Wind & Sun Can’t Deliver: So Power-Starved Germans Demand Nuclear Plants Remain Online

Mass civil unrest is odds-on in power starved Germany and Britain this winter, thanks to the so-called wind and solar ‘transition’.

With thousands likely to freeze to death, the collective sense of humour will soon evaporate, along with any remaining faith in the ability of wind and solar to deliver power, as and when it’s needed.

Everything about renewable energy policy is political; no one woke up 20 years ago thinking what a good idea would be to watch power prices triple and suffer power rationing every time the wind dropped and the sunset. Instead, it was a political ‘sell’ (aka lie) that the world would be an altogether happier place if only we were powered exclusively by sunshine and breezes.

Well, that didn’t pan out so well.

The political response to the disaster is all directed at preventing the proles from turning seething anger into outright revolt.

At the moment Europe is enjoying relative warmth – daytime temperatures in the low 20° C range. But, bitter black frosts and blizzards are only a matter of weeks away. Power demand will inevitably surge, wind and solar output will inevitably plummet and fail to meet it. Without Russian gas to fuel the fast-start up peaking plants that are used to fill those gaps, the Germans are in real strife.

In Germany loose talk about shutting coal-fired power plants and nuclear plants has given way to a new sense of pragmatism. Namely, that the mob will soon erupt, if the intelligentsia can’t keep the power on and prevent people from freezing in the dark.

Germany extends nuclear power amid energy crisis
BBC News
18 October 2022

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has ordered the country’s three remaining nuclear power stations to keep operating until mid-April, as the energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hurts the economy.

Originally Germany planned to phase out all three by the end of this year.

Mr Scholz’s order overruled the Greens in his coalition, who wanted two plants kept on standby, to be used if needed.

Nuclear power provides 6% of Germany’s electricity.

The decision to phase it out was taken by former chancellor Angela Merkel after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011.

But gas prices have soared since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, which disrupted Russia’s huge oil and gas exports to the EU. In August Russia turned off the gas flowing to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 undersea pipeline.

After relying so heavily on Russian gas Germany is now scrambling to maintain sufficient reserves for the winter. The crisis has also prompted it to restart mothballed coal-fired power stations, though the plan is to phase out coal in the drive for green energy.

Last year Germany got 55% of its gas from Russia, but in the summer that dropped to 35% and it is declining further.

Chancellor Scholz’s third coalition partner, the liberal Free Democrats (FDP), welcomed his move to keep nuclear power as part of the mix. The three remaining nuclear plants are Isar 2, Neckarwestheim 2 and Emsland.

The Social Democrat (SPD) chancellor also called for ministries to present an “ambitious” law to boost energy efficiency and to put into law a phase-out of coal by 2030.

Last week climate activist Greta Thunberg said it was a “mistake” for Germany to press on with nuclear decommissioning while resorting to coal again.
BBC News

Hands up, who’s for nuclear power, now?

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Thomas Friedman, the author of the New York Times article on September 7, 2021, the original title of the book “The world is flat”: What is after the war on terror? War against China? It was mentioned in the article that in the first 30 years of 40 years of economic integration, China sold us what I call “shallow goods”, such as shirts on our bodies, tennis shoes on our feet and solar panels on the roof.

    In fact, masks and electric blankets in recent years are low-end manufacturing products that can be easily copied!

  2. William Gray says:

    Greta Who?

  3. “With thousands likely to freeze to death, the collective sense of humour will soon evaporate, along with any remaining faith in the ability of wind and solar to deliver power, as and when it’s needed.”

    Well, when hundreds froze to death in Texas in Feb. 2021, the PTB quickly published a few articles blaming the gas generators and everyone went on about their business.

    The collective sense of humor is not connected to a collective grasp of reality, unfortunately.

  4. Jacqueline Rovensky says:

    Here in Australia we are still hamstrung by the fatalists who continue to waffle on about the dangers a changing climate.
    There is the sign of ripples beginning to appear in conversations that maybe just maybe it could be worth looking at nuclear energy!!!!
    We are looking towards a doubling and maybe tripling of our energy prices over the coming winter and following year, so maybe those gentle ripples may turn into full-grown ‘ADULT’ consideration of nuclear.
    Yesterday after our Federal Budget was presented there were people murmuring that ways should reducing our use of electricity.
    Probably because we will not be able to afford both energy AND food, as the cost of food will become more expensive as energy prices rise.
    Food or heat – who would have thought Australia would be facing such a situation when we have so much in fuel which we sell overseas but are not allowed to use here – uranium.
    But I did not hear ONE media person or Politician mention curtailing the push for electric vehicles which require masses amounts of energy to operate.
    You just have to scratch your head and wonder what circles they are turning in, why they cannot see beyond their behinds into the future and accept the obvious – well the obvious to all but those who are so much beholden to the ‘green fringe’ of society to keep their jobs in parliaments as advisors or Politicians.
    Since when did we as a Nation become so blinded to facts?
    It seems we are being so indoctrinated by those controlling the media (in all forms) that before we know it there will be no free thinkers left to question suspect ‘logic’.
    We are heading down the path on Nations like we have seen on TV recently, especially evident at Chinese Leaders election where everyone stood, clapped, cheered, raised salutes and sat as one. No genuine smiles or evidence of self expressionism in any form.
    They are issuing more pollution into the atmosphere than any other country in the world – yet no one there is allowed to speak out about it.
    Lets not sit back and let this happen lets stand up to the Politicians and wacko’s who want to shut us down, lets go against the anti commonsense minority and fuel the fight for ours and our children’s future in a country where people are free to speak out and comfortable to say enough is enough when it is needed to be said.

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