Almost forgot what a debacle the Green-Labor alliance was …


Only a few more sleeps till we bid farewell to the most incompetent Federal Government Australia ever had.

Proving that soufflé never rises twice. The Prime Muppet is watching his temporary grip on power fading fast. All recorded in an endless stream of “selfies” on twitter. He wears narcissism like a badge of honour.


Who loves ya baby?

This lot will soon be replaced by people who are actually keen to represent the Australian people – people like:

Angus “The Enforcer” Taylor

Craig “Ned” Kelly

Sean Edwards

Chris Back

Bruce Scott

Barnaby Joyce

Fiona Nash

Dan Tehan

These boys and girls – who are keen to bring the greatest fraud in Australian history to an end – will be joined by the Blacksmith from Ballarat, John Madigan and SA’s favourite Greek, Nick Xenophon, who will hold the balance of power in The Senate after 7 September.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. stand against wind says:

    Let’s see a clear statement from Abbot that he will wind (pun unintended) back the RET and RECs. I’m worried that powerful wind developers are backing the Coalition campaign. Don’t underestimate the “power of the purse”! Everyone should write to Abbott immediately and ask for his position on wind power!

  2. The quicker we get rid of KRudd and his mob the better, then we will have the people that know how to govern, the LNP.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    I tired of listening to Rudd saying they are the underdog – does he truly believe we will be persuaded by that rather than policies which ensure this country does not turn into a third world economy and unhealthy to live in?
    We need politicians like those listed above who know our pockets are not bottomless and our health is not something to be played with and our lives and livelihoods are something that supports and builds the country’s economy and environment as well as making it a country others envy.
    We need politicians who are forward thinking, with a sense of justice. Politicians who are capable of seeing beyond their own desires and personal aggrandisement.

  4. John marciniak says:

    We have to remember that most pollies are liars and spin, they love the theatre of politics.

  5. We definitely need to end this Labour-Green alliance as it has been toxic as a Government.


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