Check out these links to find out what’s really going on in the USA – and to gauge the size of opposition to wind farms there:

North American Platform against Windpowerwas created to stand for the interests of the ever-growing number of organizations and individuals in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, and the USA who:

  • oppose individual wind energy or transmission line proposals;
  • question the effectiveness of wind power in helping to solve our energy problems;
  • work to protect wildlife and landscapes from industrial wind power development; and/or
  • fight the damage of wind energy facilities to tourism, the economy, and people’s quality of life, health, and amenity.

Save our skyline Ohio The place to GET THE FACTS about Industrial Wind Energy Turbines in Ohio.

Save Ontario Shores at or on Facebook as saveontarioshores.

Visit here to see STT’s stories about American wind turbine issues.

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  1. I am being tortured by Low Frequency Radiation and the deniers on the city council and the state are trying to cover me up! Please help!

    Rosemarie Ulven
    211 2nd St. W.
    Wabasha, Mn 55981

  2. Here’s a revised vision of what could happen to America if the wind ruse isn’t shut down:

    Note that you don’t see wind turbines in older science fiction movies (set in the future). They may have thought Man wouldn’t be quite foolish enough to pursue such an unreliable power source or build it so big. But once you create a global workforce, with salespeople, it’s hard to stop the momentum.

  3. Effects of infrasound on people : The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau
    Read more at:
    Der unhörbare Lärm von Windkraftanlagen
    The Misuse of Infrasound: Industry, military, and now the cops
    What if there was a weapon whose effects you couldn’t see or hear, but could kill you from a distance of hundreds of metres?
    Fergus Day assesses the disturbing potential of infrasound.
    Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt Bayerisches Landesamt für
    Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit UmweltWissen – Klima und Energie

    Click to access uw_117_windkraftanlagen_infraschall_gesundheit.pdf

    Mind Control und psychophysische Waffen: Folter in Deutschland!
    Nicht-tödliche Waffen? – Ein Interview mit einem kritischen Experten
    A Short History of Sound Weapons Pt2: Infrasound January 14, 2008

    A Short History of Sound Weapons Pt2: Infrasound

    Sonic weapon images
    Vindkraft infraljud images
    Neue Waffe: Infraschall?
    Organ music ‘instils religious feelings’
    Front Public Health. 2015; 3: 31.
    Deadly Vibrations A Brief History of Sonic Warfare
    Wind Farms, Infrasound And The Brain By Neuroskeptic | July 16, 2015 10:33 am
    Acoustic weapons:
    The Real Science On Wind Farms, Noise, Infrasound And Health
    June 11, 2015 | by Con Doolan:

    Witnesses from Ontario Canada

    Search further and spread information
    Best regards/ Curt

  4. I’m glad to see a U.S. arm of this cleverly-named website. It really gets to the point.

    Blight is the new Green in America and we need to stop these things as much as anyone.

  5. 8:11:00 AMSheffield: Town Attorney Defers To State In Family’s First Wind Problems+ click to enlarge+ click to enlargeAmy Ash NixonStaff WriterSHEFFIELD — The Sheffield town attorney has advised the town not to get involved in a family’s request for help moving away from the First Wind facility.Steve and Luann Therrien and their two children live in the shadow of a dozen industrial wind turbines here, and have begged for help for a year, saying they are ill and unable to sleep because of the noise.Steve Therrien recently implored the town’s select board at a regular meeting and later, more publicly, before the assembly gathered at the annual Town Meeting, to help the family financially so they can relocate.The family has also asked First Wind of Boston, who owns the wind project, to buy them out, but First Wind has not indicated a willingness to do so and maintains all sound testing at the wind development are within acceptable ranges under the company’s Certificate of Public Good with the Vermont Public Service Board.Because of the ongoing concerns being expressed by the couple and those who are advocating on their behalf, including Vermonters for a Clean Environment, the Vermont Department of Public Service last fall commissioned a study of its own to test noise conditions around the family’s modest home in the woods, the results of which are still not available, and which was delayed due to First Wind still needing to get some data to the state, according to a DPS official.The town of Sheffield promised to seek an opinion from the town attorney on Steve Therrien’s request that some of the $520,000 payment from First Wind to the town help the family relocate. At annual meeting, when the same issue was raised, some townspeople said First Wind, not the town’s supplemental payment, should assist the Therriens.Town Attorney Richard H. Saudek has responded in a letter to Town Clerk Kathy Newland dated March 11. Saudek, of the Montpelier law firm of Cheney Saudek & Grayck PC, wrote, “This attention to noise with studies by both the Department and the developer is an example of the regulatory process working the way it was intended to work … Once the Department study is complete, the Department (DPS) will decide what action to take – whether to inform the Board (Public Service Board) that the project generates unacceptable levels of noise at certain distances or not. If the information warrants Board action, I’m sure it will be taken.”Saudek advised the town, “In light of the above, there is no reason for the Town to get involved in this matter. If the study shows the noise to be too great and, after hearings, the PSB agrees, the PSB has broad discretion to devise an appropriate remedy.”The Therriens, who reside at 2924 Old Duck Pond Road on land that has been in Steve’s family for many years, asked the town for a copy of any correspondence related to their request, and were sent the letter, with a note from Max Aldrich, chair of the Sheffield Select Board, which stated, “Normally advice we receive from our attorney is kept confidential, but we see this letter as being pertinent in this particular issue. Our attorney, Richard Saudek, advised us to send this on to you for your information. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.”Luann Therrien said, “We are suffering and becoming more ill by the day. Our children are suffering due to others’ actions. The town is directly benefiting at our expense.”Luann Therrien said she “had one person tell me everyone in town is benefiting equally from the wind fall,” which is split between reducing the town’s property taxes and investing in future projects. “That is all well and good…but everyone in town is not suffering equally. We are desperate to relocate to prevent further deterioration to our health and sanity.”Of the town attorney’s response, Annette Smith, executive director of the Danby-based Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Inc., said, “The letter from the town included the letter from attorney Richard Saudek in which he claims that the attention to noise with studies is an example of the regulatory process working. The Therriens came to the town with a request to use some of the wind project money to assist them with relocating nearly a year after they complained to the Public Service Board and the Department of Public Service that the wind turbines were making their family sick. This can hardly be called ‘the regulatory process working, ‘” she said.”What is happening to the Therriens warrants action now, not months from now after inanimate noise monitoring results are completed,” Smith said. “The Therriens are the best monitors, and they both have letters from their doctors indicating they are too sick to work, and their condition is related to the wind turbines. The letter (from Saudek, Sheffield’s town attorney) further says there is no reason for the Town to get involved in this matter.”Smith said that is morally wrong.”That may be a legal opinion, but it is not a compassionate or humane opinion, especially considering that the Town of Sheffield is getting about a half a million dollars a year for the next 20 years. A compassionate town would step up in this situation and put the financial windfall to good use and provide assistance to the Therriens in moving,” said Smith. “Their health and the health of their children is being seriously damaged.”Smith went on, “They did not oppose the wind project, and they are doing everything that state agencies have advised them to do. It is time for the townspeople of Sheffield to rally around this family and arrange to use the windfall money to help them relocate.”—————–Annette Smith    Executive DirectorVermonters for a Clean Environment, Inc.

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