The Sound of Silence: Iowa Farmers Cherish Peace & Quiet After Judge Shuts Down Wind Turbines

Anyone claiming that wind turbines are quiet has never lived with them in their backyards. A grinding, thumping cacophony of amplitude modulated low-frequency noise and infrasound is a daily misery for far too many rural residents.

Back in December last year, we reported on a group of Iowa farmers who took on a developer and won. A judge ordered the immediate destruction of three of these things that had been driving neighbours nuts for years: Iowa Farmers Claim Brilliant Victory: Judge Orders Immediate Destruction of Illegal Wind Turbines

Now, their tormentors are gone and locals are relishing the peace and quiet. Being able to hear birds chirping and the sound of their own voices is seen as a gift. Of course, hard-working country folk shouldn’t have been forced to suffer around-the-clock, sonic torture, in the first place. A man’s home is meant to be his castle, not a torture chamber.

Blowin’ no more
Apr 5, 2019

Information that will be shelved by the mainstream Democrat liberal media is that in rural Iowa where the wind sweeps across the prairie three massive 450-foot high wind turbines are being torn down because their constant noise disrupted the townspeople.

The cost to remove each turbine is $150,000. Plaintiffs in the case in Fairbank, Iowa, about 35 miles from Waterloo and 50 miles from Cedar Rapids, are homeowners who lived next to the wind turbine site and successfully argued, said the Des Moines Register, that the noise was simply intolerable.

“Developers who invested $11 million to install three wind turbines in eastern Iowa are tearing them down, after losing a legal battle waged by nearby residents, said the Register story.

“It’s only the second time nationally a judge has ordered wind turbines to be torn down and a first in Iowa,” it continued.

Residents in Fayette, Palo Alto, Black Hawk and other counties in Iowa are also challenging wind projects.

The story quoted Cheyney Hershey, whose young family lives near the turbines, saying, “It’s great. You can’t sit outside on the deck and have a conversation without the constant thumping of the blades going round.”

Adding the noise can even be heard inside his home, Mr. Hershey said: “There was nowhere to get away from them.”

Declaring the wind turbine developers “bullies” who forged ahead knowing residents had filed lawsuits, Fairbank resident Joyce Kerns, who built a home near her family’s farm, said some residents complained about nausea and sleep deprivation from the turbines. Flickers from the turbines create an effect “like being back in the ’70s with the strobe lights,” she said.

“In the short term it’s not bad. But over time, it’s not good for your body.

“Unless you live under a turbine, you don’t understand what it’s like,” she said.

Saying the turbines encroach on a nearby woods, where she played as a child, she said since the turbines have stopped turning, “I can hear the birds chirping again.”

At the risk of the madness of wind turbine devotees, chalk up a win for noise pollution, which is similar to other forms of pollution.

While President Trump exaggerated (hard to believe any president would exaggerate anything) that wind turbines cause cancer, he is correct that they cause nausea, headaches and sleeplessness. Doubters —including the staffs of CNN, The New York Times and similar Democrat socialist organs — should check with the rural inhabitants of Iowa who had the misfortune to live near the wind turbines.

Mr. Trump was also right in saying property values near wind turbines drop. Again, doubters should check with homeowners up and down the East Coast, including the Kennedy family in Massachusetts, that have been fighting expensive court battles to stop the construction of offshore wind farms, all of which have a detrimental impact on property values.

Natural gas and nuclear power plants, particularly those being built with today’s technology that allows reuse of fuel in depleted rods, are the proven most reliable sources of energy. Too many of the other sources now in popular vogue are simply, to quote songster Bob Dylan “blowin’ in the wind.”

Tormentors torn down: time to listen to the (now much safer) birds.

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Any idea how much garbage will be left in the ground once the turbines have been decommissioned/removed?

  2. Reblogged this on ajmarciniak.

  3. If anyone wants to get a first hand glimpse of the sheer scale of disturbance that is brought into a community with the construction of a full scale wind farm, then I suggest you take a trip to Skipton, Victoria.

    Is the Chepstowe Community wind farm now thinking twice about the industry they have welcomed into their neighbourhood?

  4. barry funfar says:

    Our two Falmouth, Massachusetts turbines were shut down by court order due to nusiance on June 20, 2017. It took eight years to accomplish that victory. The Town is claiming a $12 million loss plus their seven years of litigation expense.

    • sassycoupleok says:

      No matter what they say it is yet to be proven that there is a positive rate of return on these beasts.

  5. Hopefully the evidence and legal argument involved in these two cases will provide a good base upon which to challenge other wind turbine facilities.

  6. sassycoupleok says:

    As we travel around the country we see the blight these turbines have inflicted on the landscape. Can’t imagine what it would be like to have to hear them constantly. Plus the cost plus vs reward for these seems to be way oversold as well.

  7. Mats J C Wiman says:

    Splendid that reason can prevail.

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