hilarious and educational.

  4. Someone forgot to give those poor Chinese people the memo, you know, the one that tells you that these useless pieces of garbage don’t harm anyone!!! Who would have ever guessed that the Nocebo effect would travel all the way around the world….powerful stuff! In China….the wind companies are telling the victims that none of the western countries are complaining. They all love them over there! Wind Industry lies come in many languages.


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  2. […] Well, bugger me, another piece of industry “spin” unravels. […]

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