Johnny “Rotten” Rau cops a Keyneton “Rocket”


SA’s wind power fraud “dynamic duo” – Rau and Rann.


As accomplices to the great Australian wind power fraud, State Planning Ministers have got a lot to answer for.

Whether it’s Brad Hazzard pulling punches behind the scenes in New South Wales; Matthew Guy allowing non-compliant windfarms – such as Waubra (Acciona), Cape Bridgewater (Pac Hydro) and Macarthur (AGL) – to continue to operate with impunity – despite his full knowledge that they are breaching both State and Commonwealth law; or Johnny “Rotten” Rau rubber-stamping windfarm projects all over South Australia, these boys will be marked down as the primary enablers of the great Australian wind power disaster.

In 1901, Australia (by an Act of the Imperial Parliament in London – the “Constitution”) underwent “Federation” – an experiment by which the several States were to be unified at a National level – certain aspects of their endeavours governed by a newly formed Commonwealth Parliament – and the interpretation of their laws determined by the High Court, established by the Constitution.

The Federal model is similar in many respects to the United States, with certain exclusive powers reserved to the National Parliament, certain powers exclusively retained by the States and a lot of grey in between.  The experiment continues.

Federation was an idea that seemed – to all concerned – like a sound one at the time – although Western Australia was less than enthusiastic then and, in certain quarters, remains so now. Despite WA kicking up a fuss before signing on, all of the States went rollicking along with the Commonwealth concept.

But, in the last 20 years or so, the Commonwealth has engaged in overreach, by trying to legislate, control or otherwise interfere with matters that used to be happily managed by the States.

Recent efforts, such as the Commonwealth trucking up $billions for its “Building the Education Revolution” – that resulted in $600,000 tuck shops (canteens) being built at public schools across the country – just one of the more egregious examples of modern Federalism at work.

Another incident of the Federal experiment is what is called the “vertical fiscal imbalance”.  The Commonwealth raises the bulk of public revenue through income tax and GST (a consumption tax) – whereas the States pick up taxation crumbs like Stamp Duty (a levy on transactions such as land sales).

The result is that the Commonwealth raises far more revenue than it could possibly spend on its own account.  The States line-up like greedy chicks in a nest squawking to be fed with Commonwealth coin: every year the State Premiers journey to Canberra with begging bowls in hand in an effort to secure a little more than last year.

The great Australian wind power fraud is just another example of the Commonwealth seeking to legislate, interfere with and control matters properly the preserve of the States.

The Commonwealth established the Renewable Energy Target and all of the legislation that goes with it – see our post here for a rundown.

Under that legislation it is mandatory for electricity retailers all over the country to purchase a minimum 20% of their retail sales volumes from generators decreed to fall within the definition of “renewable” under the Commonwealth legislation.

The alternative is for the retailer to pay a shortfall charge of $65 per MW/h (in effect, a fine on electricity retailers).

STT readers know that big players like Origin would rather pay the shortfall charge and simply pass it on to power punters.  That way they don’t have to muck around with wind power being delivered at crazy, random intervals.  What’s that you say about pointless, costly “green” tokenism?

Under the same legislation wind weasels receive Renewable Energy Certificates for power dispatched to the grid – 1 REC is received for every MW/h delivered.  At the present time a REC is worth around $35.  Whether retailers are paying for RECs or being hit with the shortfall charge (fine) that cost is passed on to electricity consumers all over Australia.

Since the Commonwealth introduced the RET in 2000 something like $8 billion worth of RECs have been issued – and, therefore, the same amount has been added to power bills.

If the legislation remains unchanged, a further $52 billion worth of RECs will be issued (and the cost added to power bills) to the point when the renewable energy legislation expires in 2030.

So, the insane cost of the RET is born by all electricity consumers in all of the States – and is the product of Commonwealth legislation.  Sounds fair, right?


Where Australia’s energy debacle started and where it must finish.


Now, back to the States.

State Planning Ministers, like SA’s Johnny “Rotten” Rau love a little renewable energy “glory”.

Pretending to “save the planet” plays well with gullible voters who are yet to connect their soaring power bills with SA’s phalanx of inefficient and unreliable giant fans.

