Rally – David Mortimer

Next at the National Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18, 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra, was David Mortimer from South Australia. David, and his wife Alida, host 2 of Infigen’s Lake Bonney’s wind turbines on their farm, near Millicent in the South East of South Australia.


The incredible noise of the cluster of 10 turbines operating near their home, forced them to build another house on another parcel of land they owned, further away from the turbines. After they moved they began suffering the classic symptoms of head, ear and chest pressure, heart palpitations and sleep deprivation. Although David had these health issues investigated, nothing was found to be wrong. Eventually, David blamed it on aging. In 2012 he found out that others who lived near wind turbines also had very similar symptoms. Finally, putting 2 and 2 together, they started complaining. As they travel, to escape the turmoil of their home, wherever they encounter other wind turbines, they are similarly impacted and sleep poorly.

With his electronics engineering knowledge, David also explains the nature of the sound spectrum at his home, and outlines why the turbines create anxiety-creating discordant noise that impacts on their health.

This is a transcript of the video

AJ: Well our next speaker is very, very interesting indeed. This is David Mortimer. From South Australia, who has gone public because he acted as a host (in other words) he welcomed these people in, believing the stories they told him, which he was entitled to do and I think we should hear his story. Would you please welcome, from South Australia, David Mortimer.

DM: Thanks Alan. Well you know where I come from, you don’t know my background. I spent twenty three years in the Royal Australian Navy in electronics. I retired as an Electronics Engineering Officer. I had quite a good deal to do with electromagnetics, acoustics, the whole lot. Now when I started getting problems where we’re living now, the core health issues that you hear people claim of the wind turbine syndrome, when I started getting those sensations, I should have been the first one to have twigged that it’s the turbines causing the problems. But I didn’t. Because they looked innocuous. They turned gracefully, if you like to put that way. And they don’t appear to give out too much noise.

We saw them in Holland in 1996. Which is why we came back to sign up for the damn things. They were out in the paddocks, they looked benign, they looked calm and the cattle were grazing underneath them. So when we were approached in 1996 to take part in a wind complex, a wind farm as it was called back then, we signed up willingly. Because we have only got 250 acres of land. It is only a small beef cattle farm. And we thought, you know we’re going to retire in the not too distant future and here’s a nice income.

So we encouraged, we bent over backwards to encourage all our neighbours to assist the wind turbine developer every which way we could to get these damn things up on our property. We’ve got 2 of them. They’re 750 metres from our house. When they were first put in in 2004, we were living within 2.5 km radius of 10 turbines. We were told we wouldn’t hear them. The acoustic monitoring equipment was put amongst the bushes, so it created a very high background level of noise. Which is one of their cheating ways that they do things.

When the turbines were actually put in, the whooshing noise was loud, it was huge it was like living near a jet engine. We thought, well no, we’ve been lied to. Okay, we can’t put up with this. We’ve got a 10 acre block 5km down the road, which is 2.5 km from the nearest turbines, not 750, like the ones on our farm.

So we built down there. We can’t see the turbines. We can’t hardly hear them, unless the wind blows from the South East across the top of them. Almost immediately that we moved into our new house, I started getting all the core symptoms that you hear of the wind turbine syndrome. The tinnitus, the pulsing in your head, the heart palpitations, etc., etc.

And I looked at those turbines and well, you know, they’re not causing the problem, because it is just too jolly far away. By sheer coincidence, we had my wife’s cousins out from Holland, and they were going to be impacted by a wind complex next to their place. And we were asked to come along to a meeting that John Madigan and Nick Xenophon hosted. And we thought, you know, we’ve lived with turbines, we know all about them, we don’t need to go, but anyway, Alida’s cousins said look we’d like to go. So we went. And while we were there, it was Brian Kermond I think, that stood up and said, that since he has been living next to the turbines he’s been suffering from these problems. And now as he listed the problems off, I did a tick off on a mental list, and I thought, hang on, they’re all the problems that I’ve been having, and I had no idea what the problem was.

