Political Power Failure: 88% of Germans Reckon Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ Doomed to Failure

Germans were said to be rock-solid supporters of the grand ‘plan’ to run on nothing but wind and solar. Well, not anymore.

Faced with Europe’s highest power prices (which are still rising at a staggering clip), routine power rationing and blackouts, the German populous seems to have fallen out of love with the notion of the ‘inevitable’ wind and solar ‘transition’ aka the ‘Energiewende’. No longer is the transition seen as ‘inevitable’ or even desirable.

From the recent polling, it looks as if the average German is making a grand transition to reality, rejecting wind and solar and putting their faith in a safe, reliable and affordable nuclear power – as if German wealth and prosperity depends upon it.

88% of Germans don’t believe in the Solar and Wind Green energy transition
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
6 April 2023

The transition is happening, it’s just not the Green one.

Only one in ten Germans still believe solar and wind power can meet Germany’s energy needs. Three quarters of the people who used to be optimistic about Green energy have changed their mind.

But right now, the people are ploughing the snow off the solar panels while the government is ploughing along with the plan…

“The Germans have realized their government is on a suicidal ghost ride.”
— AUF1 Editorial team

Thanks to Pierre Gosselin at NoTricksZone

Germans Overwhelmingly Fed Up With Move To Green Energies
As the government gears up to try to pass legislation that would force most homeowners to carry out extensive renovation to their homes and upgrades to their heating systems, the Energiewende is suddenly no longer looking like a bargain and is no longer welcome by the vast majority of Germans, according to a Forsa survey.
No Tricks Zone

Skeptics are the majority.

Majority of Germans have doubts about a complete energy transition
Germans do not believe that the country’s energy needs can be met entirely by renewable energies. Amazing: Far fewer people believe in the energy transition than twelve years ago.

In Germany, skepticism has increased that the energy demand can be covered solely with renewable energies in the foreseeable future. According to a Forsa survey, only ten percent believe this, while 88 percent do not. In 2011, the value measured by Forsa was still 39 percent for “yes” and 61 percent for “no”.
Die Welt

People may call the punters stupid, but six out of ten Germans have realized that natural gas and nuclear power are good things. The unwashed masses can figure things out.

Clear majority has enough of climate madness and energy transition
The Scholz government is facing massive skepticism and rejection of its core projects like no other federal government before.
Majority for natural gas and nuclear power
59 percent are still in favor of using natural gas as a source of energy, 57 percent are in favor of retaining nuclear energy – even significantly more than 10 years ago. The Germans have realized their government is on a suicidal ghost ride. Despite this, Chancellor Scholz continues to fabricate that the energy transition will succeed and that by 2030 80 percent of electricity will come from renewable energies. Therefore, heating bans and building renovation obligations are being adhered to, the installation of heat pumps – and above all the shutdown of the last three remaining nuclear power plants this month. The federal government is using the crowbar to continue a policy that has already failed and is rejected by an overwhelming majority of its own population.

Do 10% rule over the 90 — Who exactly does Chancellor Scholz answer to?
Jo Nova Blog

Germans say ‘nein danke’ to wind and ‘ja bitte’ to nuclear.

4 thoughts on “Political Power Failure: 88% of Germans Reckon Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ Doomed to Failure

  1. In Ontario, it was George Smitherman, David Suzuki, Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty and German Professor Hermann Scheer who orchestrated the incursion of industrial scale wind turbines in rural communities.


    The Liberal government allowed the wind industry to have 20 year contracts without having done proper health studies or cost/benefit analysis.
    That Liberal government eventually was decimated and lost their party status but, the turbines are still operating because the Conservative government failed to figure out how to fix the mess that the Liberals created.

  2. These are the productivity /capacity values for Germany 122 GW installed “Renewables” in 2022
    Onshore wind 20.6%
    Offshore wind 40.1%
    Solar power 10.7%
    Combined Weather Dependent 17.1%

    Would anyone sane buy a car costing up to 10 times the normal price to buy and run, that can only work one day in five, when you never know which day that might be ?  And then insist that its technology is the only way to power the whole economy. 

    for details see

    2022 Weather-Dependent “Renewables” in Germany, UK and France

    1. It should be obvious to a child that wind energy and solar cannot possibly work 100 per cent of the time. In the UK, it is dark for up to 17 hours of 24 per day in winter and very little is generated in daylight hours if it is cloudy or wet. There is never wind under High Pressure, of course. A perusal of the 2022 wind energy graph on http://www.gridwatch.co.uk says it all. It resembles that of a YO-YO! How can any scientist claim that energy will EVER power the UK? The average for 2022 was around 7000MW , whilst the UK needs 40000MW at most times, with 50000MW in very cold winter weather. The minimum in 2022 was 141 MW, which is minuscule for a nation of 67 million people.
      So, on a calm, frosty UK night in future, we will have no heat and no electricity in the whole of the UK if we rely on wind and sun. THAT should be obvious to even the most innumerate ,non-technical politician !By the way ,many of them are innumerate because they have Arts degrees and dropped physics and maths as soon as they could in school. Politics was one of the few options open to these arts-orientated people. Hence, there are hundreds of them amongst the 650 or so in the UK House of Commons.
      One leading UK politician is Michael Gove , who has an English degree from Cambridge. Yet, this man, who FAILED HIS DRIVING TEST SIX TIMES, is the politician who has decided to scrap the manufacture of diesel and petrol-engine cars in 2030. Doesn’t he know that a smal electric car[EV] like the Nissan Leaf has a 40kWhour battery, so it needs to charge for 8 hours at 5kW to travel 150 miles per day…….only achievable without heater, air con, lights, radio or wipers…to sap the battery! There are 37 million vehicles in UK. If 30 million are small Nissan Leaf types after 2030, they will therefore need 150,000,000kW or 150,000MW to be AVAILABLE in the National Grid at all times. If the 30 million EVs only average a quarter of the mileage per day…..37.5 miles [very little]….they will still need to partially charge at 5kW for 2 hours per day !! Even the most innumerate can work that one out. OK! They won’t ALL charge at the same time…….but MOST will want to charge the car between 6pm and midnight…a 6 hour slot. There is no way that 30 million EVs or even 10million , can be charged during this period ,once the UK has dropped fossil fuels in favour of wind and solar energy. Wind only average 7000MW in 2022, and we need 40000MW without ANY EVs ! Of course, the UK govt also wants to scrap gas central heating, the main form of heating by far in the UK. What madness!! How much electricity is needed to replace all that? 200,000MW maybe?
      No wonder Germans are worried. They supply the UK with a huge percentage of our cars……and there is NO WAY that diesel and petrol engine cars can ever be banned from UK usage once reality sets in. The hypocritical “ever-so-green” readers of the Guardian are very often driving these German diesel and petrol engine cars !
      Germany cannot possibly run car factories powered by
      wind and sun! Whilst the UK has scrapped coal [almost], German car factories rely on coal power stations…especially filthy LIGNITE ones. That is dirty ,brown coal which is one of the biggest electricity providers of Germany and Poland. Check “Gridwatch Templar Germany” to see where that country, the leading manufacturer in Europe BY FAR, gets its electricity! It is IMPOSSIBLE for the wind and sun to power any of the countries of Northern Europe with their large populations…..and industrial economies……however many stupid, inadequate wind turbines are erected. That should be plain COMMON SENSE!

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