These are voters who clearly don’t know about the 65MW back-up diesel generating plant at the Desal Plant or the fact that wind weasels run a fleet of OCGTs for no other purpose than cashing in when the wind takes a well earned rest 120 times a year – see our posts here and here.

And the wind power charade plays especially well among the chattering classes that these boys rub shoulders with on North Terrace and at Adelaide’s new Taj Mahal of Cricket, the revamped Adelaide Oval (which has cost over $600 million, so far).

The formula is pretty simple – approve a wind farm with great media “fan”-fare and – when the fans start spinning – turn up in a flouro vest and hard hat – TV cameras in tow – arriving in a Prius, of course.

The whole stunt has no direct impact on State finances – so there’s no immediate fiscal downside – and a pliant and lazy press laps it up.  The States pay nothing – under the RET/REC system the entire (insane) cost of wind power is paid for by power punters Australia wide.

So, by approving wind farms hand over fist (and blocking efforts to properly control or regulate them) State Premiers and Planning Ministers get their political “cake” and get to eat it too.

It must be grand to look like a “hero” to ignorant inner-city voters when somebody else is paying?

Napthine macarthur

Power punters pay for Victorian Premier’s political posturing.


Is it any wonder then, that these boys are working overtime behind the scenes to make sure nothing happens to jeopardise their opportunity for political theatre?

In Matthew Guy’s case it’s continuing to treat the long-suffering people at Macarthur, Waubra and Cape Bridgewater with utter contempt by failing to do his duty as a Minister of the Crown.

All Matt needs to do is blow his umpire’s whistle – enforce the noise conditions attached to their planning consents and shut these criminal outfits down – then send a brief to the Clean Energy Regulator to ensure that the operators lose their accreditation to receive RECs.  It’s a simple game Matthew – just do your job and stop them stealing from us.

Back in SA, making sure that the muppets working for the EPA keep a lid on “inconvenient truths” – like the tragic impact Energy Australia’s Waterloo disaster has on long-suffering locals – is just good political sense.

SA’s EPA knows how to toe the party line – losing “troublesome” data and otherwise pulling its punches by measuring gum tree noise, instead of the noise being generated by Waterloo’s giant fans.

epa gear under tree at Quast place

Cover up or incompetence?


And, relying on the twaddle dished up by the EPA at Waterloo, Johnny “Rotten” Rau just rubber-stamped yet another disaster in the making at Keyneton – just to the East of SA’s iconic Barossa Valley.

In response, here’s a little spray delivered by some Keyneton locals.

Open letter to Attorney General Rau:
Keyneton industrial wind turbine travesty!

We are absolutely disgusted that the government has once again allowed big companies to ride roughshod over people and their lives.

Why are Pacific Hydro and Trustpower in SA?

It is because the government here is gutless as opposed to the Victorian government which at least set some wind turbine placement rules in favour of the people!

It is blatantly obvious that the public consultations were once again a patronising smokescreen, involving false hope and an already “done deal”!?

How can you treat people like that?!

Is the same going to happen to the people at Palmer who are facing 160 of these monstrosities ruining the beautiful landscape of the eastern Mt Lofty Ranges, wreaking havoc with health, ecosystems, ambience, property values and the environment!!

There is ample proof to show that wind farms should not be anywhere near where people live, and that goes double for fire prone areas!

They are inefficient, need back-up when the wind isn’t blowing, and even though South Australia has the largest number of wind turbines, we pay the highest electricity costs?


The majority of people in this state are absolutely appalled at what is happening against their expressed wishes. How dare you treat people like this; so much for representing us!

What a legacy to leave for our kids and grandchildren.

Shame on you, shame.
The Hodges family

STT’s pretty sure the Keyneton planning fiasco won’t end there.

To give you a taste of things to come, check out the report broadcast on the Channel 7 News – here.

Johnny “Rotten” Rau is the shifty looking bloke with silver hair dissembling his way through a set piece to camera.

As well he might – his Labor government is on the nose and will be relegated to the political dustbin come the State election next March.  Bye, bye Johnny.


