Ontario’s Wind Power Insanity Delivers Death Wish to Pilots

Is there anything to say in favour of these things? Not only insanely expensive and utterly pointless at every level, they pose a mortal danger to both man and beast. In the 20 years or so since they’ve spun into heavily subsidised ‘action’, the wind industry’s has managed to clock up a fairly sizeable death […]

Deadly Aircraft/Turbine Disaster at Highland Wind Farms ‘Just a matter of time’

**** A couple of weeks back, we looked at a report on how the RAF’s best of the best have been involved in dozens of near misses with these things in the UK, unnecessarily risking their lives every time they hit the skies: RAF’s Top Guns Call Wind Farms a ‘Disaster in the Making’ for […]

RAF’s Top Guns Call Wind Farms a ‘Disaster in the Making’ for Flyers

**** There are at least 2 critical dangers for flyers created by these things: 1) air turbulence – generated by a sea of 50-60m blades with their outer tips travelling at around 350-400km/h – interfering with the ability of the pilot to control their kite (see our post here); and 2) slamming into them – […]