Jo Biden’s Anti-Fossil Fuel Policies Wrecking American Energy Independence

Not so long ago, the USA went from a net energy importer to exporter. Now, thanks to Joe Biden and his anti-fossil fuel Squad, it’s fast becoming a third-rate energy power.

With the erratic and dithering Biden struggling to get a grip on reality in the midst of an energy crisis, Americans are watching their hard-won prosperity slip away. And all the Democrats can apparently offer are more subsidies for hopelessly intermittent wind and solar.

It’s as if they want America to lose.

In the piece below, Rick Perry and Jason Isaac lament the days when America was a power to be reckoned with and, not coincidentally,  Americans had cheap and abundant power to burn.

Yes, the Biden Administration DOES Have a Magic Wand for Energy Prices
Real Clear Energy
Rick Perry & Jason Isaac
5 January 2022

It’s been a few winters since gas prices were at the top of Americans’ list of concerns. But the pain many of us are feeling at the pump—and the drastic increase in home heating costs expected this winter—has changed public sentiment on energy policy.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is pointing the finger in all the wrong directions. First, President Biden blamed OPEC. Next, he called for a probe into major energy companies, claiming some unidentified sort of collusion is the culprit. Then, President Biden announced a futile release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the nation’s emergency oil supply. His own energy secretary has mused, “Would that I had the magic wand on this.”

But there is a magic wand to fix skyrocketing energy prices and inflation, or, rather, a magic word. It’s “reverse”—reverse the disastrous anti-energy policies that are making global energy shortages far worse.

Our nation’s leaders must have missed the Schoolhouse Rock episode on supply and demand. The basic principles of economics—as they apply to energy and to everything else—are astonishingly simple. The more scarce oil is, the more expensive it is. It follows that any laws, taxes, fees, or regulations from the federal government that make producing, refining, and distributing oil more difficult also make it more expensive for consumers.

And it’s not working out well for the American people. Average national gas prices just hit a seven-year high, and home heating prices are expected to rise 30% to over 50% this winter. Meanwhile, Congress is considering the latest iteration of the multi-trillion dollar Big Government Socialism Bill with more production restrictions and a natural gas tax hike that threatens to raise home heating costs another 17%.

And it’s not working out well for the American people. Average national gas prices just hit a seven-year high, and home heating prices are expected to rise 30% to over 50% this winter. Meanwhile, Congress is considering the latest iteration of the multi-trillion dollar Big Government Socialism Bill with more production restrictions and a natural gas tax hike that threatens to raise home heating costs another 17%.

Though President Biden has been in office less than a year, the disastrous ramifications of his anti-energy agenda are already unfolding. Gone is the energy dominance of the Trump era, which saw the United States become energy independent for the first time in nearly 70 years and saved the average family of four $2,500 annually.

Though Americans are feeling their wallets lighten now, it’s nothing compared to when winter comes into full swing. For some, the consequences of President Biden’s policies will be deadly.

Studies have repeatedly confirmed a link between rising natural gas prices and preventable wintertime deaths. Low- and fixed-income households too often can’t afford to keep their homes at a safe temperature when the weather turns frosty, jeopardizing their health and even their lives. According to the Energy Information Administration’s 2015 survey, one third of American households struggled to afford their home energy costs. Today, that number is likely even higher.

With energy costs projected to rise so drastically this winter, the Biden administration should be deeply concerned by the danger its own policies have caused. Instead of scrambling to assign blame to the oil and gas industry without evidence—or worse, laughing off the real crises the American people face—our leaders need to get serious about solutions.

And the solution is not, as Press Secretary Jen Psaki ludicrously claimed, the “green transition.” In fact, pushing more wind and solar would make this crisis even worse. In our home state of Texas, we’ve seen this sad truth firsthand. The tragic death of 11-year-old Cristian Piñeda, who froze to death in his sleep during the February blackouts, when wind and solar failed when Texans needed them most, pulled at the heartstrings of the nation as the story unfolded in the media. And, unfortunately, Cristian’s story is not unique.

Though many politicians have forwarded lofty plans to go fossil-free, in every instance costs have soared while wind and solar failed to provide enough electricity. Germany, for instance, which claims to be a world leader in transitioning away from fossil fuels, now gets a significant portion of its energy not from wind farms or solar panels, but from Russian natural gas and biomass plants. And as Russia’s grip on the European energy market strengthens, the U.S. should be there to undercut and provide additional energy security to our allies—instead we are pursuing our own path to high prices and foreign dependence.

Ultimately, getting more affordable, reliable energy to as many people as possible is the solution to drastically improve lives and provide the necessary economic foundation for both future prosperity and the innovation essential to real environmental progress. This is a far more valuable use of our nation’s resources than symbolic attempts to fight climate change through counterproductive programs like tax credits for wealthy electric vehicle owners—especially since climate data models show even the most extreme emissions reductions wouldn’t meaningfully impact global temperatures despite bankrupting the nation and hurting the poorest among us the most.

Our leaders must begin rolling back the disastrous policies enacted by the Biden administration, allow the American energy industry to flourish, and restore our nation’s energy dominance once more.
Real Clear Energy

Let’s go Brandon! Well, after nap time’s over …

4 thoughts on “Jo Biden’s Anti-Fossil Fuel Policies Wrecking American Energy Independence

  1. They all seem to be listening to a brainless little girl (Carrie Johnson) who is entranced with “renewables” and Net Zero – whatever that means. We really MUST vote some GROWN-UPS to “rule” us all rather than silly little girls in pretty dresses !!!

  2. Biden is disconnected from American’s reluctance to be regulated out of fossil fuel prosperity. Biden said, “we’re going to get rid of fossil fuels”, but American’s demands for virtually all the products that support their lifestyles resulted in fossil fuels production reaching Record Highs

    The public is not about to be regulated away from the fossil fuel products that are part of their comfortable lifestyles, nor are they going to be mandated into electric vehicles.

  3. “ESG” = Extreme Shortages Guaranteed. Divesting in crude oil that changed the world after 1900 guarantees shortages of products supporting societies and economies.

    Today, there is a lost reality that the primary usage of crude oil is to manufacture derivatives and fuels which are the ingredients of everything needed by economies and lifestyles to exist and prosper.

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