I hear my namesake has only got another 4 months in the job, anyway.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Crispin Trist says:

    In this present culture of ‘Health and Safety’, how is it possible that this industry can role out across the planet unchecked? For example and I say again, if there are no noise, health or safety related issues with the Waubra Industrial Wind Facility in Victoria, why did Acciona see a need to purchase 7 properties in and around the site?

    Too many questions and not enough answers.

    We are seen as nothing more than ‘collateral damage’ by these companies. This industry talks of a day where wind turbines will have created so much turbulent ‘dirty wind’ across the planet, that there will be no ‘clean wind’ left to drive their turbines.

    This is utter madness!

    Bring on the Royal Commission.

  2. Harry Makris says:

    ……Yes sound……the ear……where the balance is maintained… without which you are doomed to crawl……
    The ear….where all Sound is registered together with its unheard frequency ….. infra sound……
    The effects of infra sound have been known for decades…..and have been weaponised to create the exact effects of which many people complain……all over the world…….
    …………. Of course we all know that in the natural world infra sound is used for communication by whales ….transmitting messages across hundreds of kms……through water….
    …… we also know it travels better through Rock…

    Keyneton wind farm (together with the others) will be built on Rock..!!!

    ……….it is not about volume…’s about frequencies ….. or vibrations if you like…..which stimulate and activate all aspects of the biological form……………
    ……then there are instinctive responses to frequency intrusion….why do the hairs on your back stand up for no apparent reason…Feelings…?…….These weaponised frequencies so confuse your instinctive senses …that your adrenal gland is activated to a “fight or flight” response……. and you wake bolt upright in bed with your heart racing…….Your whole body vibrating….
    Pray you never experience that…Mr Rau

  3. Jackie Rovenksy says:

    John Rau as usual uses his own spin on what the EPA actually said. Firstly they stated in their report and to the media that their testing was only relevant to Waterloo, as each project is different, secondly they did detect IF/LF sound. Yes they had to turn their recording up to hear it, but that is what that sound is ‘the silent killer’, they also stated they could not make any assessment re health issues but would be sending data collected to the NHMRC (residences diary’s).
    So Mr Rau when at your media get together it’s no wonder you fumble and sound as if you know you are evading the truth. Convincing your not, we can read and we are more than able to recognise false statements.
    Just something to add to this story – when the SA Government decided to make changes to Planning Regulations to ensure Wind Energy companies had a free run in this state, they had to hold meetings to hear what the people thought about the then ‘proposed’ changes.
    A report was prepared and handed to Rau and Weatherill our current wind supporting Premier.
    Guess what happened – the recommendations from the report appear to have been binned or at the very least ignored, with Rau and Co announcing the changes they had previously prepared would take effect.
    Actually they were already in effect on an immediate interim basis, until after the token necessary public consultation period.

    It maybe worth noting here that Weatherill when planning Minister in the Rann Government gave the go ahead to a Wind Project at Myponga, against the advice of his own Department, this being a Major Development status project so it didn’t go via the local authority, much like the Keynton one. When you consider Mr Rann declared he had a conflict of interest in the proposal (a relative was involved with it), you have to wonder just how far friendship goes, don’t you?

  4. Harry Makris says:

    Go to the Youtube version

    and post a comment……Comments are Power…

    • The SA Goverment and the wind industry have not the guts to do a proper health study on the health effects that industrial wind turbines have on peoples health. They know how a proper health study would turn oùt, that is why they have not got the guts to do it.

      They are gutless wonders.

  5. Harry Makris says:

    I think we need an Inquiry..Public funds have been spent

    It’s all about the Money…where does it go….?

    …If they have nothing to hide…they have nothing to fear….


  1. […] No surprises that SA Labor’s Health Minister, Jack Snelling refused to commit to any research.  SA Labor got the “answers” it wanted from the SA EPA’s “noise-wash” at Waterloo (see our post here). […]

  2. […] while back we covered the disgraceful decision by SA’s Labor Planning Minister, Johnny “Rotten” Rau to allow Union Heavy, Gary Weaven’s, […]

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