Oklahoma’s Former Governor: Subsidised Wind Power a Multi-Billion Dollar Mistake

  As Mark Twain put it: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” And, even when the dupe accepts his folly, sorry seems to be the hardest word. Frank Keating was governor of Oklahoma 1995-2003 and is responsible for its wind power calamity, as he calls it. Uncharacteristically of […]

Oklahomans Launch Pre-Emptive Legal Action to Prevent Wind Farm Construction

**** For most non-Okies, their appreciation of the glories of life on the great prairies of Oklahoma comes from Gordon Macrae (as Curly) – bathed in “a bright golden haze on the meadow” and crooning from a fine looking mount about what was clearly a very “beautiful morning”. While Curly waxed lyrically about seeing stratospheric […]