Scotland’s Wind Power Lunancy Escalates: Scots Forced to Pay £90m a Year to Wind Farms that Will Never Deliver Power


Nicola Sturgeon: The New Price is Right – as long as it’s your money.


If Scots thought that their energy ‘policy’ couldn’t get any more bizarre, Nicola Sturgeon’s utterly bonkers decision to pay £90m a year to wind farms that will never deliver a single watt, has taken them on a trip with Alice down the rabbit hole.

Sturgeon’s wind turbines cost UK £90m a year – to stay SWITCHED OFF
Siobhan McFadyen
21 Nov 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Nicola Sturgeon’s Government has rubber stamped controversial wind farms which are costing UK energy customers up to £90 million a year – just to stay SWITCHED OFF.

In the latest blunder in Ms Sturgeon’s “critical” energy policy, a plant with 11 wind turbines was shut down after just two WEEKS because they weren’t needed.

Energy customers have already funded £10,000 in subsidies to keep the 110 metre-tall turbines on Assel Valley Wind Farm in Ayrshire switched off due to an energy surplus– after opening on October 28. can reveal Ms Sturgeon’s Government, who intervened to grant the application of the wind farm 30 miles from her home town, has overseen the approval of upwards of 200 large scale Scottish onshore wind farms. Of these no less than 36 have been paid £248m since 2010 and £87.8m in 2015 alone from customers to switch off.

The bungling SNP energy policy comes just a week after Ms Sturgeon personally visited the offices of a Chinese firm, owned by the communist government, which has bought two of the country’s largest offshore facilities in Scotland despite one of those facilities under performing.

According to the Renewable Energy Foundation, the latest project Assel Valley Wind Farm in Ayrshire reduced its output on November 11 2016.

It has been the focus of fierce criticism from the local community who were furious the Scottish Government overruled the local council to grant permission.

Local resident Kim Terry said recently: “Everyone in the village is devastated by the decision and we are starting to wonder why we even bother now.

“This goes completely against the council’s decision so we feel completely powerless. I genuinely feel there is no democracy in Scotland anymore.”

The Renewable Energy Foundation says this latest revelation is just the tip of the iceberg and something is seriously wrong in the decision making process in Scotland.

Their report states: “On the 28th of October, Falk Renewables announced that its newest wind power station, Assel Valley Wind Farm in Ayrshire, had begun generating.

“Two weeks later, on the 11th of November, Assel Valley wind farm had to reduce output on instruction from National Grid in order to cope with the on-going problem of Scottish wind farms generating surplus electricity which can neither be used in Scotland, because of low demand, nor exported to England because of the limited interconnector capacity between the two countries.

“The speed with which a new wind farm such as Assel Valley was constrained off almost immediately after commissioning, shows that the overbuild of wind power in Scotland has now reached critical levels, levels that even very expensive grid expansion will struggle to address.

“The consumer is getting a very bad deal, and the further cost is added to what were already expensive emissions savings, well in excess of the social cost of carbon.”

Last year Ms Sturgeon slammed David Cameron after UK ministers scrapped subsidies following complaints, mainly from England, about the impact of wind farms on the countryside.

She revealed that as many as 70% of planned wind farms are set for Scotland confirming they are out of proportion.

She fumed: “Your Government’s decision to cut planned support for renewable energy sets an extremely bad example to other countries, will put at risk Scotland’s renewable energy targets, and also runs counter to your manifesto commitment to cut emissions as cost-effectively as possible.”

However the news of this latest failure has been criticised by the Tories in Scotland, a spokesman said: “It’s no wonder people are so fed up with windfarms when details like this emerge.

“Turbines don’t work when the wind isn’t blowing, and now it seems they don’t work when it actually is blowing either.

“While wind energy most definitely has a place, it is too intermittent and unreliable to depend on completely.

“That’s where the SNP is making an expensive mistake which could risk our ability to keep the lights on in future.”

The Scottish Government said: “An appeal was lodged with Scottish Ministers following the decision by South Ayrshire Council, at which point a reporter from the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division of the Scottish Government was appointed by Ministers to consider and make the final decision on the appeal.

“The decision was based entirely on the planning merits of the case.”


Welcome to Nicola’s Wonderland, where nothing seems real.

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We are a group of citizens concerned about the rapid spread of industrial wind power generation installations across Australia.


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  2. estherfonc says:


    I started a PETITION “SA PREMIER JAY WEATHERILL : Demand the RESIGNATION of the Energy Minister for HIGH POWER PRICES CAUSING SA’s JOBS CRISIS and 15,000 household POWER DISCONNECTIONS, frequent POWER BLACKOUTS and the JULY 2016 POWER CRISIS” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

    Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support.

    You can read more and sign the petition here:

    Please share this petition with anyone you think may be interested in signing it.

    Thankyou for your time.

  3. Jackie Rovensky says:

    Decisions made on the ‘Planning merits’ is a stupid way of considering an application of this nature – what is needed is not on its merits but on it usefulness – what merits does this project have it is not needed, if it will not provide a service to the community, if it will not be cost effective, if it will be operational 100% of the time?
    Planning merits should not be considered merits if all they do is provide money for an investor with no benefits to anyone or thing else. These project proposers are well aware of the failings of Planning approval provisions and are using them to their advantage and have no consideration for anything other than making money for doing nothing, no matter which country they are operating in.

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  5. catweazle666 says:

    Smells like a bad case of ‘brown envelopes’ to me…

  6. Crispin Trist says:

    Opinions are changing on Wind Farms in Scotland.

    Checkout the article in the October edition of the SCOTS Magazine. Page 38 Wind farm Danger. Turbines harm wildlife warns Jim Crumley.

    Another point. Don`t touch the Green Army PM Turnball. It is one of the few positives to have come out of this energy climate change fiasco. If you take it down it will expose the fact that this was never about saving the Planet at all, but purely a get rich quick scheme making money from wind turbines.

    Leave the Green Army alone.

    Planting trees is one of the best things you can do for the Planet right now. Don`t give the Australian Greens the ammunition. As long as they continue to challenge the Green Army project, it exposes them for the fake Greens they really are.

    Plant a tree not a wind turbine.

  7. Shocking waste of public money. The SNP never stop going on about austerity and how hard up Scots are and yet think nothing of wasting their money like this.. I live opposite Assel Valley and while it is on sometimes, other times it does not run. There is often one wind farm in the close proximity of Assel Valley that is switched off presumably because the infrastructure cannot cope. The lunacy does not stop here. We have just heard about yet another wind mast being applied for by SPR and we all know they don’t do small turbines!!! More blight and more switching off. Still, the developers will be happy as they will get paid for doing nothing and their equipment won’t wear at so quickly. Win, win for them and a loss for us.

  8. Son of a Goat says:

    Those parasitic troglodytes Ruin the Economy have been busily tapping away at their keyboard that the CSIRO has come out and said it sees $100 billion in savings in a zero carbon grid by 2050.
    There should be some accountability in a once respected organisation coming up with such crap.
    As for Josh Frydenberg’s performance this week, he deserves to booted up the backside.
    You cant play both sides of the fence buddy.

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