Unreliable Wind & Solar Leave Power-Starved Europeans Vulnerable During Big Freeze

The northern hemisphere turns on bitter winters – getting wind turbines and solar panels to turn on in the midst of one, is another matter. A cohort of Americans left powerless during the winter storm that struck in February 2021, has already had a taste of their wind and solar ‘powered’ future, and didn’t take kindly to it.

Power-starved Germans, now even more desperate for coal-fired power, are giving their obsession with ‘green’ energy a good hard rethink. And, as Peta Credlin points out below, it’s time we all did.

Push for ‘unreliable’ wind and solar power leaving people dependent on Russian gas
Sky News
Peta Credlin
28 September 2022

The push for “unreliable” wind and solar power has left Europeans dependent on Russian gas, says Sky News host Peta Credlin.

She said that gas has now been turned off in a form of “energy blackmail”.

“Europe is facing a freezing winter and hundreds of millions face massive price hikes because Europe’s made itself over-dependent on intermittent power that doesn’t work at night or cloudy days,” she said.

Well, it already feels a bit like Back to the Future, doesn’t it? It’s only been a few weeks since the 2030 emissions target passed the Parliament, 43% as you know, but already the activists have started up again saying it’s not good enough anymore. They now want a new one, 75% they say, by 2035. Something called the Investor Group on Climate Change, largely representing the union-dominated industry super funds is demanding today that the Albanese government now set a new emissions target, a 75% cut by 2035.

Now, hang on. Haven’t targets done enough damage already? In Europe, as you know, the push for ever more unreliable wind and solar has left people dependent on Russian gas. There has now been a turnoff of that gas in a form of energy black bar.

Europe’s facing a freezing winter, and hundreds of millions face massive price heights because Europe’s made itself over-dependent on intermittent power that doesn’t work at night or on still and cloudy days. But instead of learning from Europe’s mistake, local members of the climate cult here demand ever more renewables. And then they play this game of let’s pretend with people’s cost of living, based on the assumption that somehow green hydrogen is going to save the day.

It’s actually our compulsory superannuation system with your wages levied on behalf of the union-dominated super funds that has undermined corporate governance and slowly turned most public company directors into would-be philanthropists with other people’s money. Any investor who puts action on climate change ahead of making a healthy profit is making a political statement, actually breaking the Corporations Act too, not an economic one.
Sky News

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Heads need to roll to stop this madness.
    Literally and lots of them.

    • I agree, but it will never happen.
      It’s a cult and most politicians around the world have swallowed the gerbil warming pill.
      How many times has anyone heard a politician say…. “I stuffed up”?
      Rarely, if ever.
      Just like the sham enqiry into Victoria and Dan Andrews, the outcome will leave a foul taste in our mouths.
      Mr “creeping assumption” got off scott free, and will very likely be reelected. Those in power rarely have to pay for their actions.

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