Energy Means Life: Fossil Fuel Use Continues to Surge And The World’s All The Better For It

Grinding poverty is synonymous with the absence of reliable and affordable fossil fuel-based energy systems. Whether it’s oil for transport, gas for heating and cooking or coal for electricity, any country with a living standard worth having has access to at least two or more of the foregoing.

Take a peek at a night-time satellite image of our globe and you’ll see whole swathes of continents in pitch blackness. Beneath the gloom cast over much of Africa, South America, North Korea there are untold millions desperate for energy of the kind that allows you to read this post, sitting in well-lit, climate-controlled home on an electronic device, all powered by a constant supply of electricity (or, in the case of a mobile device, one that isn’t very far away to charge its battery).

Over the last 20 years, Westerners have been led to believe that the use of coal and oil and gas is in terminal decline. The trope has it that this is no bad thing, because the carbon dioxide gas they emit is the singular cause of all of the planet’s woes.

While plenty appear ready to virtual signal on energy – claiming their very own solar panels and the wind turbines they once drove past in their Prius are doing more than enough to counter the evil wrought by coal-fired power and the like – none of them are prepared to give up on fossil fuels, just yet.

Jo Nova reports.

Making people believe nonsense: The imaginary decline of fossil fuels
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
12 April 2021

Red-pill time

The basic facts, details, accuracy, have been buried under the weight of propaganda.

Here’s a lost fact: most of the world likes fossil fuels and wants even more of it.

And this is not exactly a new trend — starting in 1765 or so. Yet despite that, nine out of ten Australians speak as though they have been trained by a renewable energy ad bureau. And in a sense they have.

A few years ago, 88% of Australians would say that fossil fuels are in decline around the world and we must invest in “alternatives”. So nine out of ten people are just wrong. Despite all that connectivity (or possibly because of it) nine out of ten people know something that is not true and has never been true during their entire lives.

Lowy institute polls show how strong the effect of propaganda is. Vale the ABC, undoing science education, and destroying the national debate every day of the week.

On the plus side, the more wrong the reporting, the more the real story rattles the cage. When people get red-pilled they don’t just learn that fossil fuels are still popular and important, they also learn they can’t trust the media, that consensus means nothing, and that opinion polls are often junk. There is a lot of upside here for the truth-tellers.

Would you like contradictions with that?
In question two of the same survey, eighty percent of the population say that fossil fuels cause climate change and we should reduce them. This factoid has been used to scare politicians into signing up all to all kinds of bad deals and silly laws. Yet in questions 3 and 4 we find out that two thirds of the population also agrees that we should continue to export fossil fuels to developing nations. And half the population say we have an abundant supply and should not just export them, but use them too. Evidently most people think fossil fuels are good for the economy — both ours and the third worlds.

Assuming the people who disagreed with the first two questions were the same people who agreed with using more fossil fuels (as would be consistent) that still means one third of Australians will simultaneously say they believe fossil fuels are declining and causing climate change but we should export them and use them anyway.

Jobs trumps “climate change” every time
So what do the contradictions mean? Mostly that the media is telling porkies, but also that people are telling pollsters what they think they want to hear. On top of all that, the bigger truth is that people value the economy and jobs more than the imaginary threat of climate change (which is consistent with nearly every other survey done anywhere).

Let the Red-pilling begin.
Jo Nova Blog

Energy hungry China still digs it; and will be for generations to come.

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  1. Greenies should be promoting recyclable carbon dioxide from fossil fuels much more to save the planet from their lies that waste massive quantities of energy. Carbon plus it’s dioxide does not get stuck in the air as they have everyone believe any more than precipitation gets stuck and “just keeps building up” and there is no carbon dioxide in the air to speak of anyway, it’s 1 part per 2,499 other parts of air and like precipitation maintains in a balance. Scams like this fake CO2 increase build up fake threat are often recycled into others like the fake virus threats that all use massive quantities of fossil fuels to also manage and shift your green dollar energy into their portfolios.

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