Great Balls of Fire: More Terrifying Turbine Meltdowns Spell Serious & Unnecessary Bushfire Risk

As Australians brace for a searing summer, spare a thought for communities riddled with wind turbines: the perfect incendiary device. First, we’ll take a look at a few ‘clean’-energy conflagrations in Europe. Fire destroys wind turbine in the Emsland New Osnabrück Daniel Gonzalez-Tepper and Hermann Hinrichs 14 October 2018 Rhede. In the wind energy park […]

Wind turbine fires ‘ten times more common than thought’, experts warn

**** Wind turbine fires ‘ten times more common than thought’, experts warn Emily Gosden The Telegraph 17 July 2014 Study backed by Imperial College finds wind turbines prone to “catastrophic” fires but the true scale of the problem is unknown Wind turbines may catch on fire ten times more often than is publicly reported, putting […]

As Australia burns, an impassioned plea from a fire fighter’s wife

This week, fires raged across eastern Australia. The media reported some pilots saying aerial water bombing would struggle with turbines. And the following email was sent by a New South Wales country resident to a government department. Dear Sir, Further to the previous two emails sent over the Christmas period, please note this update.   I […]