Why Coal Miners, Oil and Gas Producers Simply Love Wind Power

**** The wind industry parades as an “alternative” energy source. Which begs the question: “alternative” to what? The lunatics from the hard-green left (like “Greens” head-muppet, Christine Milne) continually whine that “coal is DEATH“; and wax lyrical about the fantasy of going “100% renewable” – all the while pocketing $millions in campaign funding from the […]

Greens Simply ‘Clueless’: Miners say “Wind Power NO ‘Alternative’ to REAL Power”

**** Greens clueless on energy The Australian Brendan Pearson 16 January 2015 DURING his formative years, the legendary 20th-century American journalist Walter Lippman spent a lot of time with revolutionaries, radical intellectuals and others with a weak grip on reality. But Lippman soon grew tired of “dilettante rebels, he who would rather dream 10 dreams […]