Sweeping Blackouts Mean California’s ‘Green’ Energy Fantasy Just Got Real

California’s sweeping blackouts are a fair indication of what happens when sound engineering gets trumped by woolly-headed ideology. An obsession with intermittent wind and solar has left millions of Californians sweltering in the dark this summer.

With the blackout that struck in mid-August, officials blamed the “unexpected loss of a 470-megawatt power plant Saturday evening, as well as the loss of nearly 1,000 megawatts of wind power,” the San Jose Mercury News reported. In addition, cloud cover over the desert meant solar energy was in short supply. For more see: Renewable Energy Reckoning: Wind & Solar Power Obsession Leaves Millions of Californians Sweltering In The Dark 

Their witless politicos have doubled down on the delusion, meaning that the disaster has a long way to run, yet.

Cory Bernardi was, until recently, a Senator for South Australia – a State equally obsessed with wind and solar, so Cory knows a thing or two about rocketing power prices and mass blackouts. Here he is being interviewed on Sky News.

The ‘green dream’ of renewable energy is a ‘mirage’
Sky News
Paul Murray, Cory Bernardi and James Morrow
9 September 2020

Sky news contributor Cory Bernardi says the green dream of a future of renewable energy is a mirage. His comments come after residents of California have been told by the lord mayor to turn off as many electric appliances as they can to ensure the power continues to work in the heat of summer.

California has departed from traditional forms of energy such as gas and nuclear in favour of renewable energy. “Remember we were told, over and over again, that California was the model economy, it was going to be fantastic for the green dream?” Mr Bernardi told Sky News host Paul Murray. “What we’ve realised is that the green dream is a mirage. “That when hot days come and people want to use their electricity, it might not be there for them.”



Paul Murray: I want to wreck California because California is supposedly an oh-so-green green state, supposedly a place that’s going to do everything it can for renewable energies. Well, guess what? The past couple of days, it has been hotter than hell in California. So almost every day, the Lord Mayor of the city of Los Angeles or the governor is literally telling people, “It’s three o’clock, turn off as many things as you possibly can to make sure that the power grid works.” Now, I haven’t seen this report. It comes from CNN. So we may have to correct it in a moment, but here’s a little more detail for you.

CNN: Rare and deadly heat at more than 120 degrees, bone-dry winds exacerbating flames, and almost 2.1 million acres burned. California’s wildfires this year have become the worst in state history, and it is only September. California’s governor urged residents to conserve energy to avoid severe power shortages and rolling blackouts. Gavin Newson’s office tweeted steps asking Californians to conserve energy.

Paul Murray: Now we keep being told of California being under Schwarzenegger, or be it under Newsom, or Brown. Yeah, this is the way we should be going. The problem is we are now seeing in real time what happens and it’s not because of fires, it’s because of a bloody hot day. And God forbid people want to turn the air conditioner on, but even then to give you an idea in parts of California, it has been this week 35 degrees or hotter, the mayor is telling you to turn off the air conditioning and have the fans going, which means no cooling, just spreading hot air. But if you do have the air conditioner on, you should set it to 25 degrees, Cory.

Cory Bernardi: Yeah, it’s extraordinary. Because remember we were told over and over again, that California was the model economy. It was going to be fantastic for the green dream. And what we’ve realised is that the green dream is a mirage that when hot days come and people want to use their electricity, it might not be there for them.

God forbid, we’ve seen that here in South Australia, where all the parties have embraced this green madness, but I mean, California is particularly crazy because it’s a state sort of ownership of much of their power generation and they can shut it off at will. So unless you comply, you could find yourself just shut off. Just like I think they did for some coronavirus house parties. They said, “Cut off the water, cut off the electricity, let them go.” So it’s a bit draconian over there, I reckon Paul.

Paul Murray: As I like to say, don’t give Daniel Andrews that idea or every house that’s connected to Foxtel at nine o’clock will get their power turned off. Of course, for their own good. This is what’s always the case right, which is, if you live in a big enough house, that’s able to be cool enough, but if you’re living in the one, two bedroom unit and you’re sitting there in 35 degrees, like they are in LA or Ohio, almost 40 degrees in Vegas in the past couple of days.

James Morrow: This is the whole thing, not just with this climate thing in California, but with the lockdowns and with so many other things. These are policies put into place by people it won’t affect. So, if you live in a big house with a pool, “Hey, I’m happy to be locked down. Cool. This is fine, bring it on.”

But if you live in a one bedroom apartment with your partner and maybe a kid and you’re trying to homeschool and still work, “Hey … You know you’re stuffed. And it’s the same thing with these power policies in California, we’re going to go down exactly the same road as California here, unless we are A, smart about our base load and that means gas in new South Wales, but B, also finally start to talk about nuclear and small nuclear reactors.
Sky News

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    Sweeping Blackouts Mean California’s ‘Green’ Energy Fantasy Just Got Real – STOP THESE THINGS

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