More on Germany’s Wind Power Fiasco

**** The Germans went into wind power harder and faster than anyone else – and the cost of doing so is catching up with a vengeance. The subsidies have been colossal, the impacts on the electricity market chaotic and – contrary to the environmental purpose of the policy – CO2 emissions are rising fast: if […]

Germans Blame “Missing Wind” for their Wind Power Debacle

**** Germany’s Debacle: 2/3 Of Wind Projects “Running Badly To Very Badly”… Case Of The “Missing Wind” NoTricksZone P Gosselin 20 September 2014 Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here brings up a television report on the disappointing returns from wind parks, recently appearing on SWR South German public television. The days of […]

Lessons from Germany’s Wind Power Disaster

**** All lies and promises – the wind industry has finally been rumbled in Germany and is about to be shown the door in Australia. The wind industry and its parasites have been guilty of more than just a little hubris.  Claiming to be able to deliver cheap, reliable sparks was always going to be […]

Germans Finally Take the Axe to Wind Power Subsidies

**** Germany’s renewable policy – referred to as the “Energiewende” – has seen €billions in power consumer/taxpayer subsidies thrown at wind and solar power at the expense of German industry, manufacturing and families. Skyrocketing renewables driven power prices are sending once competitive manufacturers and industries to the USA to benefit from energy made cheap by […]