Chairman Mao Returns: ‘Green’ Energy Cult Delivers Another ‘Great Leap Forward’

The ‘transition’ to wind and solar is delivering punishing power prices to those who can least afford it, and the inevitable power rationing surrounding collapses in wind and solar output is crushing businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The zealots behind it couldn’t care less about the vulnerable and impoverished that drift along at the very edge of society. And are more than content to destroy enterprise and businesses and, indeed, whole industries along with the thousands of jobs they generate.

The cultists readily justify the misery with a self-assured form of malice towards their underlings, who are treated with the kind of contempt last seen in Stalin’s purges and Chairman Mao’s, ‘Great Leap Forward’.

Andrew Montford draws that striking parallel, in his essay below.

The Great Leap Backwards: Mao-style climate cultists must be stopped
The Conservative Woman
Andrew Montford
14 September 2022

In 1958, the Chinese leader Mao Zedong launched the Great Leap Forward, a crash programme of economic modernisation that he hoped would lead the country to the promised land of communism.

The intention was to transform the Middle Kingdom, the world’s most populous country, from a largely agrarian society into an industrial and economic superpower in just a few years.

It was decreed that scrap metal be transformed into steel in backyard furnaces to be set up across the country. The country was denuded of trees to fuel the furnaces and workers were transferred from productive activity elsewhere in order to man them. The results were almost worthless, but dissenters were ruthlessly purged.

In a similar fashion, vast irrigation projects were undertaken using forced labourers, hundreds of thousands of whom died as a result. But this was nothing compared to the results of the programme of agricultural reform, which caused a collapse of the food supply. Estimates of the death toll range from 15 million to as high as a 55million.

It was a disaster of historic proportions. The Great Leap Forward was an astonishing example of unchecked ideology – a secular religion with no rationality, no humanity, and which tolerated no dissent.

Does any of this sound familiar? We are setting out to transform the most extraordinary society, in which wealth and abundance have spread across the world, into … what? An agrarian society of the kind Mao and his followers were trying to escape?

We might look back in astonishment at the irrationality of the Great Leap Forward, but is what we are doing any more rational? We have mandated decarbonised electricity systems, with no idea of how to deal with the intermittency of renewables – we are literally crossing our fingers and hoping someone invents something.

We install solar panels in places where the sun barely shines. We have suppressed the fossil fuel industry in the full knowledge that we have no way to replace its output in many applications.

With households unable to afford to heat their homes, we are introducing a ban on house coal. We are restricting fertiliser use on our farms, in the full knowledge that this will cause yields to collapse.

This is a Great Leap Forward, but a green one rather than a red one. And just as the horrible reality of what Mao had unleashed eventually became clear, the next few months will make it clear that we have been fatally misled by the ravings of a bizarre anti-human cult.

Our energy systems have been made so frail that power cuts and rationing seem unavoidable. While the Government has shown itself willing to print money to keep the costs for consumers down, businesses will be hung out to dry in the spring. Unless we return to rationality quickly, we can expect economic chaos and even societal meltdown to ensue.

That return to rationality needs to be put in place quickly, and Professor Gordon Hughes and I have just published a short plan that shows that dramatic reductions in energy prices can be achieved in the short term. But only if the Government is radical enough. And unfortunately, that seems unlikely to be the case.

The Parliamentary Conservative Party seems still to be in the grip of the climate cult, and that means that even if she wants to, Liz Truss will find it impossible to take the necessary steps.

The termination of the fracking ban seems to have been little more than a sop to the rational rump of the party; the continuation of the preposterous rules that govern shale operations shows that the cult remains in control, and means that the industry will remain little more than a pipedream. So expect more money-printing and more dallying with renewables, which will only make things worse.

If rationality is going to be restored, the climate cultists will have to be removed from the corridors of power and positions of influence. That will happen eventually, of that there can be no doubt; the only questions are how long it will take, and how much of our abundant society will be left by the time they are gone.
Conservative Woman

Wind & solar ‘transition’ brings Mao back to life.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Donnella Meadows was a professor at MIT, not a professional economist. She ignores technological progress, price mechanism, and population growth also means the increase of human resources.

    • Why is that relevant to this post?

      • just 9 years ago,I wrote an article to chinese government,hope stop the mania for solar power,just like many years ago the Great Leap Forward in china.As an engineer work in insulating material,I know the most inportant thing about solar panels,the electrical equipments.without any electrical knowledge
        ,doctor and professor just copy the product,low quality caused alot of wildfires all over the world.

      • All living things depend on the sun for their growth

  2. Reblogged this on whatyareckon and commented:
    Climate Change and Communism are from the same BOOK!

  3. Peter Pronczak says:

    When does stimulus become over excited?

    Ukraine/Russia (teach them a lesson for not going RE) is prevalent in tut tut poor people being sacrificed (what’s new?) – another human interest story; bugger 8 years of genocide in Yemen (2 UN reports) or starving millions (Henry Kissinger) – the truth be damned (whose is it?); “Some must die so others may live” Lang Handcock on his asbestos mines 1978.
    Try finding out how many die before getting their own super contribution back; RAAF had compulsory super from about 1952.

    Politicians as the servants of the money market know that empty words hold the most meaning; allows the public their own interpretation of what’s said.
    With scientific gobbledegook also rife.
    It is all relevant to social psychology & the preparation of expectations, as in hypnotic suggestion, that has come a long way since the days of animal magnetism, Mesmer, Jung, etc.

    Economics is a man-made system so is predictable. Some are saying there will not be a recession, or like Joe Biden “only mild”, while others say by next year 1/3 of the (developed) world will be in recession. The ever-so-qualified economic minds can’t(?) agree on reality. I’m not bragging as it was obvious in my 26 January comment. In AU as long as AU$1 stays below US$0.70 we will continue to regress & eventually depress economically causing further deaths.

    The only growth industries are robotics (digitisation & job loss) medicine (in case someone important gets ill) & tourism (consumption of irrelevancies), while the cost of life support necessities increase. Current population is superfluous to requirements.

    About 1% of population are wealthy, 3% financially self sufficient, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. Government doesn’t care; lip servants; besides, the majority came through the same education system.
    It is as silly as saying take plastic out of the environment, then ‘rescuing’ the Great Barrier Reef by tying bits of coral to frames with plastic zip ties.
    Sea level will continue to rise as ice melts that is not due to man – why have there been multiple ice ages & polar reversals? Want to know the weather? Go outside; it’s localised. Are travellers too silly to take the right clothes.

    Ban all sports & excitement, seriously, it generates too much CO2.


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