Renewables ‘Transition’: UK Solar Industry Doomed as Subsidies Slashed – Panel Sales Plummet by 94%

Wasn’t it only yesterday we were told that wind and solar are so cheap that our RE ‘transition’ was inevitable? Well, that was then, this is now.

Proving the point, we make almost every day – namely that there wouldn’t be wind turbines or solar panels, on any serious scale, anywhere in the world, in the absence of massive and endless subsidies – when the UK cut subsidies to solar panels in April, the solar ‘industry’ literary collapsed, overnight.

The only thing ‘inevitable’ about wind and solar is the inevitable collapse that follows any reduction in the subsidies that sustain them. Even the mere mention of tinkering with the subsidies sends renewable energy rent seekers into apoplexy.

Here’s Jo Nova rubbing a little more salt into the RE zealots’ wounds.

UK withdraws life support for Solar Industry and 94% of orders disappear
Jo Nova Blog
Jo Nova
7 June 2019

Solar subsidies were scrapped in the UK in April, and new solar installations promptly dropped from 79MW a month to 5MW last month, in a 94% fall.

Home solar panel installations fall by 94% as subsidies cut
Jillian Ambrose, The Guardian:

The Labor party accused the government of “actively dismantling” the UK’s solar power industry…

…showing that they don’t understand what “actively” means. If the government was active, solar panel owners would be charged for using the grid as back up, and asked to pay back the subsidy.

They could use a feed-in-tariff equal to wholesale coal rates (4c KWh) to pay down their debt. Perhaps one day they’ll compensate other users for voltage surges, damaged equipment, and higher electricity bills too.

It’s not just English, Labor is also struggling to understand “supply and demand”:

Standing in for Jeremy Corbyn, Long-Bailey said solar power had the potential to cut household bills and carbon emissions while creating thousands of jobs.

Studies show every green job created caused two useful jobs to go away, or possibly even four. In Scotland the VERSO study showed for each Green Job created, 3.7 were lost. When electricity costs more, every other business in the country makes less, does less or has less money to pay workers.

“But the government, for some reason, appears to be determined to kill it off, while continuing to cheerlead for fracking,” [Long-Bailey] said.

The Solar industry was a zombie business from the get-go. How can the government kill something that never had a life of its own?

[David Lidington, the Cabinet Office minister] said: “There are 400,000 jobs already in low-carbon businesses and their supply chains throughout the UK and scope for much larger low-carbon growth to support up to 2m jobs in the future.

What’s worse than one green job — 2 million green jobs. Lidington is promising to fix the climate and create green jobs, but he should be explaining why real jobs are so much more useful than green ones.

Richard Marsh and Tom Miers, Worth the Candle? The Economic Impact of Renewable Energy Policy in Scotland and the UK(Kirkcaldy, Scotland: Verso Economics, March 2011). PDF version

Jo Nova

Another inevitable RE ‘transition’ in progress.

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  2. Son of a goat says:

    In breaking news the Renewable Energy Messiah is said to be on the ropes after receiving one two many blows and is taking a break from Twitter over the school holidays.

    Inside sources state that he has booked into a Leading Melbourne based “zealots rehab clinic” where patients are denied access to media outlets like the ABC and its one dimensional programs like The Drum, Q&A and the Insiders, whilst socialist rags The Guardian Australia, The Age and the SMH are strictly banned.

    An acquaintance of the Messiah suggested he got a bit cocky after Phelps first got elected in Wentworth but he simply jumped too many weight divisions when he thought he could take down Rupert Murdoch.

    The Messiah was knocked out cold in a series of articles in The Australian that reported on his child like behaviour.

    Doctors suggest there is a good chance of recovery but if it fails he could be committed to “The Jay Weatherill home for the deluded.”

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  4. charles wardrop says:

    There are still UK offshore wind turbine arrays planned, at enormous cost and waste and damage to the seascape and sea bed.
    This taxpayer’s fear is that the installation of these dud and damaging arrays, a fraud, really, will not be stopped.
    Now restoration of subsidies for UK renewables is possible by the back door.
    When will those in charge realise electricity generation and economic amd environmental sense and stp the renewables bandwagon, but go for gas and nuclear?

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