The wind industry’s lies dissected

dripping tap

Just like this, only more expensive and more annoying. And at least this doesn’t make you sick.

From an STT special correspondent

Go to and look at the page for March 25,  2013.

Web site author Andrew Miskelly tells us there is 2513 MW of installed capacity from wind farms on the eastern Australian grid. That’s larger than any single conventional coal-fired power station on the eastern Australian grid.

How much electricity did that huge capacity generate during the period between the hours of 1:30 am and 4:00 am on Monday March 25, 2013?

Less than 35 MW.

And the maximum during the day was, briefly, about 350 MW with an average (by eye) for the whole 24-hour period of some 200 MW.

So more than one coal-fired power station had to fill the gap left by wind during this time.

Did I hear someone say: “Pathetic!”? Did I hear someone say: “Well, so much for geographic dispersion providing sufficient smoothing that wind farms can replace the coal-fired plant and supply the base load requirement.”

Scroll down to the electricity demand graph which Andrew thoughtfully provides. The base load requirement during that time was a tad under 18000 MW. And that was the daily minimum.

So the windies tell us that wind farms can supply base load? Yair, right.

Now have a look at the synoptic chart for Monday, 26 March. Andrew thoughtfully provides that too.

Notice that at 11 am (that’s the time stamp on the synoptics), there was a great big high pressure system camped like a great big jellyfishjellyfish over the ENTIRE region of the south-eastern Australian grid.

These things move only very slowly.

It wouldn’t matter if there was 20,000 MW installed capacity of wind generation installed there, the result would be much the same: near zero output, for the simple reason that during such times there is virtually no wind anywhere.

Remember: the eastern Australian grid, according to the Australian Energy Regulator, is geographically the largest
single interconnected grid on the planet.

We can therefore be sure that if this sort of thing happens here, it happens to other, smaller grids, worldwide.

Conclusion: wind energy is a wimp. It’s only use is that of permitting the windies to put their hands into the pockets of the gullible public and steal their money.

I suppose that we can be thankful for one small morsel: I guess all of those residents of south eastern Australia who are usually impacted by wind turbine noise might have had something approaching a decent night’s sleep during the early hours of Monday morning.

Back in 2010 this situation occurred over 100 times through the course of the calendar year.

An electricity grid cannot be run on this sort of nonsense.

So why do all of you folks impacted by noise have to put up with wind farms? That’s a very good question.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Terry Conn says:

    The Miskelly’s ( and others ) have been pointing this out for years, but who’s listening ?If your local member isn’t speaking out against ‘wind farms’ then get rid of him/her.

  2. Also remember that these turbines have an appetite for power of their own even when sitting idle. So for those idle wind turbines, that coal plant not only had to cover for winds petulance, it also had to supply the turbines as well. GE 1.6mw requires 40 kw/hr. 2.5mw turbines requires 50 kw/hr. Some turbines may vary slightly.

  3. Reblogged this on Quixotes Last Stand.

  4. It is only FOOLS that support industrial wind turbines.

  5. Truer words were never spoken. Industrial wind installations do nothing to mitigate global warming or provide reliable energy. The whole industry is a sham and survives on cronyism.

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