Open Competition: What the Wind Industry Fears Most

**** Among the myriad fictions spread by the lunatics that spruik for the wind industry, is the claim that wind power is not only competitive with conventional power generation sources, it’s actually cheaper than the cheapest of them all: coal – see this ruin-economy piece for a trip to Alice’s world of make-believe. Coal-fired plant […]

The Fossil Fuel-Free Fantasy: Robert Bryce Hammers Harvard’s Human-Hating Ecofascist Hit Squad

**** Robert Bryce picked the wind power fraud for what it is from the very beginning. In his 2010 book “Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future” (Public Affairs), Bryce skewered every one of the myths relied upon by the wind industry to peddle its wares; and went […]

Why Coal Miners, Oil and Gas Producers Simply Love Wind Power

**** The wind industry parades as an “alternative” energy source. Which begs the question: “alternative” to what? The lunatics from the hard-green left (like “Greens” head-muppet, Christine Milne) continually whine that “coal is DEATH“; and wax lyrical about the fantasy of going “100% renewable” – all the while pocketing $millions in campaign funding from the […]

Greens Simply ‘Clueless’: Miners say “Wind Power NO ‘Alternative’ to REAL Power”

**** Greens clueless on energy The Australian Brendan Pearson 16 January 2015 DURING his formative years, the legendary 20th-century American journalist Walter Lippman spent a lot of time with revolutionaries, radical intellectuals and others with a weak grip on reality. But Lippman soon grew tired of “dilettante rebels, he who would rather dream 10 dreams […]

Wind Power Myths BUSTED

**** As the Australian wind industry’s house of cards collapses, its parasites and paid spruikers – like the Clean Energy Council – have been working up a real sweat in their efforts to make a case for the retention of the mandatory Renewable Energy Target – upon which that house of cards entirely depends. All […]