‘Greens’ Destroying Germany’s Ancient Forests To Make Way For Industrial Wind Turbines

To make way for over 30,000 of these things, the German wind industry has ruthlessly clear-felled ancient forests, once considered out of bounds.

Provided the wilderness being turned into smouldering ash is used as a platform for hundreds of 260m high/300 tonne industrial juggernauts, it’s all for the greater good.

Trashing thousand-year-old oak trees and carving up pristine woodland is all in a day’s work for those promising to save the planet.

Germany’s Black Forest has already been overrun; chainsaws, bulldozers and blazing torches doing their worst to save us from the horrors of a change in the weather.

The Reinhardswald in the State of Hesse is their next target. A magical place where the Brothers Grimm brought Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to life, both literally and figuratively.

The Greens are determined to wreck even that remnant of German history and culture with a move to rip up the forest to make way for a fleet of whirling wonders.

Locals have, however, brought the threat of wanton destruction to a halt, as Pierre Gosselin reports below.

German Conservationists Score Win In Battle To Protect 1000-Year Old “Grimm’s Fairytale Forest” From Green Insanity
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
18 May 2022

The German state of Hesse has one of Europe’s largest contiguous and undisturbed forest areas: the Reinhardswald, also known as the “treasure house of European forests” or “Grimm’s fairytale forest”.

The legal fight to rescue the treasured forest from windpark industrialization has begun.

20,000,000 square meters to be deforested
Tragically, green energy zealots have managed to gain approval for the construction of wind turbines on 7 so-called priority areas with a total of about 2000 hectares (= 20 million m²) in the thousand-year-old Reinhardswald.

The first 18 turbines have recently been approved, see map here. But approved is not built. Several lawsuits have since been filed. Plans are already underway on other areas in the Reinhardswald: 10 turbines are to be built on the KS26 location, 9 more on KS14.

More than 50 gigantic wind turbines planned
And that would be only the beginning: Three areas are available beyond that. In total, 50 or more of these gigantic wind turbines could be built in the Reinhardswald.

The rescue begins
Fortunately, the greed and enviro-criminal behavior is finally being met with stiff resistance from German conservationists. The battle to save the famous forest will be a long one. Finally there’s been a bit of good news.

Court Stops Wind Industry in Reinhardswald
Rettet den Reinhardswald

The construction of the largest wind industrial area in Hesse in the heart of the 1000-year-old Reinhardswald has been stopped by the courts (for the time being). Lack of species protection precautions is only one of many conflict issues that make this insane project including 14 km of road construction impossible

The excavators were already set to go, but your commitment and donations have paid off! The construction of the huge wind industry area in one of the last, undisturbed forest areas in Germany has been stopped by a court ruling. The clearing of the forest areas, i.e. the forcible removal of tree roots from the sensitive ecosystem of the forest floor, has been halted for the time being.

All in all, the killing of the strictly protected dormouse in the 1000-year-old forest is only one of numerous problems because of which several environmental associations and communities have filed a complaint with the Administrative Court in Kassel.

In addition, there are numerous other violations of the permit conditions, e.g. the failure to comply with the requirements for amphibian protection. With our own eyes, we documented, among other things, huge rainwater-filled channels in the vicinity of the construction areas, which were populated with more than 40 amphibians (strictly protected Alpine newts, threadfin newts) and reported them to the Kassel Regional Council. Only a few days later we found these biotopes driven through and filled up (see photos). There is no trace of the newts….

Donations to support the lawsuit: https://bit.ly/rdrfbspenden

The wind industry area in the Reinhardswald must be stopped! Hesse’s largest, (still) intact forest needs your help.

No Tricks Zone

Germany’s real environmentalists say let Sleeping Beauty sleep.

2 thoughts on “‘Greens’ Destroying Germany’s Ancient Forests To Make Way For Industrial Wind Turbines

    1. I don’t know the environmentalist of today how they can say what they are doing is protecting environment. I don’t think they realize the environment and the actual planet are one in the same . They are DESTROYING the planet our Earth. Plowing down beautiful,old forests all over our Earth,mining Africa,drilling in our oceans is doing more damage . What happens to all wind turbines,solar panels and lithium batteries when they are no longer useful I don’t understand the logic. They are not true believers in protecting the environment . I don’t understand them . I wish they would open their eyes and quit listening to a handful of politicians who are hell bent on destroying everything. We are supposed to leave little footprints on this planet as long as we are here,we are destroying it. Please stop before it is too late.

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