New Study Finds Wind Turbine Noise Driving Neighbours From Their Homes


What wind farm neighbours have to tolerate is nothing short of criminal: incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound drives neighbours nuts and, where they have the option, out of their homes altogether. The most common adverse health effect caused by wind turbine noise emissions is sleep deprivation, which brings with it a grab bag of other even more serious health effects.

One of the wind industry’s hackneyed myth is that these well-known adverse health effects are all a figment of the countless victims’ febrile and readily suggestible imaginations.

The so-called ‘nocebo’ theory – cooked up by a former tobacco advertising guru – also has it that it is only those people who are not being paid who complain of ill effects from turbine noise and vibration; their runaway ‘jealousy’ being the cause.

However, that theory doesn’t seem to sit all that well with people like Clive and Trina Gare, South Australian farmers – who receive over $200,000 a year from AGL to host turbines on their property near Hallett. Clive and Trina gave evidence in June 2015 to the Federal Senate Inquiry into wind power that the noise from the turbines on their property is “unbearable” and continues to prevent them sleeping in their own home, even after the installation of sound-proofing and double glazed windows, paid for by AGL (see our post here).

Demonstrative of the level of contempt in which wind power outfits hold their victims, in a number of cases they have continued to operate turbines which emit ear piercing screeching noises; in addition to their usual cacophony of rumbles and thumps produced by 50 m blades with their outer tips travelling at over 300 km/h, as well as the whirrs and the grinding metallic noise produced by gears and generators.

The video above gives a brief taste of what neighbours have to suffer, without the ear piercing shrieks and screeches.

The wind industry has, of course, always denied responsibility for anything it’s ever done anywhere and anyhow. But the numbers thrown up by this scientific survey of those affected makes it pretty clear: wind turbine noise is driving people out of their homes.

Preliminary Results: Exploring Why Some Families Living in Proximity to Wind Turbine Facilities Contemplate Vacating Their Homes—A Community-Based Study
Open Access Library Journal
Carmen M. Krogh, Robert Y. McMurtry, Anne Dumbrille, Debra Hughes, Lorrie Gillis
21 February 2020


In Ontario, Canada, between 2006 and the end of 2016, government records provided by the former Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change documented that neighbors living near industrial wind turbine (IWT) facilities filed 4574 noise complaints/incident reports. In some cases, these records also included occurrences of adverse health effects being experienced by some of those living near the IWT facilities.

The risk of harm associated with living near IWT energy facilities is controversial and reported globally. Some families have been billeted by, or negotiated financial agreements with wind energy developers, and some took the step to vacate/abandon their homes while others have felt forced to do so. While the action of vacating/abandoning a family home is internationally reported research about these occurrences is limited.

Utilizing the Grounded Theory (GT) methodology, an ethics approved community-based study was conducted to investigate these occurrences. Participants in the study included those who had vacated/abandoned their homes in the past, or at the time of the interview were contemplating to do so, or decided to remain.

Between October 2017 and January 2018, sixty-seven (n-67) consenting participants were interviewed. This article presents preliminary results which will be augmented by additional submissions to peer reviewed scientific journals for their consideration for publication.


Of the 67 (n-67) study participants: 28 (n-28) had vacated/abandoned their home; 31 (n-31) were contemplating to do so; 4 (n-4) preemptively vacated their home before the facility started operating; and 4 (n-4) decided to remain. Figure 1 illustrates the home status of the 67 participants at the time of the interviews.

Some of the study participants’ physicians, including physician specialists diagnosed medical and disease conditions, some of which were diagnosed prior to the presence of an IWT facility, i.e., a pre-existing condition. While IWT-specific research relating to such pre-existing conditions is lacking, some participants expressed concern regarding a potential exacerbation of their symptoms. It is proposed the potential risk factors associated with pre-existing medical/disease conditions should be investigated as soon as possible.

The iterative interview process led to additional findings which participants associated with the start up of an IWT facility. Some participants from both categories of having vacated a home in the past or contemplating to do so had periodically and intermittently vacated their homes during the day and/or night.

Both groups indicated the reason for this was to obtain temporary and/or partial relief from the occurrence of adverse health effects.

