Inconvenient Truths: MSM Attempts to Bury Mike Moore’s Planet of the Humans

Propagandists know that it’s best to run silent when they’re under siege from ‘friendlys’, which is how the media has responded to Planet of the Humans, Michael Moore’s withering attack on the power and money behind the renewable energy scam (see above).

For the best part of 20 years, the mainstream press has been parroting the climate cult’s line that the only solution to the planet’s ‘imminent doom’ is more windmills and solar panels. Subsidised, of course, with your money.

The film – produced by Moore and made by Jeff Gibbs – has been uploaded to YouTube to allow all and sundry to get the message: renewable energy is the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time. STT first covered it here: Blood & Gore: Mike Moore’s ‘Planet of The Humans’ Unmasks The Power & Money Behind Renewables Scam

The film’s attack on characters like David Blood and Al Gore who have made $billions by stripping the world’s landscapes and wilderness in order to burn every scrap of timber they can, in subsidised ‘biomass’ fuelled power plants – leaves them looking like the cynical, mercenary hypocrites that they are.

Where STT and sites of our ilk were quick to spread the news about Planet of the Humans, the response from mainstream media outlets was more akin the kind of censorship you’d expect to find in the PRC, whenever troublesome facts might interfere with the ability to control the masses.

In Australia, the crowd that would normally be trumpeting anything produced by Mike Moore have decided that the public’s ‘right to know’ is precisely limited by what suits their peculiar, green-left narrative.

And that narrative quite obviously doesn’t stretch to exposing the fact that profiteers like Elon Musk, Al Gore and Bill McKibben have pocketed $billions in taxpayer subsidies to support their renewable energy ventures – all the while using the mainstream press to beguile the naïve and gullible into believing that it’s all for a mighty good cause.

The Australian’s Chris Kenny takes a look at just how limited is the public’s so-called ‘right to know’, when it comes to anything that seeks to lift the lid on the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

Finally, a climate issue that’s too hot for Auntie to handle
The Australian
Chris Kenny
27 April 2020

We are about to see a fascinating experiment in intellectual honesty, journalistic integrity and ideological contortion at the national broadcaster. The release of the film, Planet of the Humans, will align with the ABC’s world view of climate catastrophism but deeply challenge its political allegiances and renewable energy evangelism.

The film’s director is Jeff Gibbs but the executive director is Michael Moore, the celebrity, leftist, millionaire filmmaker who made his name with Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11. The Planet thesis is that reducing greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy is a folly — an impractical plan rorted by big business and cashed-up environmentalists — and what is required is a lower global population.

Typically for a Moore film, there are glaring omissions and deceptions but more than a little insight (anyone who saw his 2016 anti-Trump film, Trumpland, could not have failed to understand the Republican candidate’s appeal). One grand deception in Planet is that it is scathing of gas-fired electricity replacing coal but ignores how this reduces emissions by 50 per cent or more.

The insight comes in revelations of the impracticalities, corporate rorting and virtue-signalling in the renewables push. Electric cars powered by coal-fired power, wind turbines and solar farms requiring vast amounts of energy-intensive infrastructure requiring replacement every two decades or less, baseload power as a necessity, storage being inadequate and expensive, environments being damaged for renewables projects and inputs, big business profiting from government subsidies, and so on and so forth.

It even exposes the deliberate misrepresentation of Germany as a renewable energy success story — something this column did earlier this year when The Project ran the propaganda. Planet also attacks the biomass industry for pretending that burning trees is a clean, green energy source.

In short, it demonstrates many of the shortcomings and paradoxes of the renewable energy sector. What is different is that it attacks from a leftist, climate alarmist perspective rather from a right-of-centre, sceptical point of view.

So, what has the ABC done? When will it show it, how will it debate it and who will critique it? So far, the ABC has ignored it. Stay tuned.

At our national broadcaster they will be in a bind. They will love the catastrophising of the climate change issue and cheer the population angle but they will be horrified at how the renewables attack exposes the political barracking and wilful ignorance they have displayed for decades.
The Australian

The public’s ‘right to know’ – means precisely what suits our narrative.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. Simon Jarrett says:

    Great news for the older unicorns to take a hit, however, Greta and her worshipers would be saying, Mike who?? This will seriously test their blinkers!!

  3. “We are about to see a fascinating experiment in intellectual honesty, journalistic integrity and ideological contortion….”

  4. David Stone says:

    Over many decades there has been cause for optimism of a collapse of the climate cult. Every time they seem to be skewered by the truth, a climategate exposè, a statewide grid disaster or Labor losing the unloseable election they recover and not just carry on, but crank up their scurrilous but formidable propaganda machine.

    Ironically, we should heed the wisdom of the Great Gough and maintain the rage that Michael Moore has hopefully lit a fuse to. Unfortunately I don’t think we will. Even now the Left has fired up and our comeback seems to have ended at I told you so.

  5. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist says:

    Controlling the narrative means that the green cartel can keep their taxpayer robbery going.

    Michael Moore should be commended for exposing despicable dirtbags like Al Gore and the Sierra Club. If Michael ever wants to do a sequel, I have a mountain of evidence against Audubon and their sellout of bird our populations.

    For over 20 years the whores at Audubon have been cashing in from Green Energy while our rural/native bird populations have been obliterated by wind energy. This partnership started in the 1990’s when they cut a “Condor” deal with Enron.

    As of April 2020 nearly 60,000 bald and golden eagle carcasses have been secretly shipped to the Denver Eagle Repository. They are sent there and then their body parts are redistributed to Native Americans. Most of these eagles have come from green energy wind farms after1995 and while Audubon has remained silent.

    • Sommer says:

      Jim Wiegand, I hope you’ll contact Michael Moore about this. I contacted him about industrial scale wind a couple of years ago and encouraged him to go to NAPAW and EPAW for information.

  6. Paul Miskelly says:

    Hi STT,
    You posted Michael Shellenberger’s article in Forbes magazine in full in the earlier post. Also useful is his interview with Chris Kenny on the Bolt Report on Sky News Australia, where they review/discuss Michael Moore’s ‘Planet of the Humans’. That interview too is up on YouTube at: .

    Well done again, STT.
    Paul Miskelly

  7. Crispin bpm says:

    The ABC. Australia’s most trusted news?

    I think not.

    • wal1957 says:

      I wouldn’t classify any ‘news service’ in OZ as purely news.
      They are all biased/slanted/opinionated one way or the other.
      The vast majority are of ‘the left’.
      They appear to revel in the PC and SJW bullshit so they can appeal to the woke crowd.
      If a news service reported just the news, the facts, I would watch it no matter who broadcast it. Unfortunately not a single one does.

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