Chaotic Wind & Solar Power: A Pair of Guaranteed Grid Wreckers

There’s no place on the planet where wind and solar power perform anything like the overblown rhetoric that surrounds them.

[Note to Ed: has it got something to do with the weather and the Earth’s rotation?]

As wind and solar power capacity increases it becomes harder for RE zealots to hide the cruel and unassailable facts that both of them are utterly unreliable and chaotically intermittent.

Solar devotees ignore sunset in the same way that wind nuts close their eyes and ears to forecasts of calm weather.

Poke the bear and you’ll have them ranting about the ‘inevitable transition’, as well as accusing all and sundry of being ‘climate deniers’ (their words, not ours) – even though no one has ever denied the fact of the climate.

Fears about man-made carbon dioxide gas (not the stuff that spews out of volcanoes and swamps) is the reason that solar and wind took prominence in the electricity generation domain, in the first place.

CO2 alarmists continue to push wind and solar power as if they were the only magical solution to an existential disease.

It only takes a moment’s considered reflection to understand that whatever threat CO2 poses to the planet and those that inhabit it, wind and solar power offer no joy in combating it. In fact, that pair of posers is worse than useless, they are positively dangerous.

Electricity generation systems and distribution networks are complex animals, and work because they’re the product of forethought and design. Whereas, wind and solar are comparative brain farts.

No engineer charged with the responsibility of delivering power as and when consumers want and need it would have considered occasional sunshine and fickle breezes, for a second.

If someone is still prattling on about global warming and not talking about nuclear power generation, you know you’re dealing with an intellectual pygmy.

Alternatively, your protagonist is one of those human-haters who believes everyone else to be a cockroach devouring the planet, and that no one (save his select few) should have access to power according to their needs.

Wind and sun worshippers couldn’t care less about grid reliability, either. As this piece from Donn Dears attests.

Americans Are Being Badly Served
Power for USA
Donn Dears
5 June 2018

Activists who support radical action to combat climate change will not listen to opposing views, and will, in fact, attack anyone who tries to bring forth facts that undermine their beliefs. For example, Senator Whitehouse from Rhode Island wants to use the RICO laws to prosecute global warming skeptics.

AGW is a religion that cannot be questioned.

Because they will not listen, they are forcing the implementation of policies that are not in the best interests of most Americans.

For this reason, it will be up to ordinary Americans to stand up for their interests and stop the extreme programs being foisted on Americans at the behest of AGW extremists.

This is most evident in the policies requiring the adoption of renewables, i.e., wind and solar, for the generation of electricity, and the forced idling of nuclear, coal-fired and natural gas power plants.

America is best served by abundant, low-cost, reliable availability of electricity.

The forced adoption of wind and solar is undermining the ability to meet such an objective.

A fixation on renewables results in:

  • An ever increasingly high cost for electricity
  • A less reliable grid that endangers the lives of Americans

The evidence is abundantly clear, but AGW extremists will fight the truth with gobbledygook nonsense to persuade policymakers to continue with the implementation of bad policies, ostensibly to cut CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.


There is proof that the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for wind and solar is higher than for natural gas or coal-fired power plants. See, Boring, But Important LCOEs and Picking and Choosing.

But the costs go far beyond the formal LCOEs.

There are a plethora of ancillary costs needed to allow wind and solar to function, and these costs will continue to balloon as more and more wind and solar are added to the grid.

A few of these additional costs include: The use of backup power plants to fill in when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine; The need for inertia to smooth over glitches in voltage and frequency when it isn’t provided by traditional power plants; Increased investment in transmission lines; The need for storage of electricity.

Without abundant and costly storage, the over production by solar and wind is wasted, which is what is happening in California today.

The cost of electricity in California is already at least twice the cost of electricity (19 vs 10 cents per kWh per EIA) in states that rely on fossil fuels for power generations, such as Arkansas and Louisiana.

CAISO Duck Curve with overlay illustrating effects on utilities.

