Rally – Senator John Madigan

Next at the National Wind Power Fraud Rally on June 18, 2013 at Parliament House, Canberra,  was Senator John Madigan,  introduced by Alan Jones AO.


Senator Madigan talks about his efforts to regulate the wind industry in a political climate where the wind industry has worked hand-in-glove with politicians and their staffers to design the processes that lets it do whatever it wants, to the detriment of people, communities and the environment.

This is a transcript of the video

AJ:: So he’s a DLP Senator from Victoria from Ballarat, but importantly, he is co-sponsor of the Draft Excessive Noise Bill. And that of course, identifies the issue, on the other hand, Murray says that the issue is simply, wake up to the truth and stop the whole thing. But let’s welcome John Madigan, who has really had a lot to say about this in the Senate. There are plenty of people up there who don’t believe what’s going on – here he is – Senator Madigan.

JM: Good morning everybody. I wish I would be seeing you for a better occasion than this. Having travelled across South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, visiting many of the areas where you people come from. One thing that I will promise you is that I will never bludgeon a Government, I will ask for transparency and I will hold them to account.

It’s more than five years now, since the DLP has been fighting for people harmed by wind farms, started off by my predecessor, in the Victorian Upper House, Peter Kavanagh and the DLP is the only political party in Australia that has consistently fought for the rights of communities harmed by wind farms.

It’s good to see other politicians getting active about the problem.  When all the political parties and their parliamentarians join in, we may even get a solution.

However, until that happens I want to remind everyone here today, that the Coalition, the ALP and the Greens are the responsible parties for causing the problem and prolonging the problem now, for the best part of ten years.

At State and Federal levels we have witnessed the ALP and Coalition Governments, supported by the Greens, build up this industry according to one rule – the rule of  ‘anything goes’.

This multinational, multi-billion dollar industry, closely linked to the fossil fuel industry has been allowed to do whatever it likes, wherever it likes in Australia.

We have an ever-growing body of evidence, some already on the public record, that Governments at State and Commonwealth levels, have let this industry design the regulatory arrangements, to write the ‘road rules’.  In 2006 ABC’s Four Corners program interviewed industry leaders who attested to the highest level access, writing cabinet submissions on these matters.

Politicians and their staffers, and the wind industry have worked hand-in-glove designing the processes that let this industry do what it likes.  Those close relationships are still evident today – I ask you to take notice of who is opposing better regulation and try reading their CVs to find out where they have come from and what they are hiding.

Instead of protecting local residents, rural communities and the environment with robust regulation from the harms caused by this industry, politicians of all colours have been busy lining up in front of wind turbines to have their photos taken.

These photo ‘ops’ have made politicians look like they are doing something positive about global warming.

In fact, you could say that wind energy is the poster child of political and financial opportunism.  Everyone has been cashing in on the appearance of doing something.

The reality is that we are still guzzling fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow but we can feel okay about that, by pointing to these huge industrial wind farms now marching across the Australian countryside.

I support practical energy conservation and efficiency measures – making and using more efficient electric motors, using Australian-designed fuel cells, which are the most efficient electricity and heat generation on the planet and supporting energy efficient refrigeration made in Australia, to name three of many technologies which should be using.

Australia is underperforming on the energy efficiency front.

Meanwhile, the people and wild life, whose space has been invaded by overlarge and under regulated wind turbines, have been left to carry that cost. And the cost ultimately is people. The cost is ultimately communities and pitting people against each other.

You have heard some of their voices today and their stories today and I want to add my voice in support of all those communities and the protected wildlife being hurt by unregulated and badly-sited wind farms.

In closing, the answer to the problem is very simple.  Governments and regulators have to stop treating the wind energy industry like it is the protected species and start treating it for the heavy industry that it is.

The wind energy industry must be regulated with robust laws properly enforced at Commonwealth and State levels.  If there truly is a level playing field, everybody plays at the same level. Not one rule for some and another rule for others.

Wind farms that don’t meet the required standards shouldn’t be getting their noses into the renewable energy certificate trough.

The Commonwealth should be telling wind farm proponents – don’t propose wind farms for high conservation value sites.

Existing wind farms that are too big, noisy and disturbing local residents must be shut down. The legislation the Senator Nick Xenophon and myself tried to get through the parliament last year is sorely needed.

Minister Matthew Guy, Victoria, I call on you today – we want a decision on Waubra.  Does it, or does it not comply?  Make a decision.  If it does comply, well and good.  If it doesn’t, have the guts to make the call, tell the Clean Energy Regulator.  You owe the residents of Waubra the courtesy of a decision.  You owe Australian energy consumers the right not to be ripped off.

Politicians have to start doing their job properly.  We have a duty of care to the people. We must acknowledge and deal with the legacy of past mistakes and support robust regulation to stop future mistakes.

All I’m asking for, all I have ever asked for  is regulatory compliance.  All I’m asking for is an industry that follows the rules and can demonstrate evidence of that.  All I’m asking is that governments ensure that those rules protect communities and the environment.

That’s not a formula to close down the wind industry. It’s a recipe that will create certainty, lift operating standards and deliver a wind industry that Australians can trust in.

And may I remind each and every one of you, that it is incumbent on each and every one of us, to put the common good back into the Commonwealth. Thank you.

All the Rally videos will be available in this playlist.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Many thanks Senator Madigan for your straight talking and analysis of this wind industry fairytale of economic carbon free sustainable energy. And of course to your colleage Nick Xenophon, for together seeking, with your Excessive Noise Bill, to promote transparency, honesty and accountability of this unscrupulous and malicious industry, that cares nought for country neighbours.

    The fact the ALP and Greens opposed the Madigan/Xenophon legislation (with the incoherent rants of Cameron and Milne recorded in Hansard in perpetuity) raises genuine questions about their lack of ethical principles and respect for the democratic process. One also cannot help wondering how deep their snouts are embedded in the REC trough. It is clear the industry is rewarding them for their efforts. Vestas does not pretend otherwise.

    Keep up the good work. Thank goodness somebody is listening, and taking action to halt this systemic corporate wind (and their supporter’s) abuse of Australian citizens!

  2. NevilleW says:

    That is so correct, the wind industry have had the inside running for many years. Try finding out how much power they supply, you will only find “capacity”, that is perfect wind speed 24/7, that is all politicians and the wind industry want you to know. The fact that they average less than 28% of that capacity world wide is NEVER mentioned. I can tell you in relation to the total power usage 24/7 in Victoria wind does not rate.

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