Turbine “interaction” ends badly for “inexperienced” Eagle

Brett Lane copped a serve back in January in our post “The ‘tainted’ work of Brett Lane and Associates”. One of Brett’s theories is that birds will learn how to negotiate 50m turbine blades with their tips thundering along at 350 km/h. Apparently they send the best of the best to a place called Miramar where the “Top Guns” can really hone their skills.

top gun1
When I dodged that V112 blade at Macarthur I was in an 5G
inverted dive – NO – really, I was


Brett Lane also prophesises that when one of these “turbine interactions” – as he calls them – occurs there are a number of possible outcomes.

Here’s a Danish report on one recent “outcome”.

Hey Greenies!!! … here’s what the real Wind Turbine’s do … slaughter wildlife!!!
7 May 2013

Just in case you believe Al Gore, David Suzuki and all the other “wing nuts who preach Green Sustainable Renewable Energy is the way to go to save the World”, then look at these photos very very closely and let them sink into your little pee brain of unrealistic and fruit loop ideas about what is good for nature and humans!

This is a SLAUGHTER of EAGLES and should be considered as the results of misguided and fraudulent propaganda promoted by a very small group of “people who pass themselves off as Environmentalists” for PROFIT only!  Shame on you!!!

Eagle chopped in half by wind
Jesper Lundh
6 May 2013

A young eagle was yesterday cut in two by a spinning windmill in Skagen. Danish Ornithological Society is in turmoil and believes that misplaced wind turbines can cost several birds.

The dead bird with a wingspan of 2.25 meters was found on the ground Sunday morning. The broad wings and the head was in one place – the eagle’s lower body with the long sharp claws were well away from the three wind turbines at Buttervej the outskirts of Skagen. It writes the Danish Ornithological Society, DOF.

“Early in the morning, six white-tailed eagles in a row of Skagen and they flew a round beyond Reserve and came near the branch before they flew south again in the fresh westerly wind. Probably the slain young eagle was one of the six white-tailed eagles in a row, “said Pedersen, who almost daily follow bird migration in Skagen.

Here’s one “flyer” that won’t get sent to Miramar:

eagle 1

Only half the Eagle he used to be……

eagle 2

7 thoughts on “Turbine “interaction” ends badly for “inexperienced” Eagle

  1. I suffer from the infrasound, but the birds suffer from this noise too.
    Last night I was awake till 2 am. The night before, every 15 to 20 minutes I was disturbed by noise – but the birds were also disturbed and now start flying frantically at any time between 11 pm to 3 am. It is so bad that it even sends the birds crazy.
    I know why – they’re protecting their tail feathers in case they run into a working turbine. How ironic!

  2. I would be very excited if the GREENTARDS & the wind power WEASELS, got caught up in their own wonderful turbine blades. They might see things a bit different then.

    I thought the Greens looked after the wildlife and all things big & small, plant life included, but I must of misunderstood what the green movement is all about. It is the friends of STT & STT that are the ones that are caring for all the animial life, birds & human life, by keeping the FRAUD OF THE INDUSTRIAL WIND TURBINES, in front of the Government of this country.

    These usless wind turbines, are not only making it unbearable to live next to, they are making it difficult for the animial life to survive, as they are very sensitive to the infrasound noise. The birds, flying foxes & other small creatures get caught up in the turbine blades, which is sudden death.

    These industrial wind turbines make green very BLACK.

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