Fairhaven locals “devastated” as “Windy” and “Gusto” shutdown at night

**** According to our CSIRO – people just can’t wait to cuddle up next to those lovable little puppies. And STT readers now know that Greens and their greentard mates plan their camping trips so they can get as much fan time as possible. Remember the Clean Energy Council’s ol’ chestnut about wind turbines being […]

Waterloo Wind Farm’s Acoustic Torment Condoned by SA’s Environment Protection Authority

From: Mary Morris, 4th generation farmer To: Dr Campbell Gemmell, CEO Environment Protection Authority Adelaide, SA. 17 October 2012 Dear Dr Gemmell, Waterloo Wind Farm Noise Complaints: the EPA’s statutory responsibility I refer to your letter of 2 October 2012 which I received with great disappointment. Your letter completely overlooks my request to have you […]