Ontario’s Wind Power Disaster Sends Power Prices Into Orbit, Driving REAL Industries Offshore

**** Ontario is the place where the most bizarre energy policy in the world has seen thousands of these things speared into the backyards of homes – in the most agriculturally productive part of Canada. When we say “bizarre” we mean completely bonkers. Canada has one of the “cleanest” power generation mixes on the planet, […]

Wind Power Price Pounded Ford: Maurice Newman points to the “Elephant in the Room”

FINALLY – someone has the nacelles to say what STT has been bellowing long and loud: that the RET policy and the REC tax on power consumers is killing what’s left of Australian industry and punishing the poorest and most vulnerable to boot. **** RET/REC driven power prices are the Elephant in the Room that […]

German industry set to flee renewable power price punishment

In a recent post we detailed the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel’s response to the consumer and business backlash against the insane costs of electricity in the Fatherland. German power prices are being driven sky-high by out-of-control German renewables policy, and the Germans have had enough. **** Deutsche Welle reports on a pending exodus by German […]