Better Angry than Dead


What’s up fellas – those giant fans slice and dice your cousins?

The one thing that really messes with the greentard “mind” – for what it is – is the FACT that millions of birds and bats get clobbered and sliced every year by giant fans – hard to claim wind power is clean and “green” when the ground is littered with feathery carcasses.

Brett Lane calls them “turbine interactions” –  birds call them “curtains”.

eagle 1

Quite an “interaction” that one …

We’ve covered the harm caused to our feathered friends by turbines in posts here and here and here.

If YOU shot a wedge tailed eagle you’d be up on a charge.


Shoot me you’re in big trouble – slice me in two with a giant fan, you’re gold.

In Australia, wind weasels kill hundreds of the majestic raptors each year, but that carnage is given the tick of approval by armchair environmentalists under the “it’s all for the greater good” tag.

Some might call it hypocrisy – OK, you got us – STT calls it hypocrisy…..

Here’s another take on the story in the US:


About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. There is nothing to stop anyone with a home or building near the turbines, to set up a 24 hr. surveillance camera, with infrared and a zoom lens. The blade path could be constantly monitored, and the feed could be streamed onto U-tube. This would give an accurate count for bird and bat slaughter, and perhaps catch a windweasel finding birds and bats, and not reporting them. Community fundraisers to cover the cost of equipment, or perhaps a donation of a system from someone in the business. For people who are serious about exposing the truth, this is a golden opportunity.

  2. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    It’s been said before – and will no doubt be said again – it’s no good saving the earth if its not fit to live on. The EPBC is the body which is meant to be assessing ‘these things’, for their environmental impact. Yet they are still allowing them to be erected in areas where our wonderful native and visiting creatures pass through or collect. All the companies need to do is say we will monitor, collect the ‘debris’ left behind, and will mitigate impact when necessary, yet NOTHING IS BEING DONE TO ENSURE THE FUTURE OF THESE CREATURES.

    Mitigation (noun)
    1. reduction in harmful effects of something
    2. court statements making a crime less bad

    Mitigation (transitive verb)
    1. partly excuse a crime
    2. lessen something

    What the EPBC is doing by its inaction is to exacerbate a situation where these creatures are harmed through existing factors. They are not mitigating they are ADDING to the problems faced by these creatures.

    If the Wedgetail, Southern Bent Winged Bat or any other creatures were not in danger already they would not be on the endangered listings.

    Why make a situation worse?

    Why continue to support an industry which so openly misleads and continues to set-aside any concern for the human and animal communities it invades?

    Why continue to support something which rather than saving the environment is helping to destroy it?

    The ‘Greens’ who support this industry are not worthy of support by true environmentalists.

    The EPBC while having no directions to consider the human being certainly has to ensure the safety of the environment and the ever increasing list of endangered species. So why are they not doing it?

  3. Very good indeed.

    Double standards, if we were to kill a snake, or a crow, we end up in court with a heafty fine, but industrial wind turbines can kill birds like they are killed in a slaughter house and get away scott free, not right.

  4. Not Clean
    Not Green
    Not ‘Jobs for all’
    Not economic
    Not efficient
    Not sustainable
    Not a farm

    A rort, a scam, a corporate corruption that has sucked in the ‘environment’ movement and corrupted governments at all levels, destroying rural families homes and communities worldwide for no environmental benefit, and huge corporate gains.

    Like the Green lie it is, it may ‘take care of the present’, but it has no future.

    Thank you STT for keeping the facts coming and breaking down the walls of political, environmental and energy ignorance, of continuing to expose the willing blindness of many a green eyed conservationist and urban political elites who seek profit and self aggrandisement ahead of rural community health and well-being.
    Whilst for the energy giants like Shell, Chevron, AGL, and Origin it is ‘business as usual’.

  5. Melissa Ware says:

    Someone quick, warn the Gannett Colony at Portland of the impending wall of towers and blades about to encroach on their nesting site. Who will count and disclose any bird fatalities? Are Gannetts ‘gently’ being evacuated? Will anyone document before and after affects by the turbines on the Colony? Like the bats and wedgies at upper Cape Bridgey – will they fade away?

    The problem is self monitoring – will these companies ever be fined for anything? Will they ever be held to account?


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