The Great Wind Power Swindle: Households & Businesses Being Crushed By Record Power Bills

If wind power is cheap, why does every country obsessed with it suffer rocketing power prices?

The game of smoke and mirrors played by renewable energy rent-seekers, has enabled them to avoid any critical scrutiny of the role heavily subsidised and chaotically intermittent wind and solar play in driving power prices into orbit. A decade of blame-shifting, obfuscation, concealment and downright lies have largely convinced the masses that the cause of their crushing power bills lies somewhere else.

Dr Benny Peiser has been studying and reporting on the causes and consequences of Britain’s self-inflicted renewable energy calamity since the disaster began. In the article and YouTube video below (which is well worth viewing), Dr Peiser pulls no punches, when he details and describes the greatest swindle of all time.

The great wind farm rip off: greedy energy giants sell us wind electricity at wholesale gas price
Scottish Daily Express
Ben Borland
7 September 2022

The UK is facing an unprecedented energy crisis with a £100billion bailout set to blow the country’s bank balance – and all the while renewables firms are finding huge profits literally blowing in the wind.

One of the UK’s leading energy experts has explained why the UK is facing an unprecedented energy bill crisis despite having more wind farms than ever before.

Dr Benny Peiser, the director of Net Zero Watch, said the price of electricity is determined by the price of gas on the international markets. As a result, renewables companies are making record profits selling energy that is generated by the wind.

He added that consumers effectively had to pay for both wind farms – which are subsidised to the tune of £400 per household per year – AND a back-up gas-fired system for those days when the wind is not blowing.

He told the Scottish Daily Express: “It’s a lot of hot air. The cost of wind energy hasn’t really dropped significantly despite all the PR because it is based on auction prices and contracts.

“The price of electricity from wind is determined by the price of gas so wind farm companies are currently getting record high prices. They say they will just take the highest possible price which is the gas price.”

Mr Peiser added: “Renewables only generate electricity for very short periods when the wind blows or the sun shines. Most of the time Scotland and the rest of the UK is relying on conventional energy so you need a back up system for when there is no wind.

“As a result, we have to pay very, very high prices. If a gas-fired power plant is only being used half the time because wind is given preferential treatment then when it is being used the owner will ask for astronomical sums.

“When wind is backed up by conventional energy the prices go through the roof and that cost is added to the average energy bill. The more wind farms we have the more expensive the costs will be. This was happening long before the gas price went up.”

Scotland is already virtually self-sufficient in terms of renewable energy due to the vast number of onshore wind turbines installed over the past 15 years, although that only applies when the wind is blowing steadily at the right times of day.

Asked if the drive to build more and more turbines would eventually push down the cost of electricity, Dr Peiser was adamant that it would never lead to lower bills.

“There’s no evidence that these wind turbines are getting cheaper and a lot of evidence to show the more we have, the higher the costs,” he said.

“They have been saying that costs will go down for 30 years but it hasn’t happened yet. I think it’s unlikely and in my view impossible because you can’t have an energy system with renewables alone.

“What do you do on days when there is little wind or no sun? How do you power a country like Britain with wind and sun alone? You need two systems; one renewable and one whole system that powers the country when there’s no wind.”

And he said that successive SNP governments in Edinburgh have encouraged wind farm building despite the fact they were well aware it would not drive down the cost of electricity.

He said: “They knew that at the end of the day they would not have to sort out the mess, it would be English subsidies that will save the Scottish Government from disaster. This is a utopian dream which is not going to work. It is very expensive as we are finding out now and the next Prime Minister and the one after that will struggle to get a grip.”

However, he went on to explain that nuclear power cannot be used to back up renewables as nuclear plants can only generate a steady constant supply.

“You have to have a power plant that you can turn down and turn up, you can’t do that with nuclear so it has to be coal or gas,” he said.

Dr Peiser said the UK is going to have to “throw the sink at the energy cost crisis and get more gas and oil out of the ground”. He added: “The future will be nuclear but in the short to medium term we need more gas.

