Blood & Gore: Mike Moore’s ‘Planet of The Humans’ Unmasks The Power & Money Behind Renewables Scam

Not the only lunatic making $millions by lying to the masses.


Apoplexy is the order of the day among ‘green’ energy zealots following the release of Mike Moore’s ‘Planet of The Humans’.

In the military they call it “blue on blue”, although when the hard left are pulling the trigger it’s more aptly described as “green on green”.

But the documentary backed by Moore isn’t so much ‘friendly fire’, as an all-out assault on the billionaire hypocrites who whipped up fear and frenzy over changes in the weather and then, as if by magic, produced the notional ‘solution’ to the calamity in the form of heavily subsidised wind, solar and biomass. A ‘’solution’ which, of course, they all heavily invested in.

The film – produced by Moore and made by Jeff Gibbs – has been uploaded to YouTube to allow all and sundry to get the message: renewable energy is the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time.

Funny, sounds a little bit like the message that we’ve been thumping home since December 2012.

Moore made his mark in documentary film making by attacking all manner of capitalist endeavours, including the American small arms industry (Bowling for Columbine), its healthcare industry (Sicko) and the entire capitalist system itself (Capitalism: A Love Story).

This time around, Moore’s attention is on characters like David Blood and Al Gore who have made $billions by stripping the world’s landscapes and wilderness in order to burn every scrap of timber they can, in subsidised ‘biomass’ fuelled power plants. Hence the gag about “Blood and Gore” as being the ideal name for their wicked little venture.

It’s a narrative ably delivered by Gibbs in a “follow the money” style that races along to the inevitable conclusion: “we’ve been had”. His palpable sense of disappointment reminds STT of that expression of incredulous deflation when a youngster learns that Father Christmas ain’t real.

STT was all ears on that score, but where we part company from Moore and Gibbs is on their repetitive neo-Malthusian mantra, that likens humans to cockroaches devouring planet.

With several annoying and distracting crosses to anthropologists and sociologists bleating about ‘doomsday’, Gibbs invites them to spell out their solution: the world’s population must be reduced. Sadly, Gibbs misses the opportunity to invite them to help reach that goal by committing hari-kari themselves. Apparently, it’s you and yours that need to be reduced, not them. Or, perhaps, they mean that the populations of Third World countries should be ‘reduced’? They never quite make that clear.

One glaring omission was any discussion or analysis of the merits of nuclear power; the only stand-alone power generation source that does not emit CO2 during that process. The film is, of course, peppered with strident claims that man-made carbon dioxide gas is causing runaway climate change (whatever that means). But, as is the want of the hard left, they don’t really want a solution, what drives them is the need to frighten everybody into handing them the power to control everything.

Anyway, the film maker’s main point is that one of the ‘new certainties’ held dear by the woke left – that the only solution to the planet’s imminent doom is more windmills and solar panels – is a victim of the ‘old certainties’. Namely, that rich opportunists will always exploit the naïve and gullible to make profits that would make Croesus blush; and do so in a manner that takes a special blend of cynicism, hypocrisy, narcissism and greed.

Here’s a wrap up from Michael Shellenberger. The video follows after that.

New Michael Moore-Backed Documentary On YouTube Reveals Massive Ecological Impacts Of Renewables
Michael Shellenberger
21 April 2020

Over the last 10 years, everyone from celebrity influencers including Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Al Gore, to major technology brands including Apple, have repeatedly claimed that renewables like solar panels and wind farms are less polluting than fossil fuels.

But a new documentary, “Planet of the Humans,” being released free to the public on YouTube today, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, reveals that industrial wind farms, solar farms, biomass, and biofuels are wrecking natural environments.

“Planet of the Humans was produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore. “I assumed solar panels would last forever,” Moore told Reuters. “I didn’t know what went into the making of them.”

The film shows both abandoned industrial wind and solar farms and new ones being built — but after cutting down forests. “It suddenly dawned on me what we were looking at was a solar dead zone,” says filmmaker Jeff Gibbs, staring at a former solar farm in California. “I learned that the solar panels don’t last.”

Like many environmental documentaries, “Planet of Humans” endorses debunked Malthusian ideas that the world is running out of energy. “We have to have our ability to consume reigned in,” says a well-coiffed environmental leader. “Without some major die-off of the human population there is no turning back,” says a scientist.

In truth, humankind has never been at risk of running out of energy. There has always been enough fossil fuels to power human civilization for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, and nuclear energy is effectively infinite.

But the apocalyptic rhetoric detracts little from the heart of the documentary, which exposes the complicity of climate activists in promoting pollution-intensive biomass and natural gas.

The film unearths a great deal of information I had never seen before. It shows Apple’s head of sustainability, former EPA head Lisa Jackson, claiming on-stage at an Apple event, “We now run Apple on 100% renewable energy,” to loud applause.

But Gibbs interviews a scientist who researched corporate renewables programs who said, “I haven’t found a single entity anywhere in the world running on 100% solar and wind alone.” The film shows a forest being cut down to build an Apple solar farm.