I mean, the heart palpitations, and the likes, I’d taken to my doctor, had an ECG, he couldn’t find anything wrong with me. He said there’s nothing wrong with your heart, it’s perfectly normal. So I thought, well, have I got a sick house? Have we, because we had just finished building the house ourselves (every bit of it). I thought, have we got a sick house? So I took, gave up millipede spray (because we have a lot of millipedes around the place) and all that happened was the millipedes came back, in huge droves. So I thought is it hypoxia? We’ve got a slow combustion heating in our lounge room. Well Summer time came, we had all the windows open, still the same problems. So it wasn’t that. So we thought okay, it must be aging. So get on with things.

That is when the meeting with Nick Xenophon etc. came up.

Now in 2010, we found out that Infigen, the same company that owns the turbines that are on our farm, were going to put another wind complex up directly in front of our place, which was going to 23 turbines, a half a kilometre closer, in other words, within 2-3.5km, directly in front of our place, on the up-wind side of the prevailing winds. Now based on what we know, from what the turbines that are currently existing are causing us, the ones that they want to put in are going to kill us.

Anyway, Infigen and their cohorts, claim that we only started complaining about the current turbines because we found out about the new ones. Well we’ve got a letter saying that we found out about the new ones in 2010. We never started complaining about the current ones until 2012. i.e. after we found out that the turbines could be causing the problem. Why did we wait 2 years before we started complaining? Quite simple, because we didn’t know. We get now told that it’s the nocebo effect. You get told that you get crook, then you’ll get crook. Well no one’s got an answer to us. It’s a nice little income that we get off these turbines. It’s some $12,000 a year. Now that, for us, who are retiring this year, that’s a significant part of our retirement income.

Now I will tell you just a few three little incidents. When … Mary Morris was on recently … Now, not terribly long ago, earlier this year, we went for a bit of a tour up around North of Adelaide, etc., and we happened to turn up at Mary’s place, and we stayed the night there. Now we could look all around us, and we couldn’t see a turbine within coo-wee, and so we thought there are no turbines around. Now, we went to sleep about 10 o’clock that night in our little camper, (which is parked down the road) and we had been in bed for about 10 minutes, I suppose, and I rolled over and said to my wife, and I said, “you know, you’re not going to believe this”, and she said, “yeah, I can hear it too.” Well, you know, I didn’t prompt anything. In the back of our head we could feel it, the same pulsing sensation, the same deep rumbling, down inside our head, that disturbs our sleep. You can’t block it out with ear plugs or ear muffs.

We had absolute terrible night sleep. Now we expected to have a good night’s sleep, as we always do when we go away from home. We can sleep next to a parking bay, as we did on Saturday night. Trucks going past all night. When the trucks are not there, the silence inside our head is absolutely like a vacuum. It is profound. While we’re home, it’s just a constant pulsing turmoil. You don’t get any sleep.

But anyway, we asked Mary next morning “Are there any turbines around?” and she pointed up the Range, she said “seventeen kilometres up that way.” Seventeen kilometres, and we could still pick it up.

Now we went down to King Island, in Tasmania, to tell those poor silly fools down there, that they’re not going to have an island left to live on, if they get these some 200-600 turbines on their place. We got taken to a little Bed & Breakfast that night, somewhere after midnight. We had no idea of our surroundings, and we had no idea what the island was like. We got in to bed about, heading on towards midnight I suppose, and we once again had a terrible night sleep, with this same pulsing, rumbling sensation inside our head, the same sense of anxiety in our chest.

We went for a drive the next morning, and on our way into Currie, the little town there, about 4km away from where we were staying, was 5 ruddy great big wind turbines. Part of their local wind, their local power plant. Now those were about 1 Mega Watt units. The next night the wind was blowing straight across those turbines and we had an absolute shit of a night sleep. Now once again, we’d expected to have a damn good night sleep. We were sleeping next to the coast, the ocean was calm, so there was no noise coming from there.

