The Wind Industry Pays “Green” Groups $millions to Chant for More Subsidies


He who pays the piper, calls the tune …


A little while back, the good Senator from Victoria, John “Marshall” Madigan launched an Exocet missile at the seedy world of hard-green-left politics and the wind power outfits that fund the Australian Greens (see our post here).

The Greens have been particularly coy about where the hundreds of thousands of dollars used to fund their last Federal election campaign (including the rerun of the West Australian Senate election) came from. The key beneficiaries of that fat pile of corporate cash have been lunatics like Sarah Hanson-Young, Senator from South Australia. Sarah set out to crush SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon but, in the result, she was lucky to sneak over the line herself. Nick (a true STT Champion) – who ran as an independent candidate – polled a snicker under 25% in the South Australian Senate race (beating the Labor Party’s vote of 22.7%) – an all-time record for an independent Senator.

But, we digress. Since the launch of Vestas’ “Act on Facts” campaign in June last year it was evident that the Greens “fortunes” had – mysteriously – improved (see this article and see our post here). Since then the Greens have been very keen to “sing” for their supper. Recently, it’s come to light that the billionaire founder of, Graeme Wood has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Green’s coffers. And, just like Vestas, is looking to use the Greens to advance his wind farm interests, proving that the Greens truly are the best party money can buy.

Paying $millions to so-called “green” politicians and astro-turfing propaganda outfits like the WWF (see our post here), Getup! and (see our post here) has become a central wind industry strategy: if you’re a foreign owned company worth $billions, with no political credibility and rolling in mountains of (other peoples’) cash, why not pay a bunch of slick little political manipulators to plead and beg to governments on your behalf?

It’s a strategy employed around the globe: the US providing just another example of the tangled web woven by wind industry rent-seekers. Here’s an American take on the mother of all scams.

Wind Cronies Funding Anti-GOP Attack Ads Through LCV: Seeking Tax Subsidies as Their Reward
Daily Surge
Roberto Escoban
8 October 2014

Republicans in targeted Senate races are finding themselves under attack from millions of dollars in attack ads from the League of Conservation Voters (LVC). Seen as anti-business, the LVC has a new ally that has opened their pocketbooks in a big way to support their efforts — the wind energy industry.

Wind power is inefficient, kills endangered birds at alarming rates and relies on taxpayer handouts and subsidies to survive. One of the subsidies is a tax credit that has been described as a “Wall Street wolf in green clothing.” Most of the tax benefits goes to big investors to offset tax liabilities on their other investments. Warren Buffet, for instance, admitted he invested in wind farms to lower his tax rates. “That’s the only reason to build them,” he said.

The tax credit expired in the last Congress but the Democrat Senate is prepared to renew it. That’s why the wind power industry has become tight allies with LCV. For instance, Tom Kiernan, the CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) sits on the board of LCV and currently serves as Treasurer.

Peter Mandelstam also sits on the board of LCV. Mandelstam served for 13 years on the Board of American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and chaired AWEA’s Offshore Group for 7 years. Mendelson even founded his own wind energy company, Green Sail Energy in 2012.

The incestuous relationship between wind power industry and the LCV doesn’t end there.

Theodore Roosevelt IV, the Managing Director at Barclays Capital for Investment Banking and Chairman of their CleanTech Initiative sits on the board of LCV too. Barcalys provided the financing for the Cape Wind offshore wind farm.

Flush with cash and the help of the cronies who rely on the tax credit to profit, LCV and AWEA have launched ads in the Iowa and Colorado Senate races attacking Republican candidates and supporting Democrat candidates eager to keep the flow of taxpayer funds moving to these enterprises.

It should be noted that when Tom Kiernan became the CEO of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) saying he wanted to strengthen ties between conservationists and the business community.

Kiernan wrote in The Huffington Post, “For my entire career, I’ve sought to strengthen the ties between conservation and the American business community, because a strong environment and a strong economy go hand in hand. Wind power has enormous potential to reduce humanity’s overall footprint on the environment and the planet.”

Kiernan does not talk about how LCV has become a front for the corporate effort to extend a tax benefit that does little to help the environment and a lot to help Wall Street investors pocket more money. AWEA’s top priority is “keeping the production tax credit” because “the political climate in Washington is getting tougher.” He has spent nearly $3 million so far lobbying to get the job done.

If you live in a state with a targeted Senate seat and see one of these LCV attack ads, it would be prudent to remember the cronies priming the pump to put these ads on the air.
Daily Surge


Suffer from a lack of credibility? Just throw $millions at
“green” groups & they’ll happily do your dirty work for you.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Terry Conn says:

    Once again the contents of this STT demonstrates the lack of any kind of morality attached to the wind industry and demonstrates that ‘greed is God’ – ironically, mainly from those professing ‘fairness’ for the downtrodden. It is quite obvious why Australia’s left wing politicians support the RET and REC schemes for wind farms because it is a way of obtaining money for nothing at everyone else’s expense, siphoning money for industry fund superannuation and guaranteeing years of high dividends for zero worthwhile investment. The coalition’s willingness to be part of the scam, having Hunt and MacFarlane doing deals with the labor party, is far less transparent — why do they want to put their support base (ie the wealth creators) out of business? Any ideas???

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