Tony Abbott says: “Stop These Things”

Here’s STT Champion, Alan Jones talking with our new PM, Tony Abbott as he heads to his first sitting of Parliament as the head boy.

Alan has a little radio show that more than just a few Australians tune into each morning. Syndicated through over 77 Stations and with close to 2 million listeners Countrywide – AJ as he’s known – is one of those people that leads the political charge on many issues that really affect ordinary Australians and which the rest of the press ignore.

Hear the interview here or read the transcript below.

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott:

And Alan, if you drive down the Federal Highway from Goulburn to Canberra and you look at Lake George, yes there is an absolute forest of these things on the other side of the lake near Bungendore. So, I absolutely understand why people are anxious about these things that are sprouting like mushrooms all over the fields of our country. I absolutely understand the concerns that people have and also understand the difficulty because while renewable power is a very good idea at one level, you’ve got to have backups, because when the wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine, the power doesn’t flow. So this is an obvious problem with renewable energy in the absence of much more sophisticated battery technology than we have right now.

We are going to review the renewable energy target – there was going to be a review anyway next year. We are taking this review very seriously and one of the things that we will be looking at is the impact of renewable energy on power prices – because not only is the Carbon tax adding about 9% to everyone’s power bills – and we are going to get rid of that as quickly as we can – renewable energy targets are also significantly driving up power prices right now.


The way the new head boy keeps talking about “These Things” suggests to us that he’s been paying attention!

Whether his insight comes from this august little site or from his closest advisers – people like Maurice Newman, say – he clearly gets it – the RET has to go.

At the minute, Tony & Co are deliberately keeping a low media profile, so what Tony had to say on AJ’s show was seized on by the Aussie press pack, like a swarm of starving piranhas.

Here’s one from the feeding frenzy that followed.

RET review to focus on high power bills
The Australian
Annabel Hepworth
12 November 2013

TONY Abbott has revealed the Coalition’s review of the enforceable renewable energy target will look at the impact of the scheme on power bills.

“We’re taking this review very seriously and one of the things that we’ll be looking at is the impact of renewable energy on power prices,” the Prime Minister told Radio 2GB yesterday.

“Not only is the carbon tax adding about 9 per cent to everyone’s power bills — and we’re going to get rid of that as quickly as we can — renewable energy targets are also significantly driving up power prices right now.”

The Coalition has maintained it supports the RET, which requires 20 per cent of electricity to be generated from renewable energy sources in 2020, but pledged to review it next year.

Mr Abbott’s comments yesterday are significant as one of the key arguments of groups that want the renewable energy target abandoned is that the scheme is so costly for electricity consumers.

Groups including the Minerals Council of Australia and the Australian Uranium Association are already arguing that repealing the carbon tax is just the first step in changing climate action policies and that the RET should be repealed because it is costing consumers $1.6 billion a year.

Internally, veteran Nationals senator Ron Boswell has warned there would be pressure from within the Coalition partyroom to change the RET.

Renewable energy investors are concerned the RET will be pared back.

Pacific Hydro has told the government’s carbon tax repeal taskforce reducing the target of 41,000 gigawatt hours of power from renewable sources by 2020 should not be considered because the prospect of this had caused uncertainty to investors.

Mr Abbott said he understood why people were anxious about wind farms that were “sprouting like mushrooms all over the fields of our country”.

“I absolutely understand the concerns that people have and I also understand the difficulty because while renewable power is a very good idea at one level, you’ve got to have backups because when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine, the power doesn’t flow,” he said.
The Australian

Hats off, Tony!  But beware, there are dark forces at work.  STT hears that wind industry goons are mounting a last ditch attempt to save their skins.  Stay tuned for more.

Ian Macfarlane

Yes, Macca – think long and hard about your next moves.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. concerned resident says:

    Please help us Prime Minister, you are on the right track. Reviewing, the RET is one step forward. We are living WITHIN 600metres from HEPBURN WINDS TURBINES on Leonards Hill, Vic. IT IS HELL, OUR LIFESTYLE HAS BEEN RUINED. WE ARE NOW, LEFT WITH TRYING TO LIVE WITH HEALTH RELATED ISSUES.

  2. It’s not “10%”, it’s conservatively 30% during the last two (2) years and I should know. My charge per kilowatt hour has gone from 20 cents (Dec 2011) all the way up to 27 cents p/kwh (Sep 2013). I don’t care about the BS statistics because I pay the bills.

  3. cornwallwindwatch says:

    Reblogged this on Cornwall Wind Watch and commented:
    And we get Dave. Great.

  4. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    You say, ‘uncertainty to investors’, well Pacific Hydro and all the other ‘thieves’, certainty for your investors is certainty to a much larger proportion of the population being affected in ways such as:

    – health effects,
    – damage to the environment and all that lives in it,
    – asset loss,
    – massive constant increases to energy bills – oops perhaps I should say ‘energy Bills’, anyway continuing,
    – the cost of high energy prices to industry’s large and small and small businesses, hospitals, and schools.

    Each having to pay the cost of certainly to your investors.

    This cost is not simply paying a higher energy price, but also the certain constant call on OUR tax money to pay the RECs to your industry, and for what? Is certainly not a reliable constant stream of energy? Is certainly not a reduction in (but is certainly an increase in) CO2 levels being poured into the atmosphere – which certainly doesn’t help the environment. But this industry does certainly ensure that everyone, except it’s investors, looses out at every point.

  5. Stand against wind says:

    Maybe now that the Prime Minister has clearly and simply explained why wind power isn’t working for Australia, the media and the Australian people may finally understand? It’s not rocket science – it’s just poor policy with a bit of greed thrown in for good measure.

  6. Macca the Iscariot? Looking like this guy:

    I hope the suspected betrayal fails, but may he help himself to plenty of rope.

  7. Terry Conn says:

    I believe Tony Abbott and a good number of the federal coalition parliamentarians have a great deal of nouse and integrity. Let’s hope so and that they don’t sell their souls like their state colleagues in NSW who specialise in letting the public servants determine all policy and run the state as if they are the government.Tony Abbott is very strong but he will still need support in ‘stopping these things’.

  8. Certainly sounds like the right Head Boy got elected. And that he’s listening.

    Well done STT.


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