We went across to Macarthur for the Macarthur opening of the wind complex across there and stayed at Gus and Annie’s place. There were turbines operating at the time and once again, we had a terrible night sleep. Now we didn’t expect not to, because we knew the turbines were close.

What else can I tell you? You know, we have had enough. We like the income that the farm, the wind turbines give us. But we’d much rather get rid of that, just to have our health back and have a decent night sleep.

We’ve had an acoustician test our property not so terribly long ago. In fact it was done over Christmas/January this year. And it was a full spectrum analysis of the house. From 1 Hz up to 3 kHz. Now, I’m use to looking at spectrum analysers, I lived with them for 23 years in the Royal Australian Navy, so I know how to read them.

And at the 4 Hz mark, or 4 and a half Hz mark, we get a nice big peak of 60 dB plus, which just happens to coincide with a cluster of 4 turbines that we’ve got, with a blade pass frequency of 1 Hz, 1 Hz. So that is going to produce a frequency of 4 Hz. Shows up on the plant, on the spectrum analysis. We also, on the spectrum analysis at 50 Hz, 100 Hz, and 200 Hz are these great big spikes of energy. Okay, they’re about 30-40 dBs, they are somewhat lower. But at the 100 Hz mark, there are 4 little pulses together, about sort of 1-2 Hz apart. Now if you put these sort of 98Hz, 102 Hz or so, signals into your head, and listen to them, it is like tuning a piano or a guitar. When it is slightly out of tune, you hear this Whow-Whow-Whow-Whow-Whow, beat frequency. Well at 2Hz, we’re going to get, inside our head, the humming, the generators and the electric motors and whatever that’s up there, but we’re also going to get this beat frequency in there.

Now, we can’t sleep with that. Ear phones don’t block it out and ear muffs, ear plugs don’t block it out. But that sound inside our head is like a deep rumbling discordant drumming sound. As I said we put the pillow over our head, we lie this way, we lie that way and a couple of hours later, we may be get to sleep through exhaustion. But somewhere during the night it is going to way me up and I am going to find myself half way down the passageway, trying to get away from scorpions and snakes and whatever the hell frightens the hell out of me. Is that a tie over from our primordial days when we use to hang from the trees? And you know, low frequency sound meant it was a, an earthquake or some big creature that was going to eat us, and it is triggering this response. I don’t know. But we’ve had enough.

All the Rally videos will be available in this playlist.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. We are supposed to have very smart people in this country of ours, and these so called ‘smart people’, well one is a Sydney Uni Professor, I think. If we are producing smart people like him, heaven help us, we are in trouble in a big way.!

    Well. these so called ‘smart people’, need to get out of their soft chairs and get out to these industrial wind turbine sites, and stay with the families that are suffering with the low frequency and infrasound noise and do something positive about it. It is 2013 not 1313. The noise David describes is a very big problem, there is no questioning it. If the people in charge can’t sort it out, step down, and let some one who can, and that goes for KRudd too.

    Thank you David, for what you shared with us at the Rally in Canberra, as it tells the story of what is happening in the wind industry.

  2. To David and Alida, thank you for your courage as hosts to speak the truth about these things that are a profound green lie for which you have suffered greatly. And for the sharing of some of your significant preliminary acoustic data and insights.

    Vestas (and their mates) now purport to act on facts, but they fear genuine testimony of the truth or indeed objective scientific evidence gathered in peoples homes, because it hurts their profits. They care not one iota for people or independant science at all. EPAs are complicit in promulgating faux regulation and sham ‘compliance’. This scam industry deserves to fail, and they only have their chronic deep dishonesty and misleading conduct to blame.

    It is the same in NZ as in Australia, and around the world. The truth is hurting their image and their stock prices. The game is up, and the sooner this industry ceases the better, for the sake of all of us and the environment.


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