The BIG Lie: Energy Boffin’s Claims Australia Can Go 100% Renewable = 100% Fantasy

Renewable energy zealots talk about the ‘transition’ to an all wind and sun powered future being ‘inevitable’. Except that the only thing inevitable about running on sunshine and breezes, is grid chaos and rocketing power prices. And the reason for that can be all spelt out in a picture: see above the collective output of every wind turbine connected to Australia’s Eastern Grid, with a notional capacity of 4,675 MW, during the month of April.

‘Inevitable transition’ is just one of the many language abuses committed by those that pump those part-time power sources: wind and solar.

It is also what that crazy German Corporal with the funny moustache called a “big lie”: so helpful to the tyrant because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted and more readily fall victim to a colossal untruth, than the small lie.

The idea that a country can run itself entirely on wind and solar power is, of course, patent nonsense.

But, there are plenty profiting from that ideologically driven fiction, who have worked out that if you ramp up the claims to the height of ridiculousness, there are plenty of idiots ready to believe you. One of those keen on turning physics, meteorology and engineering inside out is Yankee import, Audrey Zibelman. Here’s the team from Jo Nova detailing the depth of Audrey’s (self-interested) delusion.

Australia’s national energy market is run by a lawyer and climate change activist
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
13 May 2018

No wonder our national electricity grid is in deep. Audrey Zibelman is the CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). The former New York based woman is a lawyer with an MBA who thinks we can change the weather with our power supply. She was appointed in March 2017. Thank Malcolm Turnbull. Apparently in 2016 she was a favourite for the future Team Hillary in the US.

Audrey the activist

Just to make her motivation clear. Her words last year:

I believe we’re the last generation on earth who can really do something about climate change.

The manager of our electricity market thinks wind and solar are actually competitive:

And the good thing is that technology has evolved so that we don’t have to worry about sacrificing economics for good environmental policy.”

Notably, what she isn’t dreaming of is cheap electricity:

Her dream is of a grid dominated not by big power suppliers and their fossil-fuel generators, but rather a system of “distributed energy” that delivers better supply security by storing solar and wind power in batteries for later use. She wants a market that better rewards people with rooftop solar panels and other renewables; with incentives for more efficient power use in peak times; that harnesses idle energy, instead of building more large power stations for short periods of peak demand in hotter months.

You might think the Australian national grid should be providing electricity rather than being a tool to reward people for buying uneconomic equipment in the hope of stopping Antarctica from melting. Silly you.

Oops? How do you mistake a 100% artificially forced transition with a natural one

Zilbelman talks about the energy transition as if it is some natural change thrust upon us, instead of an artificial bubble, like a giant marshmallow man, inflated entirely and pumped relentlessly by government dollars to keep it from collapse:

Resisting energy transition like trying to resist internet says Zibelman

“This is not a judgement about anything. It’s just the reality that the economics have changed, and technology has changed, and resisting this change is a little like trying to resist the internet. It’s just going to happen because of where technology is going.”

How many governments had to offer $5 billion in subsidies to convince people to try the internet? Zero.

Zibelman hasn’t done any research. Everywhere government subsides are withdrawn, renewable investors flee the market at light speed. In Germany, after 20 years of subsidies, half to three quarters of the wind industry was forecast to disappear as the subsidies end and another 80,000 solar jobs are gone. It happened in Australia too where 97 percent of renewables investment suddenly dried up without subsidies.

Audrey Zibelman — a lawyer with a BA and MBA

At university, she spent no years studying physics, chemistry or engineering.

  • Doctor of Law (JD) [Hamline University School of Law]
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) [Penn State University]
  • MBA [University of Minnesota]

But she did marry an electrical engineer:

Her husband, Phil Harris, is the chief executive officer of Tres Amigas, a New Mexico-based company that is seeking to raise more than $1 billion to connect the nation’s electric grids and allow for greater growth of clean energy.

Which raised other questions in 2015. Journalists asked about potential conflicts of interest with her then role as head of the NY Public Service Commission. After that, she recused herself.

June 16, 2015: ALBANY—As New York’s top energy regulator, Audrey Zibelman is in a position to influence a market worth billions of dollars and help set the policy that governs it. At the same time, Zibelman, who worked in the private sector before Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed her chairwoman of the state Public Service Commission in 2013, has unusually close ties to energy companies vying for work in New York.

She cofounded Viridity Energy which sold software to help people with batteries and panels minimize their electricity bills. How uneconomic are batteries? It would only take $60-90 billion to back up South Australia. Yes, 100% renewable is possible — though not at the same time as having an economy.

The issue is “not technology” says the non-technologist

Storage, price, efficiency, frequency stability? Wave a magic wand, other people who understand these things will definitely absolutely solve this and with other people’s money.

Zibelman also believes she is in the best place to solve them. “The issue is not so much the technology; technology is happening,” she said. “It’s the regulatory regimes and the market regimes that need to be adapted to the future power system.”

It’s all just a question of rules. If we change the system and don’t worry about how much it costs, anything can be solved. We just need to use the right language when we talk to baby electrons.

