State of Emergency: South Australia’s Wind Power Crisis Hits Full-Scale Panic

It’s a little like watching the same train wreck, over and over again. South Australia’s power pricing and supply calamity is something that STT has been predicting for years. Now that the disaster has been realised, mainstream media are all over it like a tropical rash. In South Australia there is a pervasive sense of […]

Trump’s War on Wind Power: Access to Cheap & Reliable Power an Economic Fundamental

If the election of Donald Trump holds any lesson at all, it’s that energy costs and the security of its supply determine the economic and social health of any Nation, and ignoring that fact – by zealously pushing policies to the contrary – will end in tears for those foolish and arrogant enough to believe […]

Dennis Shanahan: time to scrap the “secret” carbon tax

**** The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan has come out swinging against the RET – calling it the “secret” carbon tax that simply has to go. Abbott finds energy to act on ‘secret’ carbon tax The Australian Dennis Shanahan, comment 18 February 2014 AFTER years of shadow boxing, Tony Abbott has finally decided to act on the […]