Wind Power: Just an Ugly ‘Hood Ornament’ on the Conventional Power System

**** As time marches on, the ability of the wind industry to ‘hood’-wink power punters is running into a deluge of ‘unhelpful’ facts: here’s some more from Michigan Capitol Confidential’s Jack Spencer. Renewables Just a Hood Ornament on Fossil Fuel Power System You can’t have renewable energy without fossil fuels backing it up CapCon Jack […]

Greens Simply ‘Clueless’: Miners say “Wind Power NO ‘Alternative’ to REAL Power”

**** Greens clueless on energy The Australian Brendan Pearson 16 January 2015 DURING his formative years, the legendary 20th-century American journalist Walter Lippman spent a lot of time with revolutionaries, radical intellectuals and others with a weak grip on reality. But Lippman soon grew tired of “dilettante rebels, he who would rather dream 10 dreams […]

Wind power – just better?

“The real reason for promoting alternative energy consumption such as wind power has little to do with the environment, from what we can tell, and everything to do with control. “The idea is to disenfranchise those who seek to be energy independent and to promote complex solutions that demand bureaucratic oversight.” The Daily Bell – […]