Fatal Attraction: Transport & Construction Workers Add to Wind Industry’s Mounting Death Toll

Claims that 300 tonne wind turbines are safe as houses fall hollow with each self-immolationtotal collapse and ‘component liberation’ event. Far from being safe, clean and green, this is an industry that has already killed 200 people.

By way of comparison, the French get 75-85% of their power from nuclear plants and haven’t suffered so much as a scratch since they started in 1962. By contrast, the wind industry (which really only got off the ground in the late 1990s and still generates a trifling amount of electricityhas clocked up around 220 fatalities – see the helpful collection of stats compiled by Caithness Windfarm Information Forum all available here: www.caithnesswindfarms.co.uk

A fair proportion of those killed and injured are maintenance, transport and construction workers, crushed or maimed by runaway turbine blades or toppling towers. Of the currently recorded 218 fatalities:

125 were wind industry and direct support workers (divers, construction, maintenance,
engineers, etc), or small turbine owner /operators

93 were public fatalities, including workers not directly dependent on the wind industry (e.g.
transport workers, ecologists)

The 56m blade that speared the Kenworth prime mover (see above) at Willogoleche wind farm (near Hallett in South Australia’s Mid-North) didn’t send anyone to the morgue. But that was, apparently, another case of good luck, not good management.

Here’s another one. This time from the Cowboy State of Wyoming, USA.

Crash involving semi hauling a wind turbine blade occurred near Sundance Wednesday
County 10
16 December 2020

A 3-vehicle crash was reported Wednesday, December 9th around 11:00 a.m. near Sundance, Wyoming involving a semi hauling a large wind turbine blade.

According to the Sundance Times, the truck was rounding a corner near a Wyoming Port of Entry before overturning. The crash also involved a semi hauling a cattle trailer and a pickup truck.

The crash caused the blade to impact both other vehicles. The pickup truck ultimately caught fire and became fully engulfed.

Injury updates have not been made available at this point. For much more on this story and continued updates, visit the Sundance Times.
County 10

The Germans have their share of ‘luck’, too!

3 thoughts on “Fatal Attraction: Transport & Construction Workers Add to Wind Industry’s Mounting Death Toll

  1. Just like the way the abusive police have been protected no matter what they did IS NOW CHANGING, the wind industry abuses will also be called into the light of justice, and reckoned with. It’s only a matter of time….

  2. The damage and danger from this industry is in plain site, there is nothing hidden. What those who support and operate this industry know is they are safe and have no need to hide what the dangers are. They don’t even have to lie because they can do no wrong – apparently!
    The only problem that could be envisaged is if those who authorise, control or support this industry stop turning a blind eye to the damage being done to human and environmental health and what is the complete disaster to our energy production systems and future growth and living standards.
    That these people have been indoctrinated, told to turn a blind eye or maybe even in some cases have a pecuniary interest in it in some way is what’s holding the industry together and allowing it to continue and expand.
    Once we have people in positions who are clear headed, willing to see and speak out and stop this horror show, then and only then will the truth become clear to ALL.
    The media if it were completely independent would be an area to break the back of this completely visible and disgraceful situation, but they too appear to be blinded by self need for a by-line and ‘love’ from gawping children and self serving so called experts with their waffle reports.
    The hole that has been dug by this ignorance of duty of care and truth is getting bigger by the day and eventually it will be so large we will all sink into it and not be able to scramble out.
    What other industry is given such an opportunity to infest us with useless monstrous machinery which produces nothing good but devastation? Every other industry which poses even a small danger is sanctioned and controlled by regulations – but not this one – they are assisted time and time again to be able to continue to do their best to harm human health/life and the environment – AT WILL.

  3. Get involved in your local zoning board and insure that your community has proper ordinances, such as noise limits and structure height maximums. My husband was involved in drafting enough protection in our townships zoning rules,that they have been kept at bay. Stay vigilant, the enemy never sleeps.

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