Punishing Price of ‘Virtue’ Signalling: Canberra Power Price Surge Follows 100% RE Push

Want to know what’s powering Canberra?


When George Orwell described ‘doublethink’ and ‘doublespeak’ he surely had the renewable energy zealot in mind. In the Nation’s capital, Canberra the swamp is lined with renewable energy rent seekers – always on the prowl for more and more extensive subsidies, soft loans and favourable treatment from the Federal government – and populated by overzealous wind and solar worshippers who run propaganda for them, which usually amounts to a mixture of bureau-speak and gobbledygook.

The ACT government controls a patch of land amounting to a punctuation mark between Victoria and NSW, upon which the Federal Parliament sits; it’s a Commonwealth public servant’s playground, run by climate warriors from the ultra-green hard-left.

A while back, the brightest sparks in Canberra decided that they would go ‘100% renewable’, which included signing up overpriced Power Purchase Agreements to notionally receive wind power generated north of Jamestown in South Australia, some 1,200km away.

Never mind that the watts generated in SA’s mid-North never reach Canberra (it’s a ‘limits of electrical transmission kind of thing’ that only engineers really understand); never mind that the largest proportion of ACT’s electricity come from black coal-fired power plants just to the north in NSW (again, consult an engineer); never mind that ACT residents are paying through the nose for purportedly wind and solar generated electricity that they rarely receive. Some might even call it a monumental fraud.

The gullibility of the virtue signaling in crowd knows no bounds.

In the ‘you couldn’t make this up if you tried’ category, this piece from JoNova says it all, really.

ABC tells 100% renewable Canberrans that electricity prices are rising $300 “because they are falling”
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
8 April 2021

It’s hard to find a more daft example of Pravda-style Public Broadcasting

ABC journalist Markus Mannheim was given the task of making Canberrans feel good about having to pay nearly $300 more for their electricity this year. He also had to hide that the rise is all due to renewable energy. Canberra has now gone “100% Renewable” so there is no other energy to blame. Thus, he’s created an article which actually says that prices are falling which is why they are rising.

Like all good Pravda pieces, higher prices were “always expected” and the only graph he shows is not of Canberra and not about retail prices. Graphs are just eye candy anyhow.

The ABC journalists are apparently being trained to write in the genre of top level teenage girlie-gossip magazines. This is how a precocious, fifteen year old girl would explain electricity pricing to her 12-year-old Youtube fan-club:

Electricity prices are falling. So why are Canberrans’ household power bills about to rise?
EvoEnergy says its charges need to go up because electricity prices are going down.

If that sounds confusing to you, you’re not alone — the workings of Australia’s electricity markets are complicated.

Let’s go through what has happened and explain why.

Yes let’s!

Canberra’s entire electricity use is bought from renewable suppliers, such as wind, solar and hydro-power stations.

To ensure this, the ACT government has contracts with generators across the country, including the massive Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia.

However, to lock in that supply and to help fund the construction of those generators, the government needed to offer them an attractive, fixed price for their electricity.

Now you tell us? Weren’t renewables meant to be cheaper — not “always expected” to be more expensive. And isn’t $5.50 a week, just a way to hide that it’s “nearly $300 a year?”

Energy Minister Shane Rattenbury says those contract prices were always expected to be slightly above the market price — a difference of about $5.50 a week per household.

Can anyone else hear a used car salesman knocking?

This is the expected, direct cost to Canberrans of living in a city with 100 per cent renewable electricity.

Canberrans won some, now they’re losing some
For the past few years, however, ACT households have not been paying more — the ACT’s price regulator says Canberrans have actually been paying “among the lowest prices in Australia”.

How did that happen? The ebbs and flows of the market moved in Canberrans’ favour.

And the Ebbs will get you every time. (Are we learning yet kids?) The true convoluted story probably has to do with contracts that had contingency clauses triggered by falling wholesale prices, though it’s impossible to tell from this “news” report.

In the scramble for excuses, there are some gems: did he just admit the ACT is powered by dirty black coal?
Hidden among the vague details of interstate trading:

Now, the market price is falling below the ACT’s negotiated prices, which means the ACT must pay extra to fulfil its contracts.

And that’s the main reason Canberrans’ bills will increase — EvoEnergy says it expects its payments to renewable suppliers to more than triple from $42 million this financial year to $127 million in 2021-22.

There are also differences between the market prices in South Australia (where a lot of the ACT’s contracted supply comes from) and New South Wales (where the ACT’s actual electricity comes from). Those differences are currently disadvantaging Canberra consumers.

So the ACT’s “actual energy” comes from the black coal of NSW but they have to pay more so they can call it “renewable” and pretend it comes from South Australia?

But it’s all OK, because Canberrans are already paying $2000 a year for electricity (what’s another $300?). And people can always switch providers, cook dinner at 11pm, or move to Queensland each winter.
Jo Nova Blog

What’s really powering the ACT: coal-fired power from NSW.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    The drive to force new wind developments into regional communities, could be likened to a form of ethnic cleansing. If you are not with us, then you are against us. We’re coming through whether you like it or not, and we’re not even going to purchase your property, through compulsory acquisition. In fact, we are simply going to bring you to your knees! Your horizons will suffer from an elevated visual pollution, and environmental destruction, the likes of which you may not have previously thought possible.

    Not a very nice business model.

    Foreign wind developers are taking regional Australians for fools. In effect, they are saying that you are dumb. You do not know how to use the space, with which Australia has been gifted. So the wind industry will fill it in for you, with an ‘unsophisticated’ technology in the shape of gigantic oversized Douglas ‘Dakota’ DC-3 propellers, that mysteriously seem to generate massive subsidies, every time they are erected! This has been undertaken through a systemic campaign of mass hypnosis and indoctrination, combined with constant undemocratic lobbying, and propaganda. The only reason the wind industry is ‘carpet bombing’ rural Australia is because (a) they’re getting away with it! And (b) it’s far cheaper than putting them out at sea!

    The irony is that Australia has the space for a ‘sophisticated’ technology, in the form of 4th or even 5th generation nuclear energy. And we wouldn’t need to destroy our manufacturing sector in the process! We could even embark on great nation building projects, such as high speed rail. This would open up huge population growth corridors, such as Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne, as well as potentially catering for the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane.

    As the late great architect Will Alsop once stated, “I am not interested in the city we know. I am interested in the city we don’t know.” Time to grow up Australia. Time to take control of our own destiny, because if we do not, there are an awful lot of foreign ‘self’ interested parties, rent seekers and carpetbaggers from around the globe, who are only too willing to make that decision for us. In my opinion, the global wind industry is taking a gigantic wind tower, and shoving it right up Australia’s ARSE!

    And from where I am looking, they are getting away with it!

  2. If only “Yes Prime Minister” was still being produced.
    You could imagine the fun they would be able to have with this whole ‘unreliables’ scam.

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