After Earth Day Founder Denis Hayes claims at a 2015 Earth Day concert that the event was being powered by solar, Gibbs goes behind the stage to find out the truth. “The concert is run by a diesel generation system,” the solar vendor said. “That right there could run a toaster,” said another vendor.

The film also debunks the claim made by Elon Musk that his “Gigafactory” to make batteries is powered by renewables. In fact, it is hooked up to the electric grid.

“Some solar panels are built to only last 10 years,” said a man selling materials for solar manufacturing at a corporate expo. “It’s not like you get this magic free energy. I don’t know that it’s the solution and here I am selling the materials that go in photovoltaics.”

“What powers a learning community?” said McKibben at the unveiling of a wood-burning power plant at Middlebury College in Vermont. “As of this afternoon, the easy answer to this is wood chips. It’s incredibly beautiful to look at the bunker of wood chips. Anything that burns we can throw in there! This shows that this could happen everywhere, should happen everywhere, and must happen everywhere!”

The film reveals that climate activist Bill McKibben of, and the Sierra Club, supported a Michigan ballot initiative that would have required the state get 25% of its electricity from renewables by 2025, and that the initiative was backed by biomass industrial interests, and that efforts to build a biomass plant at Michigan State University were hotly opposed by climate activists — including ones from

In reality, scientists have for over a decade raised the alarm about biomass and biofuels causing rainforest destruction around the world including Brazil and Malaysia, and have documented that, when one takes into account their landscape impacts, the fuels produce significantly higher carbon emissions than oil and gas and may produce more than coal.

In 2016, McKibben wrote an article for where he argued against burning biomass to produce electricity.

The film shows Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla telling Leslie Stahl of “60 Minutes” that his biofuels plant made “Clean green gasoline.” After Stahl asked what the downside was, Khosla said, “There is no downside.”

One year later, Khosla’s company filed for bankruptcy and defaulted on a $75 million loan it received from the state of Mississippi. It produced biofuels for $5 to $10 a gallon — “even without counting the cost of building the plant,” noted Washington Post’s Steve Mufson in 2014. Two earlier Khosla biofuel ventures had already gone bankrupt after receiving hundreds of millions of federal government subsidies. Shareholders sued Khosla’s company for fraud.

“Planet of the Humans” notes that Al Gore personally accepted fossil fuel money in 2013 when he and a co-owner sold Current TV to Al Jazeera, which is state-funded by Qatar, the gas-exporting nation whose citizens have the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world.

One year earlier, Gore had said the goal of “reducing our dependence on expensive dirty oil” was “to save the future of civilization.”

The film shows Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” asking Gore, “You couldn’t find, for your business, a more sustainable choice?”

“What is not sustainable about it?” responded Gore.

“Because it is backed by fossil fuel money?” said Stewart.

As part of the agreement, Gore reportedly received $100 million. Climate activists weren’t bothered by it. “I don’t think the community is too upset,” a politically active environmentalist told The Washington Post about Gore’s deal with Qatar. “My personal sense is he got a good deal.”

Gore’s business partner, David Blood, “turns forests into profits,” notes Gibbs.

The main problem with biofuels—the land required—stems from their low power density. If the United States were to replace all of its gasoline with corn ethanol, it would need an area 50 percent larger than all of the current U.S. cropland.

Even the most efficient biofuels, like those made from soybeans, require 450 to 750 times more land than petroleum. The best performing biofuel, sugarcane ethanol, widely used in Brazil, requires 400 times more land to produce the same amount of energy as petroleum.

Publicly, renewables advocates promote solar panels as an alternative to fossil fuels. “There were days where Germany was generating 80 percent of its power from solar,” said McKibben. In reality, wind and solar provided just 34 percent of German electricity in 2019, and Germany relies upon burning natural gas, coal, and biogas from corn.

“In the Green Century Fund, recommended by,” reports Gibbs, “I found less than one percent solar and wind and 99% things like mining, oil and gas infrastructure, a tar sands exploiter, McDonald’s, Archer Daniels… Coca-Cola… and lots of banks, including Black Rock, the largest financer of deforestation on earth.”

“The plants that we are building, the wind plants and solar plants, are gas plants,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told oil and gas investors. About another project, Ivanpah, he said, “It’s a turbine that we just take from a gas plant and suspend it from a big scaffolding, a tower and surround it with giant mirrors in the desert.”

Building the Ivanpah solar farm resulted in the deaths of hundreds of old desert tortoises. “Deserts are not dead,” said the filmmaker. “They are in fact full of ancient life.”

The film points to the massive materials requirements of renewables.

Solar panels require sixteen times more materials in the form of cement, glass, concrete, and steel than do nuclear plants, and create three hundred times more waste.

The man noted that Koch Industries provide many of the materials used to build solar panels and industrial solar farms. “The funny part is that when you criticize solar plants like this you are accused of working for the Koch brothers,” he laughs. “That’s the idiocy. This relies on the most toxic industrial processes we’ve ever created.”

What drives people who believe they want to save the environment into destroying it? The filmmaker hints that the desire for “sustainability” is really a desire for a kind of immortality. “What differentiates people is that we know we’ll die someday,” says a sociologist. “We enveloped ourselves in belief systems and worldviews.”

