Renewables Roadblock: Wind & Solar Transition Meets Real Community Opposition

When ideology is all, reality has a nasty habit of undoing the grandest of plans. So it is with the great wind and solar ‘reset’. The economic storage of intermittent wind and solar is a fantastic pipe dream; the colossal expense attached to mythical mega-batteries means that it will remain so.

The minerals required for any kind of wind and solar transition will outstrip the world’s resources 10 times over; hence rocketing prices for base metals, like copper and the rare earths that go into every turbine and solar panel. And the demand for land is already seeing renewable energy rent seekers forced to rub up against real community opposition, which will only increase in its hostility.

Gone are the days when wind power outfits could throw $10,000 a year to spear a turbine into the back paddock of some gullible farmer. These days, they’re aware that the owner of that turbine gets annual REC subsidies in the order of $800,000-1,000,000 (for a single turbine) in addition to the electricity they sell and tend to bargain harder, if at all.

One way of avoiding hostile reactions from closely settled farming communities is to head further afield. To that end wind and solar outfits are looking at Australia’s sparsely populated pastoral rangelands, a fair proportion of which are subject to Aboriginal land or native title rights.

Credit to their leadership, they don’t appear all that keen on being treated in the same way that Australian farming communities have been by wind and solar outfits, to date.

Eric Worrall reports on some real community opposition to the great wind and solar scam.

Australia’s Green Energy Dream Sinking Under Royalty Demands, Tradie Shortages
Watts Up With That?
Eric Worrall
21 November 2022

Was this in the budget? Australian Aboriginals have joined farmers in demanding cash payouts or royalties for renewable energy installations which impact their land.

‘Don’t make the same mistake’: Traditional Owners’ warning over renewable projects on Aboriginal land
Tom Canetti
20 November 2022

First Nations experts and Traditional Owners say the federal government must properly consult and share benefits with Aboriginal people in the development of the new green economy.

Published 20 November 2022 at 6:45am
By Tom Canetti


    • Indigenous climate activists have protested at COP27.
    • First Nations people in Australia say they aren’t consulted on fossil fuel mining projects on their land.
    • They say this is a mistake Australia can’t make in the renewables transition.

Traditional Owners and Aboriginal sustainability experts have warned the Australian government against making the same “mistake” it did with fossil fuel mining, and to properly consult First Nations leaders before developing renewable energy projects on their land.

It came as Indigenous activists from across the planet called on governments to respect First Nations’ land rights during COP27 – the United Nation’s annual climate conference.

Experts say coal and gas projects, which have received bipartisan support from Australian governments, have gone ahead on Aboriginal land without their approval and without equal sharing of benefits.

With the transition to green energy and and an influx of investment into renewable projects, Dr Heidi Norman, convener of the Indigenous Land and Justice Research Hub, told SBS News that now is the “best opportunity for Australia to rethink its relationship with Aboriginal people”.

A few weeks ago farmers reached an agreement to be paid $200,000 per km ($320,000 / mile) for green energy grid lines which cross their land, on the grounds that the new lines are a fire hazard – fire fighting helicopters refuse to approach power lines, for obvious reasons.

Australia is facing a severe skills shortage – there aren’t enough electricians to implement the green revolution AND service Australia’s ongoing mining projects.

On top of this, greens have started demanding energy storage targets, to address obvious problems with their green energy revolution.

In every direction people are demanding cash payouts, with substantial justification – Aboriginals, because they don’t want to be exploited without compensation, farmers, to cover loss of land use and increased fire risk, and greens, to address the obvious need for energy storage to back the unreliables.

Something tells me Prime Minister Albanese’s green revolution is either going to suffer a gigantic cost blowout, or die a death of a thousand cuts.
Watts Up With That?

4 thoughts on “Renewables Roadblock: Wind & Solar Transition Meets Real Community Opposition

  1. While renewables continue to underperform in the generation of electricity, subsidies continue for wind and solar power plants based on “nameplate ratings”. Wind and solar should be penalized when they cannot deliver that for which they have been permitted. And while America promotes the “nameplate farce” of wind and solar, crude oil continues to be targeted for elimination along with coal and natural gas, even though oil is seldom used for generating electricity.

  2. Chevelon Butte Wind Farm project that is in Arizona and now being built with it’s 170 skyscrapers and the West Camp Wind Farm to be built in 2023 with it’s 104 towering propellers at 820 feet tall looming over everything for miles that’s a total of 274 x $1M = they are being paid $274 million to build disabled trickle energy. This explains why the companies that own them live in the unspoiled gorgeous ski resort town of Boulder, Colorado area that is exclusive to those who live off these kinds of energy transfer systems of wealth to themselves. These will devour at Chevelon Canyon Ranch and at Chevelon Canyon an extremely rural area with NO POWER a total there of 128 square miles while simultaneously the coal at the local Navajo Indian owned mine that is prejudiced on what nationality it will hire preferring it’s own, will be shipped for China to use and the coal power plant that was shut down in Coconino County where Chevelon Butte Wind Farm is being built took up one square mile of space and provided many times more energy than these movie sets that merely present the illusion of free energy and all the other nonsensical promises made. I’m not sure I should even call them movie sets anymore, they have become like annoying TV commercials pushing teeth rotting sugar in kids cereals, gulp oil slicks, and drug pushing that with their long lists of Direct Harm Effects (DHE) that those trying to save the planet could care less that these all modern drugs are derived from oil, that very thing that these towering propeller stick facades are claimed would keep that oil in the ground if we all just worship them during the regular scheduled rituals where they pump 500 gallons of oil into the top of these for hydraulics and remove the dirty oil regularly like with car oil changes and then dispose of it by making putrid chemical based disinfectant your governments spray and coat surfaces with during a threat of dangerous unicorns they call “viruses”. ALL of this disabled energy they call “clean” is dependent on ground based “dirty” energy. They extract raw energy not from the ground, rather they extract your $$$ energy and transport it to their portfolios so they can spend it all as they please and ski on man made snow that is made using reliable robust ground based fuels.

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