Zibelman was apparently on Hillary Clinton’s hot-list:

Australian Fin Review:

One of Hillary Clinton’s hot picks to lead the United States Department of Energy has been appointed as chief executive of the Australian Energy Market Operator, as part of the political and corporate exodus in the wake of Donald Trump’s upset election victory.

No surprise then, that she was so appealing to Turnbull who is on the same side of politics as Hillary.

For the record, AEMO is 60% owned by taxpayers

Just so we all know who is ultimately responsible for the AEMO:

AEMO is a public private partnership between government, which owns 60% and industry members (including generators, transmission companies, retail and distribution businesses, resource companies, and investment companies) who own 40%. AEMO operates on a cost recovery basis as a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act (2001). AEMO fully recovers its operating costs through fees paid by participants.

I was unable to find the salary package used to tempt her to move to Australia. From the 2017 AEMO Annual Report, total wages and salaries of their employees add up to $76m (unless I am reading page 56 incorrectly – can someone familiar with accounting check?)
Jo Nova Blog

Yankee import struggles to get a grip on reality.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    The crux of the matter lies in areas such as AEMO being run by Government AND Industry and both are there to look after themselves and not the Nation.
    Its like the Banks situation, the ‘Board’ is out to serve its personal desires and the customers come last.
    We are the suckers who use what they are controlling, although unlike the Banks we have no choice we only have the ONE place to source our needs.
    Yes there are private companies purchasing the power to sell to us which is distributed through the Grid, but AEMO controls the Grid.
    The Grid has become a money making machine for ‘investors’ and we are not the investors even though our tax’s are rort to fund its organisation and Members.
    It is not being operated for our benefit but for the benefit of the industry which sells to us and just how many of those running AEMO are beneficiaries of the industry directly or indirectly?
    A Government which stipulates what form of energy will receive subsidies from the public purse is letting us down if what they are funding is not the most efficient and cost effective production method. In order to ensure WE are the ones they serve they first have to put us first and not their own ideological and financial desires.
    We are the ones that should be the governments first point of call, not an industry.
    Any industry can survive nicely if they are supported by their ‘clients’ which in this case is us. They don’t need subsidies/handouts all they need is to provide what the people want when they want it at the cheapest and in the most cost effective manner.
    Subsidising such an industry and placing their ‘produce’ as a mandatory first choice for others to purchase for on-sale is nothing more than socialism/communism methodology of control of the people.
    While our Government doesn’t own the companies they fall over themselves to satisfy their demands – so we are left with an ineffectual Government and are now ruled by Industry who are the enemy of Socialism and Communism. Go figure the roundabout we are on.

  2. jeff hall says:

    Yes, 100% renewable is possible — though not at the same time as having an economy.

  3. Terry Conn says:

    As a ‘lawyer’ I have been privileged to know a great many good hard working lawyers with a lot of common sense and awareness about the world in which we live – but not one of them ran a nation’s electricity grid and not one of them thought they should or could but not so Malcolm Turnbull and Audrey Zibelman neither of which know the first thing about the reality of what powers their computers – and neither do any of the other lawyers governing our country. Some lawyers in our governments, however, do have sufficient intelligence and connection to reality, to understand that the current system of subsidising wind farms that don’t work when the wind don’t blow means that mandating their usage and forcing unwitting consumers into paying for it are, and have, destroyed our national grid and are the sole cause of upwardly spiralling electricity costs. If Turnbull and Frydenberg (and their New York henchwoman Zibelman) don’t suddenly wake up to the fact they are killing their nation today or tonight or tomorrow morning they will very soon confront a revolution that overwhelms them completely – apparently the only ones surprised will be them (paradoxically I very much doubt that Shorten has the faintest intention of actually pursuing any of his daft ideas, in this regard I suspect he has a great more self awareness then our country’s current leadership – after all who can he and his union mates bleed if they kill off all private enterprise).

    • Terry the conventional wisdom seems to be that natural world parasites don’t normally want to kill their host(s). Where this rationale likely falls short when it comes to the wind industry parasites and their facilitating politicians and bureaucrats is that these troglodytes have a much lower I.Q. than do natural world parasites.
      Just as a drug dealer’s horizon doesn’t extend beyond a couple of months nor does that of wind industry parasites or the politicians and bureaucrats keeping the music playing for them.

  4. The renewables energy transition is inevitable until all the politicians who waste our tax dollars and increase our electric rates are booted out of office.

  5. Michael Crawford says:

    You’ve got a typo. You misspelt “boofheads”.

    • Can’t pick it up?

      • Bill Quinn says:

        I think Mr Crawford was referring to the word Boffins in the heading. Boofheads is a very suitable description for Turnbull, Frydenberg, Zibelmann, Schott and now Paul Broad who has smelt a fresh overflowing trough of Other People’s Money. Snowy Hydro No 2 is the RE Rent-Seekers next great hope to save their Greedy

  6. The Finkel Report did not support 100% Renewables. Mr Terry Effeney was the technical adviser on this report. It is indeed unfortunate that he only recently passed away. He would have been an ideal candidate for this position.

    • Finkel pushed for an increase in intermittent wind and solar and if his plan was implemented would have resulted in more than 42% of capacity in wind and solar. That would have caused the disease that is crippling SA to spread to all states. You don’t need 100% RE to destroy an economy, South Australia did it with half that.

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