COP That Wind & Solar: Nuclear Power Drives French Renewables Resistance

The French already get more than 70% of their power from nuclear plants. Now, thanks to a massive month-long wind power output collapse, that proportion is destined to increase.

Following Europe’s ‘disastrous’ wind drought – that saw wind power output plummet throughout most of September and into October, and early November – the need for reliable power was never more keenly felt.

Eager to avoid being locked into Russian gas supplies, like his German neighbours, French President, Emmanuel Macron has decided to reverse France’s policy of winding down its nuclear power generation fleet in favour of wind and solar, backed up with costly to run gas-fired plants.

Channelling the little Corsican, Napoleon’s thirst for French independence, Macron has given a resounding ‘oui’ to nuclear power, with plans to commence construction of new nuclear plants, ASAP. Much to the horror of the hard-green-left. Here’s a short report from Sky News’ Rita Panahi.

Every country with a net zero target ‘should be investing in nuclear energy’
Sky News
Rita Panahi
10 November 2021

Every country which has signed up to net zero by 2050 should be investing in nuclear energy, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

It comes as French President Emmanuel Macron has announced the country will relaunch the construction of nuclear reactors.

“This is an announcement we should be hearing from Scott Morrison,” Ms Panahi said.

“It is the only way to have reliable, affordable energy, the only way to maintain our living standards and dramatically cut emissions.”


Emmanuel Macron said something sensible overnight and instantly went from hero to villain in the eyes of the Australian left. The French president has announced that the country will, for the first time in decades, relaunch the construction of nuclear reactors. He has said that he doesn’t want France to be dependent on foreign countries for its energy supply. Macron said nuclear reactors would guarantee France’s energy independence, guarantee the country’s electricity supply and achieve France’s objectives in particular carbon neutrality in 2050.

Now, this is an announcement we should be hearing from Scott Morrison. In fact, every country that has signed up to Net Zero should be investing in nuclear energy. Right now it is the only way to have reliable affordable energy, the only way to maintain our living standards and dramatically cut emissions. Of course, the many, many renewable rent-seekers will be outraged, but the Coalition base, those core voters who abandoned the Coalition during Malcolm Turnbull’s disastrous reign, many of those voters will only accept the Prime Minister’s Net Zero backflip if nuclear is on the table.
Sky News

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Our friends Germany exit nuclear for emotional reasons. They embaked themselves into “all renewable” boat at 25B$ / year extra cost averaged upon last 16 years, or 400B$.
    With State guaranteed loans they could have built with this money 60GW nuclear power park, added to their by then exixting 22GW installed base, topping 82GW total. Far enough to reach 85% of power consumption from nuclear, as french did realize in the early 2000’s with satisfaction: balance was hydro with large excess security.
    Now on, Germans have nothing but a spoiled landscape, grid unstability with soon frequent power breakdowns, still rocketing extra costs, neighborhood health issues and….. growing CO² emissions !
    An excellent and courageous attempt demonstrating WHAT to NOT DO.

  2. ronaldsteinptsadvancecom says:

    California was once the trend setter, but China and the UK are taking the lead in NEW nuclear power plants as California moves into the abyss with the closure of its last at Diablo Canyon in a few years.

    The world’s biggest emitter, China’s planning at least 150 new reactors in the next 15 years, more than the rest of the world has built in the past 35. The effort could cost as much as $440 billion; as early as the middle of this decade, the country will surpass the U.S. as the world’s largest generator of nuclear power.

    UK poised for 16 mini nuclear reactors for carbon-free electricity.

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