Check out these links to find out what’s really going in Canada – and to gauge the size of opposition to wind farms there:

Quixote’s last stand – named after the famed windmill tilter. Eclectic, knowledgeable, unstoppable – like the man himself. A great compendium of news updates and other info.

Ruralgrubby’s Windwatch –  a manual for fighting big wind, lots of good information and well worth a look.

North American Platform against Windpowerwas created to stand for the interests of the ever-growing number of organizations and individuals in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, and the USA who:

  • oppose individual wind energy or transmission line proposals;
  • question the effectiveness of wind power in helping to solve our energy problems;
  • work to protect wildlife and landscapes from industrial wind power development; and/or
  • fight the damage of wind energy facilities to tourism, the economy, and people’s quality of life, health, and amenity.

Visit here to find STT’s Canadian wind turbine stories.


  1. see also Facebook page:

    “Ontario WInd Turbines = FAIL”

    A great page that shows how energy demand in Northern Ontario Canada climate is completely opposite to when Turbines generate least electricity. Ontario, currently has a bigger debt than the US state of California with one-third it’s population largely because of the billions wasted on wind energy.

  2. Brian DeRochie says:

    Assuming a low-ball installation cost of $1 million dollars per windmill means that for $1 billion dollars we got 3 MW of transitory power on that day. What an excellent investment. God help us and save us from the provincial Liberals.

  3. Over 1000 wind turbines operating in Ontario, Canada
    December 28 wind output 3MW, 0.01% of demand

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