Massive & Endless Subsidies Destroy Claim That Wind & Solar Cheapest Of All

In the ‘pigs might fly category’ sits the claim that intermittent wind and solar are the cheapest power sources, amongst all contenders. Were there even a shred of truth to that story, then renewable energy rent seekers wouldn’t be hounding policymakers at every turn to ensure that the massive subsidies they currently enjoy be guaranteed […]

The research project that took everyone by surprise (except the residents of Waterloo)

Waterloo wind farm began operation in 2010, comprising 37 turbines. It is located about 30 km from the town of Clare, in the heart of the South Australian wine growing and tourism region. So in the following year when a supervisor at the University of Adelaide suggested a postgraduate student undertake a study into the […]

Wind energy and the reconstructed smoking milk bottle

It’s the transcript of an information session held in Melbourne last year grandly titled “The Future of Wind Energy in Australia”. It was organized by The Grattan Institute. Jonathan Upson (pictured) is senior development manager at Infigen Energy. Now, when one of our group relayed his comments, we thought it was a joke. It had […]