“We are in a pickle, we are in a complete mess and the government and ministers haven’t got a clue what they are doing. Energy companies don’t care, they are making money left, right and centre. Everywhere in Europe is the same. In Poland and Germany they have got coal but everybody is building renewables. It is a utopian dream which is going up in smoke.”

The expert said that wind farm subsidies add “£11billion a year to our energy bills” and if they were scrapped “it would save £400 a year off the energy bill of every single household in the UK”.

He added: “If the next PM was going to cut subsidies for renewables, nobody would build wind farms anymore, they are just not profitable on their own.”
Scottish Daily Express

5 thoughts on “The Great Wind Power Swindle: Households & Businesses Being Crushed By Record Power Bills

  1. QLD GOVERNMENT incompetent, wasting our money, sending us broke by spending $32 billion dollars on solar & wind energy, creating jobs for communist China. We have clean coal power stations. It’s good enough to sell it to other countries. But not to use it yourself. Sucking up to UN global new world order, global warming fraudsters. Destroying our lives. IT’S CRIMINAL!!!!PETEF R

  2. I wonder if any Welsh politician , either in Cardiff Bay or Westminster , has bothered to think out what will be fully entailed by two massive wind farms proposed in Wales….one in the north and the other in the south ?
    In the north, 20 gargantuan wind turbines , up to 820 feet high , are proposed for superbly scenic countryside at Morfa Uchaf near Betws-yn-Rhos , not far from Colwyn Bay. In the south, 21 monsters, mainly 820 ft high, are proposed by an Irish Government owned company called Coriolis, near Bryn village on Mynydd Margam, above Maesteg and Port Talbot.
    The biggest turbines in both locations will have blades 260 feet long . Has any politician considered that fact? The “swept area” [ turning circle] of one such machine is 260ft x 260ft x pi . That is 212457 sq ft or 23606 square yards. Since there are 4840 sq yards in an acre, it is 4.877 acres….or almost 5 acres!! So the 21 monsters at Bryn Wind Farm will have a swept area of 102.4 acres, whilst the 20 at Morfa Uchaf will sweep 97.5 acres.
    Put in simple “urban man ” terms, a soccer pitch is around 9000 square yards, so one 820ft wind turbine has a turning circle of 2.62 soccer pitches , giving Bryn Wind Farm a total swept area of 55 football pitches and Moelfre Uchaf , Colwyn Bay , 52.5 pitches.
    Therefore , each wind farm will have a far bigger revolving blade swept area than the combined areas of the 20 English Premiership and 24 Championship soccer pitches ! In fact , one could also add the total areas of the international rugby pitches at the Aviva Stadium [Dublin ], Murrayfield [Edinburgh] , Twickenham and the Principality Stadium Cardiff…….and one would still not match the total swept area of either wind farm ! Imagine that!!!
    It is therefore inconceivable that these two gargantuan wind farms will not be immensely noisy …….day and night…. causing illness amongst local residents for miles around. They will even create vast,unbearable amounts of inaudible infrasound. The evidence of public suffering near wind farms is on the Australian web-site
    Of course, the Aussie machines are far less than half the height and width of those proposed at these two sites in Wales. The wind turbines at Bryn Wind Farm, Port Talbot and Moelfre Uchaf, Betws-yn-Rhos, Colwyn Bay will be the biggest on land in the world. Eiffel Tower is ONLY 1050 feet high !! The people of Wales are being treated like guinea pigs ! What an absolute disgrace!! It could only happen in Wales ! You won’t find such monsters in either the vast USA or England!
    Yours faithfully,
    L J Jenkins,
    Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park,

  3. This is the wrong modeling! The power of all fans is tested according to the artificial wind source! The real wind in nature is unpredictable! Not only size, but also direction! Who can control the weather?

  4. So really there is no green energy. These are props, like movie sets they look real as they are made of real materials and like with many functioning props in the motion picture industry their purpose is to create an illusion for the viewer in the film being produced as the real commodity, these wind and solar props are merely used to produce ENERGY THEATER.

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