Crazytown: German Professor’s Solution to Wind & Solar’s Hopeless Intermittency: More Wind & Solar!

Our good friends, logic and reason have taken a pounding from wind and solar obsessed renewable energy rent seekers and zealots over the years.

For the best part of 20 years, they’ve been trying to convince us that wind and solar are reliable, affordable and as safe as houses.

If you’re looking for a singular example of why none of those assertions are true, you’d start with Germany.

German power prices are now the highest in Europe, its grid is on the brink of collapse and rural residents are on the brink of revolt, fed up with practically incessant turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound.

Ordinarily when faced with the hopeless intermittency of wind and solar, the aficionado talks about (meaningless) output averages and starts muttering about the future of battery storage.

But not German Professor, Volker Quaschning. In a ‘damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead’ moment, he’s decided to turn attack into a strange form of defence.

Green Energy Professor’s Solution To Volatile Wind Energy: Install Even More Wind Turbines!
No Tricks Zone
14 February 2020
Die kalte Sonne – Translated/edited by Pierre Gosselin

It almost hurts a little that “specialist for renewable energies” (own claim on Twitter) Prof. Volker Quaschning gets mentioned here so often. This is simply due to the absurd tweets the man continuously puts out.

His latest prank has to do with the storm Sabine, which earlier this week swept across Germany. It supplied a lot of energy in the form of wind, which made the wind turbines rotate strongly.

Even in the otherwise regulated electricity market, the laws of the market cannot simply be levered out. Supply and demand determine the price. If supply is higher than demand, the price falls.

In the case of electricity, even money might be included with the product when this electricity is purchased, meaning negative prices. Electricity is an extremely perishable “commodity”, it must be consumed at the moment of production. However, the “expert” Quaschning does not blame this oversupply and the negative prices on the volatile wind power plants, but rather on nuclear power and coal. They deliver very reliably and not wildly fluctuating like wind power.

Prof. Volker Quaschning tweeted in response to the negative electricity prices from overproduction which Germany saw during the recent storm:

In English: “Storm and lots of wind are again causing negative stock market electricity prices. This is a clear sign that coal-fired and nuclear power plants are too inflexible and are not suitable as back-up for renewable energies. We therefore need a faster #coal exit.
#FridaysForFuture #Scientists4Future.”

A logical train of thought actually would have been to realize that highly volatile power sources such as wind and the simultaneous provision of base load are difficult to reconcile. Unfortunately, the energy source gas is also being massively fought by people like Quaschning, although it is more flexible and at the same time more CO2-friendly. In any case, however, it is only a crutch that might have to supply a great deal of energy, namely when we have the well-known lulls in wind and sun.

Every wind turbine and every photovoltaic system needs a backup. And anyone who has ever wondered why the wind countries of Denmark and Germany have such high electricity prices knows the reason. We are paying for a double power infrastructure. The prices will not decrease with an increasing share of renewable energies, but rather will continue to rise.
No Tricks Zone

Volker’s Crazytown: where the sun never sets & the wind’s always blowing.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Simon Gee says:

    Quaschning is a regular on German TV and part of a small handful of scientists who are regularly parroting the mantras of doom (thermageddon) and salvation (renewables, neo-socialism). These people will repeat their standard litany of buzzwords regardless of what the subject might be. As a result, no sane or competent person is taking them seriously any more as they appear to be merely iterations of Iraq’s “Comical Ali”. And the “Comical Ali syndrome” might explain their behavior as well: they are scientists who ignored the scientific methods and now find that they painted themselves into a corner. The resulting behavioral pattern is that of a total denial of reality.

    However, the damage they have done not only concerns serious disinformation about energy production and ecology, their bent views on science is extremely damaging to our society and the way we are shaping our future.

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    Here is a simple solution for him, shut down all coal fired and nuclear power stations. Within 24 hours he will realise what the problem really is, assuming the angry mob doesn’t get him.

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