Displacement of utility generation and hollowing of utility revenues without eliminating the need for baseload power to meet demand when the sun sets. Requires availability of baseload power sufficient to meet demand when the sun sets while also requiring sudden ramping up of power plants.

Meanwhile, utilities are being driven out of business.See, The Duck Speaks (April 30, 2015) and The Duck Speaks Part 2 (May 5, 2015)

Grid Reliability

There has been widespread adoption of wind and solar generation, with some areas, such as California, New England and New York, reaching the point where the reliability of the grid is being threatened.

Blackouts can kill people. Elevators that are stuck, no street lighting or traffic lights, no heat for homes and offices, and no refrigeration are a few of the effects of blackouts.

ISO-NE has issued a warning that blackouts are likely to occur over the next few years. SoCalGas has warned that there may not be sufficient natural gas to ensure grid reliability.

See, Blackouts Are Coming to New England and Another Utility Voices Reliability Concerns 

Map of ISOs with FERC supervision


ISOs have asked FERC for permission to use special features and fees to protect the grid, but AGW extremists have objected to these proposals. See, Pending Disaster

The auction system being used by several ISOs has guaranteed the adoption of wind and solar power in preference to electricity generated by nuclear, coal-fired and natural gas power plants. See, The Market for Electricity is Rigged

Unelected bureaucrats are in charge of ISOs and FERC, so the average citizen has no ability to directly control their actions.


There is serious doubt the grid can be saved from the policies being forced on Americans by AGW extremists.

Reliability of the grid and availability of low-cost electricity should not be a political issue.

Unfortunately, it has become a political issue. The PEW research center identified that the vast majority of Democrats approve of AGW policies. It is also clear that Democrat governors and legislatures have endorsed the policies promoted by AGW activists.

Some Republicans are also inclined toward adopting AGW policies. For example, the Climate Leadership Council, headed by high ranking Republicans, has proposed the adoption of a carbon tax.

But if Americans are to save the grid, it will require political action to vote the proponents of AGW policies out of office.

The issues of climate change and ISO auctions are complex, but the facts outlined above make it clear that action is required to stop the AGW extremists and to elect people who will have the interests of Americans at heart.
Power for USA

About stopthesethings

We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


  1. Jackie Rovensky says:

    ‘There is serious doubt the grid can be saved from the policies being forced on Americans by AGW extremists.
    Reliability of the grid and availability of low-cost electricity should not be a political issue”.
    Read Australians for Americans and you have a mirror image of what is going on not only here in Australia but across the globe.
    Can the zealots of the RE industry continue to ignore what is happening across the world.
    Yes, they managed to control policy makers and Governments up until now but can they continue to do this?
    The answer is YES if we the people do not stand up against them and let our governments know we have had enough of them being manipulated by self-serving zealots who only have one thing on their tiny minds – the destruction of society as we have come to know it. The destruction of industry, scientific truth, freedom to live our lives in a manner which ensures jobs, food, and a structured society able to function in a world that does not stagnate and does not return to a system last seen in the Middle Ages.
    These zealots are not the masters of truth nor of knowledge they are self serving minions of the RE industry, they have been manipulated to do the bidding of their idols making them a body of deluded beings.
    A reminder – the ‘renewable’ industry has failed at every turn to meet claims they have and continue to make of the worth and capability of their products – their exaggerated and false claims have ensured people have been driven to the edge of an abyss. It cannot go on if we want to stop from falling over the abyss and survive as individuals and as a Nation we have to act now.
    We are not fighting alone as can be seen across the world there are others suffering the injustice, there are those around the world who are pushing against Governments who have forgotten they are their to serve their people not some industry that are expert con-artists trained to manipulate those who want self glory irrespective of whether what they are doing is right.
    We want the blades of the turbines to swipe away those who have promoted them at the expense of others lives and see them flung to ground never to rise again.

  2. Dave Winterflood says:

    Spot on. Al Gore and Coy are out of control. A menace.

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