“People on the left and the right who think we’re going to be able to solar panel ourselves into the future,” he says, “I think that’s delusional.”

The good news, the man says, is that “once you come to terms with death, anything is possible.”

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  3. Wow watched Planet of The Humans and it is an incredible expose on how What a bunch of idiots the greenies and environmentalists are. How big corporations are using them to manufacture a situation to for their personal Agenda.
    A must watch and it should be shown by all our Networks. Of course the ABC wont show it as it shows what a conspiracy the Sustainable power sources are and if anything they are creating a bigger problem

  4. Son of a goat says:

    Holy depressed zealots!

    The Covid is about, George has been let out and Mike Moore has hung them out.

    I’ve been following the zealots for a while now, some of these boys are like family to me and its saddens me to in their current depressed state.
    Why Yoda and the Messiah seem to be punching at thin air, they are in a state of total disarray.

    Why Charismatic Kane decided to blow away his troubles by going on a 110 km ride up to the mountains and back on the carbon fibre bike.

    Unfortunately for the charismatic one he suffered a puncture on the way down through the Black Spur.

    His white knight came in the form of an 8 cylinder diesel F-250 ute.

    He was a little hesitant at first when he read the sticker on the back window which read, “This vehicle is insured by Smith and Wesson.”

    Alas Kane did get back home to Melbourne, although in a somewhat unsettled state when the F-250 driver who went by the nickname of “Shagger” questioned him “What sort of f….. job is that”?, when Kane stated he worked for the Clean Energy Council.

    Shagger told Kane of one of his mates that works in a morgue and constantly tells him “the place is full of tracksuits and lycra.”

    Hang in their boys, here’s a song from Michael Stipe to get you through the week.

  5. William Gray says:

    If STT thinks population is not the salient issue in environmental issues what exactly is its position. Unlimited population growth with commensurate high standard of living? Sorry, but as one of STT’s strongest supporters I don’t accept the fob off that those that espouse pop. control should cull themselves first. This is unhelpful in forwarding the debate. No one can deny that environmental destruction and resources depletion exactly match the dramatic rise in population over the last 200 years ( and an incredible doubling to well over 7.5 billion in just 40 short years). Perhaps the idea of making it socially unpopular to have more than 2- as replacement-could be pursued as a start. For myself, I could see where this was heading in the early 70’s and decided not to reproduce. It was the right decision as I have never regretted it. Otherwise keep up the great work STT. Regards . William

    • Population growth rates inevitably slow down as incomes rise. See Japan and Germany for examples where birth rates are so low that Japan’s population is shrinking, only net immigration keeps Germany’s from doing so. Wherever economies shift from subsistence agriculture to industry incomes rise, health outcomes improve, infant mortality falls and birth rates follow.

      The best way to reduce population growth rates is to increase incomes per head. The best way of doing that is coupling a better educated populace with cheap and abundant energy. That’s precisely what’s dragged hundreds of millions out of abject poverty in China, where population growth has slowed, just as it has done in dozens of other places around the world. Malthus was wrong, every example of economic development has proven that, including the European states that troubled him way back then.

      • Peter Pronczak says:

        Hear, hear. Couldn’t have put it better had I written it myself.

        But would add to Malthus: So was Adam Smith’s level playing field; it’s always been first in best dressed and, externally China is called communist, internally it is a ‘meritocracy’ where the loss of the ‘mandate of heaven’ reflects on the extended family who can’t slide into private or bureaucratic jobs; Au’s Anna Bligh, Peter Beattie, Arthur Sinodinos, with their taxpayer guaranteed superannuation: Unclaimed super goes to tax offices to subsidise ‘charity classed’ political parties with their permanently underpaid workers also taxpayer subsidised and in other ways.

        There is no lack of resources there’s a lack of intelligence, ie., carbon fibre.

        China couldn’t have lifted so many of its people from poverty without an increase in poverty in western countries with the greedy rich dominating private finance. Blame voters letting financial policy be dictated by faceless unknowns. Like in most countries most don’t know their history or what a ‘credit system’ is.

        If a camel is a horse designed by a committee then a platypus is another joke.
        Committees are everywhere, a dictator is some-one holding a gun. But most voters just don’t get it by following the cult of celebrity; a gilded carriage with a fairy princess and a magic wand for tax havens – mirror, mirror on the wall…

  6. Crispin bpm says:

    Good investigative journalism. You can’t beat it.

  7. Dr Tim Ball – Historical Climatologist

    Book ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’.

    Book “Human Caused Global Warming”, ‘The Biggest Deception in History’.

    BREAKING – Dr.Tim Ball wins against Dr Michael Mann lawsuit

    There is no political will to develop our oil and resources in Canada.

  8. windfraudrefugee says:

    Yesterday I sent link to film to everyone in my contacts.
    Next all the politicians

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  10. Daniel DA says:

    Merci à Michael Moore pour sa lucidité et sa capacité à réveiller les consciences.

  11. dennisambler says:

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