Data analysis supports the theory that housing decisions were motivated by the presence of an IWT facility within 10 km of family homes and the participants’ observations of an association or a potential risk of adverse health effects.
Open Access Library Journal

“I’m out”. The neighbour from hell just moved in, right next door.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. kodaisl says:

    The actual complaints are more voluminous than this report shows. One family alone called the spills line over 1200 times. What are the real numbers? It is hard to imagine, though, sadly, that health issues alone will shutter this evil industry. If the general public knew about the bird and bat kills, sorry to say, they would be incensed. The solution is political will. That is what gave us the offshore moratorium. That is what gave Ontario 758 cancelled wind and solar projects in the first month of Premier Ford’s mandate. Let’s see more protests, more calls for meetings with influencers and decision makers. The lack of knowledge they currently have is appalling.

  3. Sommer says:

    There are residents in rural Ontario who have refused to leave their homes. They have endured the process of diligently reporting harm from audible noise as well as LFN and acoustic pulsations/infrasound no avail. After five years, both the Liberal and now the Conservative government has failed to protect them.
    The harm is cumulative.
    In order to protect themselves, residents spend as much time away from their homes as they can. This is wrong! No one should have to spend time away from their home in order to be safe! This is a human rights violation.
    Forced relocation is absolutely unacceptable.
    This has been an ongoing ethical crisis and now, while rural people are in lockdown, residents are forced to endure the harm 24/7.
    When will this outrageous violation end?

  4. windfraudrefugee says:

    Too true STT.

    As Mark Twain said,

    “Never argue with stupid people,they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”

    Nocebo…… Latin for,”SHALL HARM”

    Obviously that means tobacco is a nocebo

    You idiots.

  5. windfraudrefugee says:

    Too true STT.

    Mark Twain was correct when he said,

    “Don’t argue with stupid people,they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience”.

    Nocebo…..Latin for “SHALL HARM”

    Those deluded fools while trying to bully the truth sayers are admitting windmills are harmful.

  6. William Gray says:

    Does anyone know if the Senate Inquiry results were ever released or indeed if any conclusions were reached in the first place. Or will certain parties ensure that the without doubt damaging findings will forever be pending.

    • Jacqueline Rovensky says:

      It could be concluded that in effect results will ‘forever be pending.’
      While there were recommendations the only thing to come out of it appears to be a little NHMRC funded research.
      South Australia has recently undertaken to make changes to Planning across the board which includes for Industrial Wind Turbine projects – NO ACCOUNT OF THE SENATE ENQUIRY RECOMMENDATIONS has been undertaken in South Australia even after a change of Government from Labor to Liberal.
      I would suggest this is the same across the Nation. It seems the Labor contingent taking part in the enquiry and the industry are the only ones that have achieved what they set out to and that is to continue as normal with no controls being enforced. The rest of the result of the enquiry which did offer some hope that changes would be made have been ignored.
      It is full forward throttle for Turbines without ANY consideration of Health effects on those who will be living with the dangers of incessant harmful noise. They have not even waited until the results of NHMRC funded research being conducted in SA has been completed and findings published.
      Unless the Federal Government from which the Federal Senate Enquiry was conducted takes control and removes the assistance it gives ‘renewable’ energy production and brings in regulations and laws to govern any new as well as those already existing based on the need to protect citizens AND the environment from harm then nothing will change.
      What has been set aside in the rush to install these nightmares is a loss of citizens rights. When other forms of industry are governed by regulations to prevent harm to humans and the environment this industry has been handed a freedom they should never have been given. Even States EPA’s have stood back and allowed harm to be done without a whisper of opposition.
      Lets face it the exercise was nothing but an almost waste of time unless the Government took/takes action and puts adequate controls and safeguards on this industry.
      Without adequate responses then all we can conclude is money speaks louder than the people.

      • Spot on Jacqueline Labor or Liberal essentially it makes little difference. Labor is beholden to the leftist, ideological nonsense of “dangerous climate change” and has a cancerous addiction to Green preferences, while the Liberals are puppets to a cabal of Photios inspired green energy lobbyists (snake oil salesmen).

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