Macarthur Turbine Hosts Destroy Local Community & Bolt, as Hammering the Wind Industry becomes the “New Black”

**** When STT cranked into gear in December 2012, hammering the wind industry was a fairly lonely occupation: hardly fashionable; a bit like wearing yellow to a funeral, really. Back then, openly questioning the “wonders” of wind power was a guaranteed dinner party showstopper. Nervous hosts – choking on their organic pinot gris – would […]

‘Anne Gardner is a very great Australian. Australia will be indebted to people like you.’

Alan Jones on 2GB this morning interviewed Senator Ron Boswell and Anne Gardner. At the bottom are links to the full interview. Alan Jones: “Who wants these blights on the landscape that threaten the health of surrounding residents?” “Wind farms are a manipulation of the energy market.” “This is a scandal.” “Macfarlane, the Shadow Minister […]