Wind Power’s Perfect Standstill: Total Collapse in New Construction Leaves German Wind Industry Suicidal

Germany was once a world beater when it came to erecting heavily subsidised wind turbines. Not anymore. So far this year, the German wind industry has managed to construct a mere 60 new onshore wind turbines across the entire country.

Needless to say, Germany’s RE rent-seekers are crying ‘catastrophe’ and being advised to contact their local suicide prevention counselling service. Well, as they say, easy come, easy go.

No ‘industry’ that can’t survive without massive and endless subsidies is ever going to survive, for very long.

Twelve countries in the European Union (EU) failed to install “a single wind turbine” last year.

And, as a result, the manufacturers of turbines and solar panels are dropping like flies, as subsidies are rolled back across Europe.

Now the German wind industry is getting a taste of life without other people’s money – and it doesn’t appear to be travelling all that well, as Pierre Gosselin reports.

Wind Energy Woes: German Expansion “Collapses To Near Zero” …”2019 Threatens To Be A Disaster”
No Tricks Zone
Pierre Gosselin
11 June 2019

Despite all the talk about the need to transition over to green energies, Germany’s progress — especially in wind energy — has ground to a complete halt.

German news site here reports that the expansion of wind energy in Germany has “come to a stand still” as the government has scaled back subsidies and enacted stricter permitting laws.

“As in April 2019, only nine new wind turbines went into operation nationwide in May,” IWR reported. “The year 2019 threatens to be a disaster for the wind industry in Germany.”

The IWR reported further: “In the first five months of 2019, only around 60 new onshore wind turbines went into operation nationwide. This is the result of an IWR evaluation of data from the market master data register of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA).”

“A catastrophe” for wind power
On Twitter, green energy activist Prof. Volker Quaschning called the collapse a “catastrophe”, tweeting that the expansion of wind power “collapsed completely”. He added that “it will be impossible to meet the CO2 reduction targets” and that 40,000 jobs in the wind industry are “on the brink”.

Wind power in Germany has been met with increasingly fierce protests from citizens, especially from traditional environmentalists, who reject the industrialization of the landscape. Others point to wind energy’s volatile power supply, cost, noise pollution, general ineffciency and danger to birds and ecosystems.
No Tricks Zone

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  1. Eva Braun Jr says:

    Perhaps the Wind Industry can retreat to their version of the Führerbunker, drink schnapps and ‘do the right thing’? The wind industry’s dependance on subsidies is like Hitler’s dependance on amphetamines- unsustainable…

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  3. Terry Conn says:

    When does Australia catch up to this reality?

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